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Beware: Advertisements!!!

Updated on April 14, 2015
Beware of Advertisements!!!
Beware of Advertisements!!!

The Show

Dear readers, while I was going through the questions asked by different hubbers, I came across an intriguing question. “Do you get carried away by advertisements or do your own research before buying any product?” Well so I would like to share some information and thoughts regarding Advertisement.

First of all, What is advertisement? Answer is: A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. Simple isn’t it?? Think again. There are hundreds and thousands of companies around the globe who are willing to sell their product in local and international market. Hence apart from their marketing team they take a step further in order to spread awareness about their product and/or company.

Now the question rises, what are they spreading awareness about?? Which is directly related to what type of product/services are they selling us? It is answered as simply as, an organization was formed to manufacture a computer or cold drink and/or after sales support (Services). In order to provide after sales support, company first needs to sell products and following the same they hire a staff or company as a whole who can create best advertisement for them.

Let’s take a break and think if we require the product which is being manufactured or not?? If a sincere answer right from the bottom of your heart is ‘Yes’ then have a look at the advertisement. If otherwise don’t even try to watch what they are sharing as experts are hired to drag you towards company (Metaphorically). Amazed to read this!!!

Let me give you an example. Think about Coke advertisement. They show us how cool is it to consume their product. How do they do it?

The Reality

Now let’s think about think about the other side of Coke. Do you know or have ever tried to know what types of ingredients are used to prepare it? Here they are Cane sugar, Caffeine, Phosphoric Acid, Coca Extract, Lime Extract, Vanilla, Glycerin and such. You know what most of these things are, don’t you? Yes you are right, these substances are way to harmful and yet according to its advertisement “It’s So Cool to Drink COCA-COLA!!!” About its history, it was formulated by a drug producing company known as Eagle Drug and Chemical Company. Well the “COOL” drink people were consuming and will be consuming was sold as Patent Medicine!!! Now match the real production of Coca-cola with its advertisement and think how manipulative this world has become, especially after media took over.

This was one example which can make you understand what an advertisement is and how to stay away from it. However there is one side which is rarely used by people. Media can also be used to spread awareness about different things and ongoing. You can watch video link below which is an interesting example for such.

Not only by the means of television or internet, advertisements can also be done via paper ads and leaflet distribution. However the scenario remains the same. Remember don’t fall for adverts which are “Cool” but check if the product is useful and worth or not. It is your hard earned money and more importantly it’s your health you might be putting at risk. So, Don’t Be A Prey to Money Stealing Predators!!!

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    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      Thank you Vinaya.. Wish you The Same... [Smiles]

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

      Your analysis about ad industry is true.

      Recently, I bought an anti-dandruff shampoo. I was lured into a product because of its aggressive marketing, however, it did not work.LOL

      Thanks for following me.

      Have a wonderful 2013!