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Ali The Bachelorette ep 3: Blame It On Chris Harrison

Updated on July 8, 2013

Reaching New Heights

Roberto and Ali on The Bachelorette
Roberto and Ali on The Bachelorette | Source

On The Ropes

It’s always a joy when Chris Harrison shows up at the beginning of the show to dispense free advice like “Use your time with Ali wisely.”  He’s a real Confucius, that one.  For some reason, this one sentence was brought up a million times throughout the episode.

Roberto got the first solo date of the week, which is a joy to many ladiez I know because that meant more screen time for his lovely face.  Ali arrived and Roberto was sipping on a pre-date Corona by the pool.  He keeps it classy.  Then we were all treated to the first helicopter ride of the season!  Once again, she’s afraid of flying so why do they keep making her go up in the air?  Lucky for her, the date involved walking between two skyscrapers on tightropes.  Who comes up with this crap?

Ali asked Roberto if he was ready to fall for her, which I’m pretty sure is the line Jake used on Vienna before they bungee jumped last year.  Besides, aren’t they supposed to not fall when tightrope walking?  Midway between buildings, billions of feet above the air (I could be off, I didn’t stop to measure), Ali and Roberto shared their first kiss.  Awww, how adorably terrifying!

The date included them watching the sunset over the beautiful, smog-filled horizon of LA.  Ali revealed that she might not be pretty enough for Roberto.  Not that she worries herself with superficial horse poo, right?

Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky | Source

Kisses & Cries Group Date

Gang Wars!  Well, that’s what I thought was going to happen when the group of 9 + Ali were cruising around the deserted streets of LA.  It’s usually not a good sign if you’re on an empty road in the middle of the most traffic-congested city in the universe (as declared by me). 

Instead of a gang, they were greeted by the Barenaked Ladies (the band, you pervert).  Ali and her harem got to be in the video for “You Run Away.”  Ali should take that advice and sprint far away from some of these clowns…ahem…the Weatherman. 

Speaking of the show’s very own forecaster, the Weatherman almost had a panic attack when he found out he had to kiss Ali in the video.  I have to agree with Chris L that it just might have been ol’ Weatherboy’s first smooch ever.  He’s such a little bitch and freaks out about every little task.  Take a pill!  When it was time to get down to business, the guys laughed at him and he cried.  Seriously?  Ali then gave him a really solid pity kiss.  According to the Weatherman, “When Ali kissed me, it was just like a rocket ship blasting off.”…in your pants?

Frank was having a meltdown of his own this episode.  His jealousy reared its ugly head while he watched the other guys, especially Kirk, kiss Ali during the shoot.  For their scene, Ali had to slap Frank 9 times, and I think he kinda deserved it for his irrational possessiveness.   

I think a new frontrunner was born during the video shoot.  Ali had to roll around in bed, wearing only lingerie, and makeout with Kirk.  Bonerville!  All the guys left the room because it got too steamy, and the lovebirds didn’t stop kissing after the director yelled cut.

At the wrap party, Chris L and Ali made quite the connection while discussing his tattoo of his mother’s signature.  He told her that his mother passed away and Ali changed the subject before it got too intense. 

The awkward meter went off the charts during the Weatherman and Ali’s alone time.  They were talking over each other like girlfriends until he asked her if they could go somewhere for their first real kiss.  Luckily, Craig interrupted and saved Ali from an uncomfortable shut down speech!

Frank’s mental battle with Kirk continued at the after party, he was scared that Kirk getting a rose would somehow affect his chances.  When Ali and Kirk had a Blind Date-style hot tub session, Frank jumped in and interrupted their romance.  Kirk received the date rose and was kinda shocked and declared, “She likes me for me.”—like Blessid Union of Souls circa 1999.

Slowly, But Surely

Rated R on The Bachelorette
Rated R on The Bachelorette | Source

Rated-R Goes For A Walk

Rated-R took Chris Harrison’s advice (or at least his own interpretation of it) and hobbled his way to Ali’s house.  The producers somehow scrambled to get a helicopter to follow him on his journey.  When Rated-R arrived at her house, he interrupted Ali talking to the cameras about why she picked Hunter for her one-on-one date.  She looked shocked and terrified at first, but then they had a heartwarming chat about his family.  Someone had to be made into the villain once Craig M left and he was the easiest choice.  However, I’m not buying his act--he seems like a turdbucket to me. 

Rated-R went back to the house and lied about where he was.  Sleeping is always a good excuse, I suppose.  I’m all for doing what you’ve got to do to get your one-on-one time, but it wasn’t cool that Rated-R’s stunt infringed on Hunter’s date.  Where’s Dave from Jillian’s season when you need him to call a violation of man code?

Later, Rated-R spent some quality time in the hot tub with the other guys and declared he’d give up the glamorous world of entertainment wrestling for Ali.  When all the guys didn’t buy it, he told them about his absentee dad and cried.  It was all very strange.


Hunter on The Bachelorette
Hunter on The Bachelorette | Source
Bania from Seinfeld
Bania from Seinfeld | Source

Hunter Chokes

I had the joy of watching this week’s episode with a very special (and straight) manfriend of mine, who declared “What an odd looking creature” when Hunter first came onscreen. Hilarious.  Later, he decided that Hunter looks like Bania from Seinfeld.  You be the judge.

