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All About Kid Koala Albums

Updated on April 20, 2013

Know all about Kid Koala!

All About Kid Koala Albums

Kid Koala’s real name is Eric San and he hails from Vancouver, Canada, but is based in Montreal, Quebec. He is one of the most famous DJs and turntablists of the music industry. He is currently signed to the Ninja Tune record label. Kid Koala is also a member of a band called Bullfrog and an alternative hip hop supergroup called Deltron 3030.

He is also working on his new project The Slew, appeared with artist like Amon Tobin and the Gorillaz, together with several more projects. He is also known from his self-drawn comic books and graphic novels.

Your Mom’s Favorite DJ:

Your Mom’s Favorite DJ is the third album to be released by Kid Koala. It was released on September 25 2006. The album is split into three audio tracks, two of which are mixes that consist of fast mixed tracks, and the third part is a short 5-second sound effect.

The famous turntablist packs this album with his classic style but with some flavors of deep punk and a few rock snippets. It also serves as somewhat of an autobiography into his journey as a DJ. It also features tracks that show the evolution of music from gramophones to turntables.

The whole set gives a kind of sunny feeling filled with enjoyable songs mixed with jazz piano pieces and rock guitar rifts. Tracks do not stay the same, Eric always manages to come up with something new with each track. It only goes to show that this artist enjoys and loves what he is doing and is doing a pretty damn good job.

The Tracks

1. Left side

§ "Start Heeeeears Koala"

§ "Stoppin' Traffic"

§ "Tracks etc."

§ "Slew Test 1"

§ "Lunch with Pavlov"

§ "Robo-cookie Factory"

§ "Things'll Be Good Again"

§ "Dinner at 1:00 a.m."

§ "Party at Eric's!"

2. Right side

§ "Slew Test 2"

§ "Gimme a K!"

§ "Mosquito vs. Waterbuffalo"

§ "Slew Test 3"

§ "Paper Route Days"

§ "Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee"

§ "The Denouement"

3. "Bonus Cricket”

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This is Kid Koala’s first album and includes a comic book created and drawn by the artist himself. This album is considered one of the best among its peers, and has yet to be dethroned. The quirky comic book chronicles a DJ who is captured by some corporation and is shrunken down, and then placed in a cereal box called Disco –o- Flakes. The mini DJ soon escapes after four years and strived hard to become a well know DJ.

What sets him apart from all the rest of the turntablists is his usage of audio snippets from several television shows and movies, instructional records, and many other unlikely sources. This makes for quick and wry jokes inserted into the tracks and makes for great listening.

The tracks are funny and brilliant, showing Kid Koala’s skills as a legendary turntablist and a master of making his own genre of music. His genius comes from taking and combining the snippets into fast and layered sounds. He even takes the infamous Hawaiian themed soothing so und and creates a whole new track mixed with snoring effects in “Naptime.”

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not an album filled with nothing but enjoyably funny beats, it also showcases Eric’s brilliance when he scratches and how he manages to keep each track fresh and different from one another.

1. "Strut Hear"

2. "Nerdball"

3. "Fender Bender"

4. "Drunk Trumpet"

5. "Roboshuffle"

6. "Barhopper 1"

7. "Music For Morning People"

8. "Naptime"

9. "A Night At The Nufonia"

10. "Temple Of Gloom"

11. "Scurvy"

12. "Like Irregular Chickens"

13. "Barhopper 2"

14. "Roll Credits"

Live From the Short Attention Span Audio Theater Tour!!

This is a live album that was shot at Lock 17 in London of November 2003. The two disc album contains a CD and a DVD. Inside also includes a single Bingo card. The album is based on his previous tour of his second release Some of My Best Friends Are DJs and also his own graphic novel entitled Nufonia Must Fall.

On the tour, Kid Koala was accompanied by P-Love and DJ Jester The Filipino Fist. On the album, they also accompany him on his live gigs which featured turntablism, comedy, animations, and of course, bingo.

The CD

1. "Stompin At Le Savoi"

2. "Page 275"

3. "Drunk Trumpet"

4. "Skanky Panky"

5. "Page 298"


Inside the DVD are performances from the DJs for about five tracks fomr the CD and fun extras like the random bingo image generator and music videos complimented with animations from Monkmus.

§ "Tremors"

§ "Knife In Back"

§ "Birdhead"

§ "Basin Street Blues"

Some of My Best Friends Are DJs

Some of My Best Friends are DJs is he second release from Kid Koala on October 7, 2003. The album continues Eric’s music making skills and levels up in terms of the tracks’ substance. He continues to prove that even when he just seems to be mixing together whatever sound clips he finds, he shows that he layers them with one another, adds his own sick beats and scratches, and creates ingenious tracks.

The tracks compliment the wackiness of the comic book that goes together with the album. Several tracks also highlight masterful mixes with different instruments and the scratching of his turntable.

In Track 4 “Stompin’ at Le Savoi”, the word Savoi may refer to the Savoy recording studio used by jazz legends like Charlie Parker due to the tracks several jazz snippets.

Some of My Best Friends Are DJs may be more subtle and cleaner compilation, but it does not mean it fails to deliver. Kid Koala continues to prove he is a legend in his work and he owns the turntable.

The Tracks

1. "[Strat Hear]"

2. "Basin Street Blues"

3. "Radio Nufonia"

4. "Stompin' at Le Savoi"

5. "Space Cadet 2"

6. "[Grandmaphone Speaks]"

7. "Skanky Panky"

8. "Flu Season"

9. "Robochacha"

10. "Elevator Hopper"

11. "Annie's Parlour"

12. "[Bonus Materials: On the Set of Fender Bender]"

13. "More Dance Music"

14. "VacationIsland"

15. "[Negatron Speaks]"

Kid Koala : Skanky panky

Kid Koala- Basin Street Blues


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