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A Gifted Man Episode: In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose

Updated on March 25, 2012

A Gifted Man


A Gifted Man Episode: In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose

Love transcends even death and when death comes to someone we love we either become better people or worse. It is a saying that death brings out the best in us or the worst in us. In A Gifted Man on Fridays on CBS at 8pm EST. We have the rare opportunity to see how death transforms a self centered greedy neuro-surgeon, Dr. Micheal Holt, into a caring philanthropic person. Of course this change doesn't occur easily or readily but when Dr. Holt realizes his ex-wife, Dr. Anna Paul has died and he is seeing her in visions he decides ot change.. These visits from Dr. Paul distress Dr. Holt but also are a source of comfort because he remembers what it was like to be in a state of love and generous with his gifts and talents which made him happy.

In the beginning the plot starts out as Dr. Paul dying and needing her ex-husband to help her finish her unresolved business but then the story develops and you realize that Dr. Paul's unresolved business is saving the soul of her living ex-husband.

This show is full of humor, love and inspiration. Patrick Wilson and the rest of the cast are wonderful and i only expect the show to continue to improve as it develops.


Dr, Micheal Holt is confronted with two very different cases. One is Rebecca who is 26 weeks pregnant and has a brain tumor and is refusing to have chemo. Dr. Holt is torn between trying to save the pregnant Rebecca and her child.

The second is Patrice who has sickled cell anemia.

Ultimately, this show is one of of renewal and hope that is never to late for anyone to reclaim their souls through helping others. A Gift Man is about redemption and forgiveness and this week episodes made me well up and I am not the sentimental type.

Friday nights have never been so filled with hope, renewal and love as they have since A Giiften Man has aired on CBS at 8pm EST.


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