Ali finally arrived to pick up Hunter in an outfit that you’d sleep or paint your house in.  They had a low-key date at her house, and cooked like 25 hamburgers.  Why?  During this time, Hunter volunteered to be her househusband.   The date seemed like two friends hanging out on a Tuesday night, except for the million times that Hunter called her “baby” which was just creepy.  In the end, Ali gave Hunter a nice little “let’s just be friends speech” and sent him on his way.  Meh.


The cocktail party started with a toast to Hunter and Ali had a very full glass of white wine.  That’ll help the decision-making process.

Ali seemed to be feeling Chris L as they discussed their love of seafood.  He wants to go to Maine for some lobster and she talked about playing flip cup with his dad…foreshadowing?

Rated-R preemptively told Ali that he has conflict with the other guys before they rat him out.  She compared his situation to Vienna.  Uhh, why would that make it better when she hated Vienna?   I get her point, but just because it worked for Jake does not mean it will work for you, sister.

 Later, Ty got caught talking smack about Rated-R, who then made a speech about never having had a problem making friends until this show.  Snooki had that problem the first night on the Jersey Shore.  Maybe he’ll become the breakout star of The Bachelorette.  Nah, his hair isn’t tall enough.

I felt bad for poor, ignored Steve (who looks kinda like a dark-haired Bradley Cooper), but his impromptu champagne picnic in the front yard was adorable.  He’s never had a date, but he felt really confident going into the rose ceremony which is always dangerous.

Ali “let it slip” to Roberto that Rated-R hobbled to her house.  Once that news got out, the mob immediately went on attack.  Rated-R admitted it and then braced himself for crucifixion.  He blamed his actions on Chris Harrison’s advice—poor Chris, always the scapegoat.  The best part was when Kreepy Kasey called Rated-R creepy! 

Craig, the lawyer, called himself “a bullshit detector. That’s what I do for a living, I detect bullshit.”  No sir, you spew bullshit.  Rated-R was outside crying (there were more tears shed on this episode than an entire season of The Bachelor!) while all the guys talked smack about him inside.  According to Craig, “Rated-R stands for Retired.”  Based on what?  You all successfully ganging up on him?  I don’t like the dude, but the rest of the guys are pulling some Lord of the Flies crap on Rated-R and that just ain’t right.

Would You Climb a Sky Scraper On A First Date?

See results

Quote of the Week

“To me, Justin is two-faced like Mr. Jekyll and…Hyde”—Ty (What a moron!) 




Chris L and Kirk are sneaking up there




Chris L

Jesse (nice denim shirt, 1992!)

Chris N (looks a little like a poor man’s Ryan Sutter)


Kreepy Kasey (must go home next week!)






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    • Megavitamin profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Unfortunately, there will be a million more helicopter rides--this is The Bachelorette after all. I'm so glad that you and I have the same sense of humor. There are some serious punks that need to hit the road. There are only so many man tears I can handle! Denim shirts should be left to the cast of the original 90210.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Ok, I am so sick of hearing how this skank is afraid to fly. Then quit getting in the damn plane (or helicopter). She's doing it for attention and ratings. I couldn't wait to read your post for this episode. You touched on everything I laughed at. Yes, the wheatherman is a little bitch and I'm sure that was his first kiss EVER. I did feel slightly sorry for him that he could not control his emotions and cried in front of everyone...and on national tv. I also laughed about the Corona my man (Roberto) was drinking before his date. Lastly, what the hell was that guy thinking wearing a denim shirt to a rose ceremony. I would have sent him home just for that. Lol, 1992 baybaybaybaaay!

    • Megavitamin profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      herbivorehippi-the whole concept of a "first kiss" on this show is pretty ridiculous anyway. Even if it's on a one-on-one date, there are at least 4 crew members staring at you. If it's any other time (group date or cocktail party) you've got crew and 8+ other guys you're "dating" watching you. Yikes!

      I agree that Rated-R is not as bad as the guys make him out to be, but there's something I don't like about him. I think it's how cheesy he is and definitely the tears this week. Grow a pair, wrestler man!

      Oh man, Kreepy Kasey has got to go! His voice is disturbing, and so is every sentence that comes out of his mouth. I think he's supposed to have some mental break next week, so hopefully he'll be out the door.

      Thanks for the comments!

    • theherbivorehippi profile image


      8 years ago from Holly, MI

      So, I totally love Roberto but yes...ali used the same line on him that Jake used on Vienna. How lame. As for the group date. that was just stupid to have Ali hanging on everyone and kissing everyone. Annoying. And weatherman...what a little bi-a-tch but seriously...does she really want to have a "first" kiss with these guys that could be a possible future husband on set and not meaningful. That was kinda trashy.

      I dig Rated-R. I don't think the guy is bad like all the guys are making him out to be. Poor guy but seriously...what is with all the crying?

      As for Kasey...HOW IS HE STILL THERE? I'm sorry, is it me or does he talk through his nose? His voice disturbs me. he is not good looking and he just downright annoys me. Let's hope he goes away next week!

    • Megavitamin profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment (and agreeing!). The big question is, what are they not showing? How is he still around? I haven't seen Ali speak to him once yet. Ah, editing :0)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I totally agree that Chris N. looks like a poor man's Ryan Sutter! (And with a lot of your other comments)


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