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A Video Venture

Updated on July 26, 2016

Leggo my logo!

I made this thing!
I made this thing! | Source

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I've been away for a while, but I haven't been staying out of trouble.

Since I've been, since my last real Hub, a bus driver, an insurance salesman, a director, a singer/song writer and--most recently--a YouTube personality. (Most recently if you don't count getting myself a new kitten.)

Ah, you say, you're one of those...! (YouTuber, not crazy cat person.)

Well just put away your attitude, little Miss or Mister Sarcastic. I'm not famous nor rich. Nope, poor and unknown.

I am, however, hoping to change that a little bit. I want to touch peoples' lives in a positive way. I'd like to make people laugh. They can laugh with me or at me, I don't care! If there is a laugh in your throat from something I've done, then my life is fulfilled.

But, right now, I'm just focusing on being funny. It's not easy (especially for someone who has never felt funny--well, except for that feeling I get when I get light headed from blowing too hard on my food to cool it down. That's a real funny feeling.)

I have teamed up with a business partner to start this business. His name is Carsten, and, together, we make up Dual YouTubers!

I have no idea how we came to be known as Dual YouTubers, but one of our episodes says something about it I think.

When I was offered the idea of making a YouTube channel, I first felt giddy, then nervous, then a little nauseous, then light headed, then I came to grips with the fact that there was absolutely nothing stoping me from being a YouTube mogul. Of course, I had to look up how to spell "mogul" first, but, after a few hours of being distracted by videos of funny cats, I found out how it's spelled and used it in a sentence. That brings us to this moment.

You know what I think I'm going to do? I think I'm going to include an episode of Dual YouTubers just so you can see what kind of insanity into which I've gotten myself.

I think you too will go through all emotions that I did (especially the nauseated ones--including guilty joy.)

So, click on the video below and try to enjoy. I dare ya!

Big smiles, everyone!

Gotta Watch 'Em All!

This Capsule Has No Name.

Well, now that that is out of the way, I think it's time to tell you that this really was a long row to hoe. Not that I was growing veggies, but I was sowing for a.... How did I get onto a gardening metaphor? Is a metaphor like a simile? Is using a simile like using hyperbole? Why am I using all of these $5 words anyway?

Well, it's this kind of random thought bubbles that I hope will keep the YouTube channel going till long after I am gone. (I'm hoping to be able to be rich enough to make an android of myself to take over in the on-screen talent part of the show since I lack any on-screen talent.)

When my random thought bubbles collide with Carsten's random thought bubbles, there are often explosions of laughter from him and me. In fact, we will soon have an episode that is just ten minutes of us laughing. It will be the best content we have had to that point. (Why ruin it by trying to actually talk about anything of substance?)

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. It took quite a while to get to the point of having a YouTube channel.

After I talked to Carsten about it, eight or nine months went by before we seriously talked about it again. We figured that we had a camera and a place to shoot, we had a computer on which to edit the video and we made a YouTube account, so why not go ahead and forge ahead. I mean, it worked so well for the Donner Party!

We really want to be able to support ourselves wth this channel, so we have begun designing mugs, t-shirts, and other things to cram down the gullets of an over commercialized America. When we find the right set of factors to get people to buy our merchandise people will love us!

I'm thinking pictures of kittens.

Does it have an answer?

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      2 months ago from The High Seas

      Congratulations on starting your Youtube channel. I bet that is a nerve wracking experience! Good luck and all the best to you. I know it can be a struggle to find an audience but keep at it and I am sure you will find your fan base soon enough.


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