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ABC's - The River

Updated on March 6, 2014

The River is about a rescue mission for the famous explorer, Dr. Emmet Cole, who is lost in the Amazon along with several members of his crew. The search team includes Emmet's wife and son, among others. The only way that they can fund this rescue is by letting someone film it as a documentary.

The show was created by Oren Peli and Michael Perry with executive producer Steven Spielberg. (Oren Peli is the director of the movie, Paranormal Activity.)

Genre: Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Found-footage


Joe Anderson plays Emmet's son, Lincoln. He is sure his father is dead, but goes on the rescue when his mother asks him to.

Joe has been in several movies. Some include Becoming Jane, Amelia, The Crazies, The Grey, and Breaking Dawn Part 2 of the Twilight Saga.


Leslie Hope plays Emmet's wife, Tess. She talks her son into going on a rescue mission to the Amazon 6 months after her husband has been missing when they hear a signal from Emmet's beacon.

Leslie has appeared in several movies and tv shows. Some of those tv shows include 24, Line of Fire, Commander in Chief, Runaway, The Mentalist, Revolution, and NCIS.


Bruce Greenwood plays Dr. Emmet Cole. He goes into the Amazon to find "magic" and still hasn't returned 6 months after he was supposed to.

Bruce has been on several tv shows and movies. Some of those movies include, The Lost Son, Thirteen Days, I,Robot, Racing Stripes, Eight Below, Firehouse Dog, Star Trek, Dinner For Schmucks, Super 8, Flight, Lost Luck, and Endless Love.


Eloise Mumford plays Lena Landry, daughter of missing cameraman, Russ Landry. She is the only one who had contact with Emmet while he was first at the Amazon before he went missing. She worked for him and grew up being on tv on his show, "The Undiscovered Country."

Before the show, Eloise had only appeared in a few episodes of other television shows, including Crash, Law & Order: SVU, Mercy, and Lone Star. Since the show, she has appeared in several movies and tv movies, including So Undercover, Reckless, Drones, and Not Safe for Work. She will also appear in the highly-anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey."


Paul Blackthorne plays Emmet's ex-producer, Clark Quietly. He recently had an affair with Emmet's wife, Tess, when Emmet first left to go to the Amazon. He is now one of the leaders and producing the documentary of the rescue.

Paul has been on several movies and tv shows. Some of the television shows include, Peak Practice, Holby City, ER, 24, The Dresden Files, and Lipstick Jungle. His most recent role is on the hit CW show, Arrow.


Daniel Zacapa plays ex-mechanic of Emmet's ship, The Magus, and now mechanic for the rescue mission, Emilio Valenzuela.

Daniel has been on several shows and movies, including the movies, Se7en, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Mexican, The Gene Generation, Phenomenon, Destiny Road, and Our Boys.


Paulina Gaitan plays Emilio's spanish-only-speaking daughter, Jahel (pronounced Hi-Ell). She is very superstitious and is the only one who knows all the stories of the ghosts and demons they come into contact with in the Boyuna.

Paulina has played in the movies Never on a Sunday, Trade, We Are What We Are, and Days of Grace, as well as several Spanish titles.


Thomas Kretschmann plays Captain Kurt Brynildson. He is the bodyguard/private security for the rescue team.

Thomas has played in many movies, mostly german ones. Some of his American movies include, Blade II, The Pianist, Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2, Resident Evil:Apocalypse, In Tranzit, Wanted, and Open Grave. One of his most current roles is on the tv show, Dracula.


Shaun Parkes plays lead cameraman for the rescue team, A.J Poulain.

Shaun has played on several movies and tv shows, including the shows Crown Prosecutor, Harley Street, Identity, and Tinga Tinga Tales.


Scott Michael Foster plays Jonas Beckett. He is one of the missing cameramen of Emmet's crew that the team of the rescue end up finding lost in the Amazon.

Scott is the lead singer of the Indie band, Sirens Eye. He is most known for his role of Cappie on the ABC Family show, Greek. He has also appeared on some other movies and shows, including recurring roles on Californication and Zero Hour.


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The River ran on Tuesday nights at 9 on ABC.


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