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Hot & Sour Techno-Cheese Cake

Updated on January 22, 2013

During current times, our normal life has become dependent on technology. Everyday companies are opting out new ways of inventing new products or improving the old ones. With advancement in technology the value of older ones had decreased. We the humans have similar effects as well. As technology advances life has become more luxurious and at the same time very stagnant. Where some of the improvements have exploited and took us beyond the limits, some others are shortening our life span. Let’s see how much is advancements useful and which are worthless.

Benefits of Technology:

1. With Automobile Technology, Long distance can be covered within a short period of time.

2. Disabled or elderly people have ease to travel.


3. Advancement in computer technology brought ease of documenting and modification facility

4. Internet has extended our boundaries to global scale. You can reach out the audience which you were never able to before internet was introduced.

5. You can get in touch with people around the world and discuss over different matters and issues. It helps expand your understanding and thinking about the world.

6. Automation has reduced Human errors by a large number.

7. Robotics has helped in creation of Humanoids which can work for longer time and more efficiently than humans.

Artificial intelligence, Humanoid, Robots
Artificial intelligence, Humanoid, Robots

8. Errors in machines can be easily resolved with a little research after system crashes.

9. In lot of places Technology has brought safety to workers / labors.

10. Different Equipments like Microscopes and Telescopes have improved our understanding about the smallest being alive to the huge Universe outside.

11. Some machines like Submarines are helping us get more information about the deepest secrets of our oceans while Satellites are helping us understand the world beyond our vision.

12. Not to forget, with the help of advancement in technology, economic growth has become very rapid.

Submarine Exploration
Submarine Exploration

These are a few benefits which have come along with advancement in technology. Now let’s look at the other side.

Dark side of Technological Advancements:

1. All the automobiles used so far are using one or the other type of fuel produced from Petroleum. The remains are in form of smoke which contains CO2 which is responsible for Green House effect. Don’t forget use of Automobiles is increasing everyday thereby more CO2 is spread every single day.

2. Large containers carrying oil had a breakdown on their way while travelling on oceans. History has seen lot of such breakdowns which have made dangerous oil-spill on a huge scale in oceans which has hurt and hampered the lives of creatures living in them.

Smoke on the Water!!! :(

Oil Spill
Oil Spill

3. Internet has given easier path to fraud, forgeries and scams which affects our economics but first individuals. Lot of such cases has been found a few of such cyber criminals were arrested yet a lot of them are roaming around freely without a chance of being doubted.

4. Computer application providing ease of access for documentation and other such things, it has taken away the identity, like handwriting, of an individual. People, these days, are facing trouble writing a letter in ink or pencil.

5. Computer has brought along the jobs in which one has to sit in front of it and work for hours together. The radiation produced by it affects our vision in a long run. Moreover humans are not made for sitting at one place for hours. Hence our physical structure rebels against such activity and in turn develops disease and back problems. Sitting on the same spot for hours together also dulls our digestive and immune system.

6. Production of any kind of equipment requires raw materials which are borrowed from our nature. Sadly when they are returned, they are in such forms that nature, rather than regaining balance, is having worse effects.

7. Polymers like plastic which are highly used around the world do not have any way of disposal once they are used. Reason being they are not Bio-degradable thus its remains, in this case solid, cannot be absorbed into soil. Even worse, if we burn them, they produce CO aka Carbon Monoxide which is even more harmful than CO2 not only to our nature but to living beings as well. Thus even though it took great minds for its creation and development it’s worthless and harmful.

Non-Biodegradable Plastic Waste

Plastic waste
Plastic waste

8. If carriers developed to carry goods and/or passengers, breakdown, which lot of them had on their way, results in deaths and damages on small to large scales, depending on their capacity.

9. If Artificial Intelligence becomes rather powerful than humans it may wipe out our race from the planet. I know it sounds very strange and weird but cannot be ruled out.

10. A lot of devices and equipments which we use today are best for their purpose and do not need any further upgradation at all. For example smart phones provide three ways of communication over the voice, via text and email. What else do you need? If every person has one, he has all the means he need to communicate. There are 7 Billion people on this planet out of which 6 Billion people are using mobile phones and rest a Billion do not have mobile network at all (Tribal areas), in fact a lot of them doesn’t know about mobiles. So why are we building more and more of them when almost everyone around the world, who requires it, has it???

These are a few points about bright and dark sides of technological advancement. All we need to ask ourselves is, what do we need and how much along with is it environment friendly or not? Remember ‘Improvement always begins with I’ so in order to improve as a whole we need to start with ourselves first.

How was it? Would you like to have a few more alike?

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    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      I am glad to have such a great response. I shall come with detailed view regarding the other side. Thank you for encouragement. [Smiles]

    • Swetankraj profile image

      Swetank Raj 5 years ago from India

      One of the hubs i am waiting to see on hubpages is this! Great just pilled up great informative thing on Technology and presented in a well mannered way! Voted up! We all should know and well awared of Technology issues!