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A Fine Tale of PTSD: WHITE RABBIT (2014)

Updated on June 6, 2017

A fine independent film offering from screenwriter Kevin Warner, lands the writer in the role of producer on the post-war PTSD fictional tale WHITE RABBIT (2014).

Kevin Warner, who attended the University of Virginia's post-graduate English Literature program, is no stranger to the San Francisco Bay Area, having also attended, and graduated from, U.C. Berkeley.

Based in Los Angeles, the novelist and screenwriter typically produces works in the political/crime genre. Warner's story-telling command becomes evident in WHITE RABBIT.

WHITE RABBIT, a award-winning film festival selection wow-ed attendees at both San Jose Cinequest and the Sacramento International Film Festivals.

Do not miss this film. As a 70% disabled veteran (with 50% attributed to PTSD alone), my first viewing of the film left me appreciative of the relevant themes and relatable journey the lead character takes.

"Keryann Terkel," played hauntingly by actress Carla Pauli, portrays a field communications specialist, who has left the Middle East theater of operations, and returns as a civilian to make a home back in post-war civilian life. Finding her former specialized military skills of limited use in the real world, Kerryann must navigate through a broken civilian landscape while still living inside an active military mind, reluctant to "let go."

Kerryann's journey soon becomes a roller-coaster ride of highs, lows and unexpected turns as dirty cops, snooping conspiracy theorists, catty co-workers and other curious twists and characters punctuate the reluctant heroine's journey.

Sporting an impressive roster of industry professionals who joined together in bringing WHITE RABBIT's tale to life, the film showcases talent on both sides of the camera.

WHITE RABBIT's director and producer Bill Kinder, a master of digital cinema, has headed Pixar's Editorial and Post Production services for decades. In directing Warner's compelling WHITE RABBIT, Kinder brings his unique cinematic eye, and high tech production savvy full throttle in what is visually engaging, well-paced, and revealing about post military PTSD.

* James Anthony Cotton electrifies in his role as the shifty Mel Booth.

* Songwriter, composer and music editor Bruno Coon talents has graced projects from as far back as Pretty In Pink to Toy Story 3.

* In bringing Warner's story to life, cinematographer extraordinaire Catherine Goldschmidt, captures perfectly the subtle nuances of post traumatic stress disorder. Not only in harnessing as much visually compelling eye-candy as each scene could muster, Goldschmidt well-harnesses Pauli's performance.

* Pixar's versatile production manager, Ms. Ryan Lynch, in addition to overseeing her works at Cannes and industry-centric festivals, also serves on the Board of Directors for Bay Area Women in Film and Media. Lynch also co- produced WHITE RABBIT.

In giving back, portions of proceeds from the film benefit Swords to Plowshares, a veteran-centric organization dedicated to helping military veterans since 1974.

For more information on WHITE RABBIT visit, or contact the filmmakers directly at

[ ©Reid Martin Basso for Three Doves Media, LLC ]

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