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6 Anime Like Fairy Tail - Anime Recommendations

Updated on May 26, 2013

Anime Like Fairy Tail

Below are the anime recommendations that I have for you if you enjoyed Fairy Tail: | Source

1) Full Metal Alchemist

This anime has magic elements to it. Edward and Alphonse Elric tried to revive their mother after she passed away using forbidden alchemy. The alchemy is known as Human Transmutation. They failed horribly as Edward lost his left leg and right arm, while Alphonse lost his entire body and Edward sacrificed his right arm to recover his soul into a metal armor suit. In an attempt to recover their bodies, Roy Mustang suggested that the brothers become the state alchemists of Amertris. That way, they could have the research materials to try to get their full bodies back... | Source

2) Rave Master

The world of Rave Master is corrupted by Dark Bring in 0015. The Raregrove Kingdom used the Dark Brings to invade Symphonia Kingdom. Symphonia Kingdom then fights back using the five powerful rave stones. The first Rave Master, Shiba Roses, attempts to defeat the strongest Dark Bring. That caused a huge explosion, destroying a portion of the world. Plue, a guardian dog protects Shiba from the explosion and the rave stones are scattered around the world. 50 years later, Haru Glory, the main protagonist of the story, fishes Plue from the Garage Island that he lives in...

wikipedia | Source

3) Soul Eater

The story revolves around a boy named Maka Albarn. He attends this Shinigami school(Death Weapon Meister Academy) that teaches its students how to transform into weapons and also the wielders of the weapons known as meisters. His friends in school can also transform into other weapons like the shuriken.

The reason for training is to defeat 99 evil humans and a witch to increase their power of their weapon. The result is that it gets turned into a "Death Scythe". Maka fights with the witch Medusa, who attacks the school in an attempt to revive Asura, an evil guy...

animevice | Source

4) One Piece

The King of Pirates announces that his treasure is up for grabs right before his death. That caused an uproar in the pirate world, causing countless pirates to search for the treasure. The main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, goes on a journey to go find the treasure to try and succeed the King of Pirates. He gathers his crew and called his crew the Straw Hair Pirates. They travel around and met more new people along the way while searching for the treasure...

animenewsnetwork | Source

5) Flame of Recca

Recca Hanabishi, a self-proclaimed ninja gets into trouble for the sake of becoming a loyal ninja to whomever defeats him. Lo and behold, he pledges his loyalty to a beautiful girl named Yanagi Sakoshita. She can heal any wounds and injuries. Recca soon realizes that he can control flames and he is the son of a Hokage of a mysterious ninja clan. Knowing that Yanagi has excellent healing prowess, an evil man known as Kōran Mori searches for immortality and believes Yanagi could provide that. That prompts Recca to protect her... | Source

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi is a coward that always runs away from everything. One day he decides to join the karate club, only to get challenged by one of the beefy guys in there. Fortunately for him, he meets a transfer student named Miu Fūrinji, who is adept at martial arts. With Kenichi wanting to be stronger, he goes to Miu's Dojo to seek for strength. He eventually becomes a disciple of the Dojo, getting trained by 6 skillful but crazy masters to fend himself from the members of Ragnorak, a gang that sees him as a threat to their plans. His daily routine involves crazy training and also dealing with the Ragnorak at the same time. Soon enough, he slow becomes the strongest Disciple...

Anime Like Fairy Tail

These are my recommendations for anime similar to Fairy Tail. Although Kenichi: the Mightiest Disciple might not have any "magic", but I find the characters abilities magical and funny enough to make it a good anime recommendation for any anime fan. If you enjoyed Fairy Tail, be sure to check out these anime!

Which anime are you most likely to watch next?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi, Jello-kun. I recently stretad listening to your podcast and thought I'd comment on your list. Out of your five, I've seen all but Cobra the Animation, but also never finished B Gata H Kei. Overall, I'd have to agree, The World God Only Know is definitely up there (with its high production values and great music), but I would probably place Baka to Test higher. I'm more biased towards comedies and all the characters were fun. I thought TWGOK was somewhat handicapped by the pace of some of the arcs. I watched MM! after listening to your review, but found its ending somewhat disappointing. I find myself somewhat an Arashiko shipper, and any sympathies for Mio died with her voice being the same as Kirino (from Ore no Imouto). I really like Ayana Taketatsu (the VA), but there's only so much bitchiness I can take. ^_^ But it was still more enjoyable than B Gata H Kei for me. That series was funny at first, but for some reason Yamada ended up on my nerves. Maybe I'll finish it someday, since I only have 4 more eps to go. As for Cobra, it never came to mind. I only knew of it as the 80 s series, about the guy with the odd gun arm.Still, if I had to pick a top five of my own out of all I've seen from 2010 (which was about 20+ series for me), it'd probably be something like this:1) Cross Game (great balance of character, fun, and drama)2) Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (more fun that the Index series it spun-off from)3) Working!! (kind of silly at first, but I really liked Mahiru)4) Arakawa Under the Bridge (crazy fun)5) Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (The Tatami Galaxy) (starts out slow but it ties everything up in a great way in the end)Keep up the good work!

    • profile image


      5 years ago


      Maka Albarn a a girl....DAFUQ?? Does anyone else realize that? Or am I just extremely stupid?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wew watched them all but thanks!

    • nufoundglory profile image


      5 years ago from Asia

      I've watched ALL the anime you listed above EXCEPT Fairytail itself! Haha! I've always had Fairytail in my "next to watch" list but never really had the time to watch it (I always ended up watching something else!).


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