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'Altitude' 2017 How One Movie Casts Doubt On The IMDb Rating System

Updated on September 9, 2017
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Vanessa is a movie buff. She has seen mountains of movies preferring horror, disaster or apocalyptically themed plotlines.

It looks exciting doesn't it?
It looks exciting doesn't it? | Source

What’s it About?

The movie starts with a guy on the phone with a woman, who is talking to him about going on a date. You get the distinct impression he is cheating on his wife, or perhaps assume he is just some lonely guy having a dirty conversation on the phone in his down time. The conversation goes on for some time. I didn’t realise it was a hostage negotiation.

I was surprised (and this is the only time I was surprised) when the camera pans to a gun and then finally it becomes clear this is a hostage negotiation between Gretchen (Denise Richards) and some guy who is sad about something his wife did. He has an automatic weapon and is in what looks like an air control tower – hostages adorn the floor.

Gretchen (who is the person the gun-man has talked to all this time) and the swat team outside the building, are preparing to snipe this poor sap before he kills anyone. Gretchen's superior has some tense conversations while she is still talking to this guy about going on a date with her – the superior wants to shoot him and she wants to talk him down. Instead of listening to the leader of her team, she decides she knows what this sad guy with the automatic weapon is thinking and runs inside. He obviously just wants a date with her. She believes that he doesn’t want to shoot anyone. She believes he is just sad about his wife and will all better once this date gets organised. He will put the gun down and they will choose a restaurant.

Snipers' red dots appear as the team tries to decide when to shoot him and who has a clear enough shot to do so.

I’m not into spoilers – so read on without fear. Irrespective of the outcome of this scene, Gretchen is obviously in trouble for going against the boss man and afterwards, she needs to catch a plane back to Washington to receive her spanking. Once on the plane, she has an argument over assigned seating and is upgraded to business class from coach. She hardly gets to unwrap her business class goody bag before the weedy little guy next to her whispers the plane is going to be hijacked. He needs her help.

Gretchen has had a hard day, she just got in trouble because she is a rule breaker. She just wants to tune out and enjoy her new seating arrangements. This guy is annoying her with his talking and his banter about needing her help. Somehow after having so much sympathy for an unknown gunman earlier – she says she doesn’t believe him.

The plane is being hijacked, of course.

Trailer - Altitude - Wait...who is that?

Quick Movie Info

  • Title: Altitude
  • Director: Alex Merkin
  • Writer: Jesse Mittelstadt
  • Date of Release: April, 2017 – limited release in theatres.
  • Went to DVD two months later.
  • Genre: Action/Thriller USA

Denise Richards starts the movie like a badass FBI agent. If only she had stayed that way during the entire movie
Denise Richards starts the movie like a badass FBI agent. If only she had stayed that way during the entire movie | Source

Excuse me, but is that Denise Richards?

— My fiance

The Critics

Somehow, 154 women, aged 30-44 rated this movie a 9/10. Actually, all the females who voted according to rated this rather high. I am unsure why, with some of the scenes being vomit inducing at best, between the lead fraudster Terry and Gretchen (Denise Richards.) Terry's scenes with his ex, Sadie (Greer Grammer) are also hard to digest.

Perhaps it’s because the leads are played by two women – maybe that’s the detail that made these women who rated Altitude, a great big thumbs up, think it was a bit of alright. I’m a woman though and I think I disagree with that rating. In fact when trolling through the reviews of others I stumbled across a few people who also looked at the rating breakdowns and thought something was amiss – One poor chap with the handle - Jawillis93 (along with a few others I saw further down the list) caught the movie early enough and they state that the rating from, gave this movie a 7.1 at that time – these people only purchased and watched movies over a certain rating and so I guess expected a certain calibre. They were was pretty angry. Another viewer Alladin was incredulous that more than 300 people actually gave it a 10 out of 10.

This is what prompted me to compare the stats myself. Who are these people and what were they doing during this movie because they obviously weren’t watching it with the same eyes and ears I have (or regular people for that matter.)

Another word bandied about among the reviews is the word garbage – If I were to start a drinking game based on how many times the word garbage is used to describe Altitude – I would be in paralytic.

Excuse me maam, is that a wig?


The Writers

Both Jesse Mittelstadt and Alex Merkin the writer and director respectively, have worked together before. Famed for having made a short film into a full-length movie called Across the Hall which stars the late Brittany Murphy. The short film won many awards however the full feature was not liked by everyone and received mixed reviews. Apart from that, these two guys are not very well-known for anything popular or rated highly.

