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8 YouTube Channels That Are Way, Way Better than Most Television Channels

Updated on August 17, 2016

Rhett & Link

This dynamic duo is perfect to start off the list. If you're not already familiar with them, Rhett and Link are two dudes from North Carolina whose videos are as wacky and fun as they are streamlined and stylish. A certain jovial, Southern finesse underlies everything they film. One of the biggest running themes Rhett and Link incorporate into their videos is absolute ridiculousness. I mean, who else drinks human milk from a glove, eats gravel, or writes an entire song about belly buttons? You won't be disappointed if these are the type of eye-popping antics that elicit a chuckle deep within your belly.
The other thing you notice is that Rhett and Link have been doing this for so long and so often that they've beaten out this dynamic groove, and their success is pivotal on how awesome their friendship is to watch. They leave you wondering if they ever leave each other's sides. I mean, the match just seems destined.

The two have a main channel, Rhett & Link, which consists mainly of sketches and some of the strangest music videos you'll ever watch. They also host a daily morning show on a channel called Good Mythical Morning. It's a great way to start your day. Or end it. Or watch it while you take a poop at work. Like, whateva.

But that's not all! Each mythical morning there's a Good Mythical More... that is, if you can handle more of these cantankerous folk.
But that's not all! Each mythical morning there's a Good Mythical More... that is, if you can handle more of these cantankerous folk.


"Kurzgesagt" is the German for "in a nutshell." You might want to start by watching their video on addiction, because you may just find this channel and its style to be a media drug. Don't worry guys, I meant it in a good way.

The creators at Kurzgesagt seem to be obsessed with outlining all the major points of a given topic and then finding a nice clean-cut way of relating it to their viewers. It's a great channel for the classroom! You can rest assured that after watching a video of theirs, you'll end up with a good base knowledge of its topic. And honestly, maybe even a little more! Because they also seem to utilize scope very efficiently.

The animations are brilliant and minimalist. Moving diagrams, peppy characters, and colored transitions all help the video move along and lubricate the stream of information to your noggin. Also, this cute little bird provides a sort of editor's notes.

Some of the topics discussed are black holes, the immune system, banking, and human origins. I would call this channel a success in education and video media. Nice work, Kurzgesagt!

Support them on Patreon.

Just For Laughs Gags

Simply put, this channel will have you in stitches. After you watch the first video you won't be able to stop. And there are soooo many videos!

This troupe of quirky Quebecois (this is the demonym for Quebec City, hope I'm using it right) films mischievous pranks and edits them into their signature style: with lively music and funny sound effects. And they're certainly not afraid to go out on a limb: just watch their "Most Crazy Complex Pranks" playlist. They're absolutely ridiculous. Ludicrous, even.

The videos run crazy themes like Sci-Fi, Head Surprise (a good surprise head will give you a scare!), Police, and even Hot Dogs. There are an insane number of videos to suit all your strangest comedy fetishes. I mean, there are one-hundred and fifty-one compilations! Awesome!!

If you're ever in a bad mood these videos are excellent comfort videos. And it's so cute how they say, "Click 'ere!" Awwwwwww.

"Sometimes we really go out of our way for a good laugh"
"Sometimes we really go out of our way for a good laugh"

TED Talks

TED is for sure a primo YouTube channel. You've probably already heard of this conference and its varied talks, given by experts. If you haven't, check it out. It's an idea worth sharing.

That is TED's slogan. Ideas worth sharing. The purpose of this non-profit is to "[spread] ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks," as stated on TED's website. It began as a conference on Technology, Entertainment, and Design in 1984 and was conceived by Richard Saul Wurman, an architect and graphic designer. Didn't quite catch on at first, but now it's become a very popular and successful event.

Here's what I really like about TED's YouTube channel personally:

  1. Sharing pressing human concerns. I really like when these impassioned speakers get up there and highlight a specific human need and tell us, the audience, how we can help. It makes sense for a formal, lecture, hub thing like TED.
  2. Sharing new technologies. It's a great place to talk about the latest advancements and creations in tech and present them to the public. How does it work?
  3. Deepening interests and providing people with new, engaging information. You might just come across something you didn't know. Maybe a new fact or spin on something familiar, or perhaps a topic entirely alien to the type of person you are.

