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6 Animes like Code Geass

Updated on June 7, 2013

For Code Geass Lovers

Here are 6 good animes like Code Geass. You should watch them since they are similar to Code Geass. Mecha battles and drama are present in all the series that I will be mentioning below. Here they are:


Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a good anime that has its plot revolve around a young boy named Simon. In the world of Gurren Lagann, humans were forced to live underground in isolated villages. Diggers in each village is assigned to expand their village by finding better places to dig and move should the need arise. Being an outcast himself, Simon made friends with another fellow unpopular villager named Kamina, who formed Team Gurren. One day, Simon found a drill that belonged to a small fighting machine. Coincidentally, a huge machine crashed into their village and Simon is forced to use the machine to defeat the huge machine called "Gunmen".

By defeating the invading gunmen, they broke through to the surface for the very first time. They soon learned that the surface is controlled by Lordgenome's army. Kamina decides to hijack a gunmen and name it Gurren. He then combined his gunmen with Simon's to form a giant mecha called Gurren Lagann...


Gundam 00

The plot revolves around the depletion of fossil fuels, a vital energy source for many countries. Since the depletion of fossil fuels, many countries that depended on it became poor. War started to erupt in these countries. A new source of energy is found and it is a type of solar energy that is orbiting the Earth that is controlled by the Union.

Since the solar energy is inexhaustible, many countries are fighting to get that energy. People grew tired of the war, and an organization called the "Celestial Beings" developed some advanced mobile suits to stop the war by eradicating enemies that are trying to start one. They plan to unite human beings as one.

The protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei, is one of the pilots of the advanced mobile suits, called Gundam. Together with 3 other pilots, who are also called Gundam Meisters, went on an journey to the path of peace.


Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic! is a military based anime like Code Geass. I rate this anime highly because it is a serious mecha anime but it also incorporated funny scenes as well.

Sagara Sousuke, a member of the organization Mithril, is ordered to go protect a whispered human called Kaname Chidori. To Sousuke's surprise, he did not expect himself to protect a regular high school Japanese girl. Due to Sousuke's harsh military up-bringing, he is always overly cautious on everything, causing a lot of commotion in the high school Chidori is going. Things got interesting as Sousuke starts developing feelings for Chidori as his tough nature of not showing emotions started to get in the way of expressing himself.

Full Metal Panic! has 2 parts. The sequel of it is "Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid". There was also a light side series called FMP: Fumoffu, which is the funnier side of FMP. If you enjoyed the funny scenes, I would highly recommend watching Fumoffu!


Neon Genesis Evangelion

A catastrophe happened in 2000, killing a lot of people. It was known as the "Second Impact". It caused deadly tsunamis and caused the Earth's axis to tilt. This directly caused political unrest. 10 years later, a secret organization known as Seele, together with Gehim, created giant humanoids known as Evangelion, This was to prepare them from the upcoming war with the Angels.

15 years later, on the eve of an Angel attack, a young boy named Shinji Ikari was forced to pilot the EVA-01 by his dad. Lo and behold, he eventually teams up with Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu to fight against the Angels that were invading their land. They, however, soon started to question Seele's intentions after a serious of incidents and their link to the Human Instrumentality Project.


Break Blade[Broken Blade]

Rygart Arrow was born in an era where humans were able to use magic efficiently with the use of quartz. Rygart was the odd one out, being unable to use even the smallest of crystals. Due to this, he was ridiculed and looked down upon by his peers. He, however, is able to befriend the future King(Hodr) and Queen(Sigyn) of the Krisna Kingdom. People were able to pilot this mecha units known as "Golems".

One day, Hodr sent a letter to Rygart to inform him that a war is coming. They found an ancient Golem found in a mining shaft that was not pilot-able by magic users. He could be the key to piloting the ancient Golem since he is "inept" at magic.


Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed story line takes place in Cosmic Era. Mankind is divided into 2 groups, the "naturals" and the "coordinators". The coordinators are genetically enhanced humans, and are "superior" to naturals. They live in space colonies. A student named Kira Yamato lives in a neutral space colony called Heliopolis. One day, an army organization called ZAFT invaded Heliopolis in an attempt to steal secret advanced mobile suits known as Gundams. These Gundams were developed by naturals to combat the coordinators.

Kira also met his childhood friend while running away. Athrun Zala, was with the ZAFT invaders. He stole a Gundam together with his comrades. Kira was able to protect his friends by piloting one of the Gundams and ended boarding a battleship called the Archangel as Heliopolis was destroyed in the process.

Due to the popularity of the series, a sequel was made. It is Gundam Seed Destiny, which took place 2 years after the events of Gundam Seed.

Which of these is your favorite series?

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    • Bubblegum Senpai profile image

      Nigel Kirk 4 years ago from Calgary, AB, CAN

      Also, a sidenote for Code Geass fans, the new OVA is coming out this summer. I'm iffy on the show myself... Not a fan of mecha overall, though I did enjoy VanDread and Escaflowne.

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Yea, I put them based on mecha genre. Thanks for the feed back.

    • Vlorsutes profile image

      Vlorsutes 4 years ago from Ohio

      Though a few of these are good anime, I personally can't agree with them being like Code Geass enough to where if you were a fan of Code, you'd be a fan of them as well. I loved Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, but I did not like (and still don't like) Code Geass. A few, like Gurren, are very silly and over the top, whereas ones like Evangelion focus heavily on the religious overtones and more philosophical aspects.

      Sure, you can categorize them all as "giant mech" anime, but the stories surrounding that mech combat are so varied that, if it weren't for the mechs, I wouldn't put them in the same category at all.