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Alice (in Wonderland) TV Mini Series (2009) Movie Review

Updated on September 29, 2013

Quick Facts About Alice the TV Miniseries.

Alice the TV mini-series is one that almost passed by me unnoticed when it aired on television in two parts on Sunday, December 6, 2009. A total of four hours of viewing, it premièred in two, two-hour segments.

This Alice movie is a modern interpretation of Lewis Carroll's books and as such, is an unusual look into Alice in Wonderland’s world, starring Caterina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts, Matt Frewer, Philip Winchester, Tim Curry and even features Kathy Bates in a guest spot.

The DVD and blu-ray discs were released on March 2, 2010 and are available right now, nicely discounted, ffrom Amazon.

Alice Miniseries Video Trailer

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The Story From This Television Version of Alice

This Alice is twenty-one years old. She meets a gentlemen who presents here with his family ring and then is kidnapped. Alice then finds herself facing a stranger known as the White Rabbit who promises to help. Alice enters Wonderland which, in this movie is a highly untypical underground city. Word circulates that Alice is in Wonderland and it turns out that the ring is the one that controls the power of the Queen of Hearts, the looking glass. Why did Jack, the son of the Queen, give Alice the ring? She’s soon to find out.

This movie is not for everyone, and some found it to be a bit lacking in character development and high plot points calling it 'decent.' It features some action sequences, a bit of romance and a good dose of surreality. It is an unusual movie that is definitely bizarre and quite unique. Many viewers found it entertaining and worth owning even after they had watched it on television, with 19 viewers giving it a five-star rating on Amazon even before they have the chance to own the DVD. Right now, it is too soon to review the blu-ray version.

Welcome To A Whole New Wonderland

Have you visited the Wonderland seen in the mini series, Alice?

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Does the television miniseries, Alice interest you?

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    • profile image

      Yuno~ 4 years ago

      I love Hatter x3

    • profile image

      Denise 7 years ago

      I just borrowed the movie from the library and saw it last night, I thought it was great! An Alice in Wonderland movie for adults.

    • profile image

      Nomi123 7 years ago

      I watched it and found the Concept really fascinating but the acting was a little off, which later made sense when i learned it was a miniseries and not a full length movie (when i hired it from the video store it was still in the 'recent releases' section) the style of filming also makes sense for tv as apposed to film. All in all it was visually stunning and the integration of key characters and plot was fascinating! eg- the caucus race becomes the bidding for the emotions in the style of a stock market pit. or maybe that was just my interpretation...

    • TreasuresByBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 7 years ago from Canada

      Tea, you've summed it up perfectly.

    • profile image

      tea 7 years ago

      I liked it it wasn't too bad. A bit more on the adult side of things but it was all together a pretty good miniseries

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 8 years ago

      I hadn't heard of this one. It does look like it has some interesting special effects.

    • Janet21 profile image

      Janet21 8 years ago from New York

      I also completely missed this movie. It does appear to be a new twist on the original story. Nice hub!