Across the Hall - starring the late Brittany Murphy

I give it one lady with an air mask when not everyone needs them out of 5

1 star for Altitude
Why doesnt everyone need a mask? Do you have a hidden air-supply you are sniffing under your shirt?
Why doesnt everyone need a mask? Do you have a hidden air-supply you are sniffing under your shirt? | Source

My Thoughts on Altitude

I had issues right away with the plot… She has sympathy and what seems like an acute insight into the criminal mind (being a totally awesome FBI agent and all.) She wants to help the gunman in a hostage negotiation not get shot and risks her job to do so. Yet when a guy in business class, begs her to help him, going as far as to offer her money, she practically laughs in his face and threatens to arrest and report him to the people he is accusing of being the hijackers. What sort of cop is that…in fact what sort of FBI agent is that? Surely she would need to do some kind of preliminary effort into the story before completely disregarding a plea for assistance.

I watched this with my fiancé. When Denise Richards popped into the frame, he remarked “is that Denise Richards?,” I checked my phone for the cast members names….I laughed, "yes it is."

I’m not hot enough to say anything bad about her looks, but wowsers, she has had a lot of work done. Firstly my fiancé has to ask if that’s Denise Richards and secondly, I had to check!

The second time my fiancé and I spoke, was when Gretchen was seated in business class and is handed a glass of champagne that her new cabin buddy orders for her. We spoke because I had to rewind the part where she takes “a sip” from her glass... it’s quite odd. Her lips don’t move well enough to form a seal around the rim of the glass and she kind of rocks the glass back so that the liquid goes into her mouth. I literally laughed out loud…twice…the first time and after I rewound it and watched again. The villains so very obvious that, Sadie enters the scene and my fiancé is yelling at the telly, accusing her of having the fakest wig he had ever seen (and he likes action flicks.)

Sadie is disguised as an air hostess. It shows her drugging everyone's beverages. She serves one man (who just happens to be the air Marshall) and he is not thirsty.

Sadie "would you like a drink sir?"

Air Marshall "No thanks"

Sadie "Are you sure?"

Air Marshall "No, I'm fine"

At this point her voice is almost raised

Sadie "I won't be coming around again, can I get you a water, wine, anything!!"

Air Marshall "What? oh, a ginger Ale"

Sadie "great - here you go"

Not suss at all! It might be said that a conniving cackle would not have been out of place here. Or perhaps they should have put a moustache on her.

This movie was rated R for the violence and language. Sure there are a couple of F-bombs here and there, a stabbing with a high heel shoe plus a neck snap but overall there really wasn’t enough action in this action movie to warrant an R rating. Poor old Dolph – his character Sharpe, hardly even stands up the entire film, let alone has any good fight scenes.

Stuck with this tiny little pocket rocket Sadie going all commando on people twice her size and screeching about not being able to find people who are bobbing down in their seat…not even really hiding per say. Somehow during all this hiding down in seats, neck snapping and heel stabbing, the guy everyone wants – Terry (played by Kirk Barker but it could very well have been cast as Hugh Grant, he is that seedy) manages to cop a feel with Gretchen and smooch his ex who is literally trying to kill him. She has shown nothing but disdain for him the entire time and doesn't snap his neck one little bit! It made me cringe a little too. I'm all for copping a feel between characters but when the sexual tension is there.

The third time my fiancé and I spoke about what was happening in the movie was after he had left the room, had a shower and came back to ask me how it ended. I think that speaks volumes about how good this film is. I have to see the end of any movie - I've stuck through many a dodgy film - so I was still sitting there.. waiting for it to finally be over.

A rare scene where Dolph Lungren is actually standing up instead of just seeing the back of his head tring to fly a very very consistently bouncy plane.
A rare scene where Dolph Lungren is actually standing up instead of just seeing the back of his head tring to fly a very very consistently bouncy plane. | Source

Who's in it?

I saw a bio for this and set about watching it one drizzly night after the kids had gone to sleep a little earlier than usual. I don’t mind movies set on planes and this had a few cast members that I recognised:

Denise Richards – How can you not know her? Somehow she married Charlie Sheen.

Dolph Lundgren – To be honest, I’ve only seen him star in movies I don’t really rate all that much but every action movie needs a tough guy and he is again playing said, tough guy. (In case you didn't know - he is in Rocky, I apologise to all the Rocky fans out there, however, I’m not a fan of that franchise.)

Greer Grammer – Tiny bit of a fan of the comedy series Awkward.

Jordi Vilasuso – I watched a film recently called The Invitation, Jordi was in that great little horror film.

I thought Altitude might be ok. Movies such as these are usually a little predictable but sometimes predictable is nice and I was in the mood for a nice predictable action thriller. It only goes for 88 minutes – perfect after dinner treat.

Movies, set on-board a plane - you could watch, instead of this

- Flight (2012)

- Die Hard 2 (1990)

- Con Air (1997)

- Snakes on a Plane (2006)

- Passenger 57 (1992)

- Plane Dead (2007)

Any of these are far superior to Altitude.

if you want the same plot line – try Die Hard 2, Con Air and Passenger 57 and you will be ten times more satiated than if you watch Altitude.

Let's not forget that the movie Final Destination features a plane crash as well and I would watch that one hundred times over before watching this again.

© 2017 Vanessa's Non Spoilers


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