There is so much ground covered in TED talks. It's really great. The escalated state of technology might have your head spinning, but most of the time the speakers do an expert's job of communicating and speaking in plain terms. Wow, TED! Amazing stuff.

Rob Dyke

Here's a perfect example of a YouTube channel I would watch rather than television. Because, wow. Rob Dyke... *much clapping* Excellent job, man. Excellent job.

My favorite videos of Rob's focus on the taboo topics of serial killers, the anatomy of murder, and real stories that will haunt you. But Rob is a talented host of a couple different series, and he and his team have proved an adventurous and expansive bunch. You'll find a humorous series commentating the randomest finds of the internet, "Why Would You Put that on the Internet?" amongst (legendary) thrillers like Seriously Strange and its variants Seriously Strange: CAUGHT ON CAMERA and Seriously Strange: TWISTED TENS. You'll find the critical Social Autopsy and the macabre Anatomy of Murder. Rob will also read you a scary story so you can't sleep at night. I warned you!

He really seems to be quite responsive to his fan base. It's an engaging project to watch develop.

Rob Dyke, cuddling tenderly his new YouTube play button plush. He sleeps with it every night.
Rob Dyke, cuddling tenderly his new YouTube play button plush. He sleeps with it every night.

Filthy Frank

TVFilthyFrank is the grodiest, dankest channel on the YouTube. If you click on one of his videos, get ready for a gushing deluge of insanity pouring from your computer screen. Frank has lots of weird friends, inside and outside of him. Pink guy and salamander man are just two of his many dirty, sexy alter egos.

You can watch Frank flip you off as he rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle. You can perceive him eating a hair cake. You can witness him becoming pure human ramen pandemonium. Maybe it's only a matter of time before the world ends, you will surely think at some point during the video.

Filthy Frank will leave you feeling empty inside. Filthy Frank is really just a coward. Frank lost his virginity to a dying snake. No one really likes Frank or any of his friends. They probably all taste like radishes and some sort of ointment for old people. Don't watch this "TV Filthy Frank."

Hey! Vsauce Michael here. Kevin doesn't have a DONG.
Hey! Vsauce Michael here. Kevin doesn't have a DONG.


Vsauce with the sauce. Always top-quality content. Michael Stevens and friends (Kevin Lieber, Vsauce2 and Jake Roper, Vsauce3) discuss many topics in a vlog style. They probe the universe with the viewer, pulling questions from your mind (so it can be said that their style leans heavily on the Socratic method). They also use a basic factual presentation style. Vsauce will introduce you to terms you didn't even realize were already there in your head. Topics discussed include linguistics, psychology, biology, sociology, and the paradox. There's a lot of crossover and many more than these few I listed.

The tone is conversational and engaging. Sort of ... cute! Michael's bobbing head continues to perplex and amaze me. The channel also has different playlists, such as "Leanbacks" or suggested educational videos, as well as DONGs, or Do Online Now Guys! full of suggestions of things to do on the internet. MIND BLOW is a playlist that hits you with dose after dose of mind-blowing stuff. FAK, a facts series, is indigenous to Vsauce2, and so is BiDiPi, short for 'Build, it Destroy it, Play it,' which is chock full of projects and music to amaze you. Vsauce3 features "App All Night," a series that shares awesome new apps with you and also a series on Superhero/Movie Science. All three channels feature their own LÜT, or suggested online buys.

Guys, there's so much good content here. And each channel has its own little quirks and more awesome playlists! It's a great way to see what's going on, too. Go check it out!

Weird Fruit Explorer

Why don't you try this one? It's a little something different. Jared Rydelek is the Weird Fruit Explorer. He travels around the world and tries fruits you've never heard of. I have a couple things on my list to try. Did you know there's a fruit that tastes like peanut butter, for example? Or what about the soursop. I need me a good soursop for lunch one of these days.

It's really cool. He tells you how he obtained the fruit, where it's native to, and then he tastes it in front of you and describes the gustatory sensation. Genius! Actually, he's not in front of you, it's just a video, but it feels like he's there and I swear I can taste the fruit sometimes. I've never tried santol... but I might just have an idea of what it tastes like now. I guess we'll see. An original concept and a brilliant one indeed. Plus, the intros are extra chill.

Don't forget to support Weird Fruit Explorer on Patreon.

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