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Action Film Reviews Snakes On A Plane

Updated on April 11, 2010

Snakes On A Plane Review

Snakes on a plane movie review starring Samuel Jackson.
Snakes on a plane movie review starring Samuel Jackson.

Snakes On A Plane

 Snakes on a plane film review

This film was a hilarious one and I don't think it was meant as a funny film really, although there were a few moments that were intended as humour the snakes on a plane just seemed quite funny and a silly plot point that would actually be quite enjoyable too. Samuel Jackson stars in this action film were the snakes are extras that get a lot of screen time.

The movie of course is daft as a forgettable actor whose name escapes me witnesses a murder by a Chinese crime lord and so he has to go and testify against the criminals and that's where he is headed on a plane, but the baddies find out that he's on a plane and instead of doing something that normal crims do and get stopped by some Steven Seagal hero, the bad guys put a load of snakes on the plane and make them go crazy by spraying loads of pheromones on them (as you do!)

Although quite how someone thought this silly storyline up is beyond me, although it is an original idea and one that will go down in movie history as being quite a pointless way of killing a witness to a murder and everyone else on the plane for that matter.

I found the movie quite watchable though and fun in a weird sort of way, it had all the elements of an action movie that demands you to have popcorn by your side and just enjoy the thrill ride of people getting bitten and killed by assorted poisonous snakes from all over the world. Some of the characters are throwaway actors and that I suppose helps the body count rise for the purposes of the snake threat and the drama of the whole thing.

Samuel Jackson is good like in most of his movies and just takes it in his stride as he shrieks somewhere near the end of the film "I've had enough of these mother f**king snakes!"

So if you fancy watching a mindless and quite pointless film that actually was quite fun then give this one a try and buy the dvd, because it's going cheap for some unknown reason....

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Snakes On A Plane

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