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Actor Albert Torcaso host of Humanity Matters - the exclusive interview

Updated on October 11, 2014

Introduction to Albert Torcaso

Please introduce yourself.

I want to introduce myself to all of Bard of Ely's readers and thank you, Bard, for the interview.

I am Albert Torcaso. I live in the United States Of America In Pittsburgh, PA. at present. I am the creator, producer and host of Humanity Matters, the public access television show seen on PCTV21 In Pittsburgh, PA and online on each Wednesday 2:00 pm Eastern time in America, as well as the host of Humanity Matters, the podcast show on Talk Shoe Dot Com

Public access for those who may never have heard the term is a television station where residents of the said city or non profits can become members (fee) and produce television shows of any type. You must finance your own program and are never paid for your work, but can appear on television. I chose in 2004 to produce Humanity Matters.

As an actor I appeared in my first film as an extra, but was asked to become what is sometimes called a principle or day player. I asked one of the lead actors of the film if he had a dollar to get me something to eat. I was a down and out street person. The film was Dominick and Eugene, 1988.

Since then, I have acted in over 100 local Pittsburgh, PA produced films although many were low or no budget productions. I have been an extra in thirty films, television shows, made for television movies, and in 2011 this year I returned to do an extra part as one of the reporters in Magnus Rex (working title only). Real name is a new Dark Knight film. Yes, I was in the Batman film. I have also appeared in two web series to date.

Albert Torcaso

Albert Torcaso and friends
Albert Torcaso and friends

Marlon Brando On The Waterfront

What are some highlights of your career?

I must say my greatest role was not an official role rather it was a demo reel role and I starred with my late father Albert R. Goldsmith (non-biological but, as much a father as anyone could ever know.) in a re-created scene from  film which starred Marlon Brando On The Waterfront. I must mention that my second most enjoyable role was in a theatrical production - A Hatful Of Rain (1990).

Smithfield Bridge

Smithfield bridge in Pittsburgh,PA. Photo by Albert Torcaso.
Smithfield bridge in Pittsburgh,PA. Photo by Albert Torcaso.

Humanity Matters explained

What Is Humanity Matters All About?

That can be one of the easiest or one of the most complex answers as it is very tough to pin down. I will explain in as short and concise a manner as possible. Humanity Matters is all about every possible thing a human being can be or do or create, but at it's core, Humanity Matters is about all the hopes that the promise of a better world, a better people, a better species, and race that we can be.

One of the most important parts of each episode is when we are signing off for that episode and we remind all people that they matter. This is why whether we are speaking out against the wrong doings of a corporation, political policy or an injustice system we always let those who are doing wrong know that we may hate what they are doing, but that they do matter since all of humanity really does matter even if they don't matter to us at the time. Example: Those in DC who don't want health care coverage for all I believe are wrong, harmful, and shameful. Yet, these people matter to their friends, family and supporters. Therefore, since Humanity Matters is so many different aspects of humanity it is hard to pinpoint all that it is. One thing is constant about the show is that all of us are needed and no person is truly un-needed or a mistake.

Humanity Matters guests

Please say a bit about some of the guests you have had on your show?

One of my guests was Doctor Cyril H. Wecht,  a famed Forensic Pathologist, and author of many books. Here is a link to learn much more about  Dr. Cyril H. Wecht 

Dr. Wecht has performed over 17,000 autopsies and was one of the only people who did not believe the single bullet theory about the JFK murder.

Another guest was Rick Sebak, who is an American film producer and director who has created the scrapbook documentary" genre.

I also talked to the late Mayor Of Pittsburgh, PA Bob O' Connor who was liked by most residents of Pittsburgh because of his caring nature.

The late Steve Luncinski who was a cast member of Bill Cardille's Chiller Theater was another one of the guests I had on my show.

Dr. Cyril H. Wecht on Humanity Matters

Officer Gosser Speaks About Protecting Your Outside Animals

Humanity Matters described in detail

How would you describe your show?

I would say this about my show,it is hard for me to explain exactly what it is, but I tell you this. It means more to me than all of the acting jobs I have ever done and the reason is simple. With Humanity Matters, I can speak to the people who watch the television show or who listen to the podcast. It is my chance to try to give people new ways of looking at an issue or a new way to look at life.
It is a way to speak for the powerless and to legally fight for what is just, fair and needed. A chance to say yes, the earth needs us to care for it better. A time to just be silly and speak about movies or ghost hunting. Humanity Matters, I have been told. Has informed people about things they never knew about. It has inspired people and given hope where there was none before. It has calmed down a nervous city at times and in truth Humanity Matters is my show, but it is so much larger than me. I took on a near impossible task when I created this program and as I keep working to see a true peace around the globe as well as a world filled with hope for all seven billion people. (As of this month, there will be seven billion humans on earth.) Why do I want to go nationally or global with my talk show? Strange, but true, it is because Humanity Really Does Matter and I want the world to know it. By the way, we have fun every episode that we do no matter how tough or traumatic the episode may be.

Since the dawn of humanity no Prophet, Religion or Deity, Entity, or even Jesus Christ has been able to convince human beings to love, help, respect, educate and treat each other as they would be treated or there would be no wars or poverty on earth. How then, can I ever expect any real success with my impossible mission? I believe in a creator and I say this. If one can reach a few thousand people and help them realize their true worth then maybe we can have them teach thousands. Then they teach until we reach millions and maybe one day all seven billion people will change their ways because I tell you this, my friends, Jesus Christ, Buddha and all of the prophets taught love and you know, my friends, we can, in fact, have peace on earth, good will to all and end all wars. It is just a matter of us humans growing up and deciding to change our ways. There is enough for all 7 billion people on earth in terms of money, land, etc, but many people have yet to realize this and make the loving, caring changes. I ask you to help me to help our city, states, nations and indeed our world. I can't change a planet of people, but maybe one can change a few then all will have a chance at education, health, homes and everything they need. If you believe in a God of any kind or are an atheist, but believe in love, fairness and life then you can see that we can work together for change.

And finally

Anything else you would like to add or promote?

Thank you very much, Bard of Ely, for the interview.

Albert' Torcaso links:

Humanity Matters Dot Org




© 2011 Steve Andrews


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