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'Altitude' Is A Dolph Lundgren Movie

Updated on September 25, 2019
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I will watch the movies that people say aren't that great. How do you feel about them?

What’s it About?

This film, starring Dolph Lungren and Denise Richards opens with a hostage negotiation. The hostage maker in this scenario comes complete with an automatic weapon in an air control tower and hostages adorn the floor.

Gretchen is the hostage negotiator and after peace is restored she gets a smack on the hand for going against her boss. She is ordered to catch a plane back to Washington to receive her proper spanking.

Of course, it would be silly to be in just one dangerous situation in the course of a day. And it would also be silly to think that getting an upgrade is as simple as being placed somewhere you aren't happy. Once safely in her upgraded business class seating, the guy next to her whispers "the plane's being hijacked."

Trailer for Altitude with Denise Richards and Dolph Lungren

Quick Movie Info

  • Title: Altitude
  • Director: Alex Merkin
  • Writer: Jesse Mittelstadt
  • Date of Release: April, 2017, limited release in theatres.
  • Went to DVD two months later.
  • Genre: Action/Thriller USA

Who's in it?

  • Denise Richards: How can you not know her? Somehow she married Charlie Sheen.
  • Dolph Lundgren: To be honest, I’ve only seen him star in movies I didn’t like but every action movie needs a tough guy. (In case you didn't know, he‘s in Rocky.)
  • Greer Grammer: From the comedy series Awkward.
  • Jordi Vilasuso: From The Invitation, Jordi was in that great little horror film.

Denise Richards starts the movie like a badass FBI agent. If only she had stayed that way during the entire movie
Denise Richards starts the movie like a badass FBI agent. If only she had stayed that way during the entire movie | Source

My Thoughts on Altitude

The storyline in the Altitude movie is like swiss cheese. The characters are also unlikeable. For example, Gretchen (played by Richards) comes into the film with what looks like an acute insight into the criminal mind. Her FBI agent skills are so on point she knows that taking pity on a man holding up airport staff will help her out of trouble. However, only minutes later, a guy in business class, begs for her assistance, and is so desperate he offers her money so help. Instead of sympathy, she laughs in his face. Perhaps her criminal radar only works on the ground.

When the action commences, the villains reminded me of the type you see with giant fake mustaches and are so very obvious you could accuse some of having the fakest wig you'll ever see. Not only that, these criminals masquerading as airline staff don't even blend in during service and they have a very important part to play in ensuring the plane is hijacked.

Sadie (wig girl) goes about drugging the passenger's beverages. If it were me getting yelled at for refusing a drink, I'd be frankly scared of touching anything on offer after hearing this exchange;

Sadie "would you like a drink sir?"

Air Marshall "No thanks"

Sadie "Are you sure?"

Air Marshall "No, I'm fine"

At this point her voice is almost raised

Sadie "I'm not coming around again, can I get you a water, wine, anything!!"

Air Marshall "What? oh, a ginger Ale"

Sadie "great... here you go"

Not suss at all! It might be said that a conniving cackle would not have been out-of-place here. Or perhaps they should have put a moustache on her instead of a wig.

What is Altitude Rated?

This movie is R for violence and language. Sure there are a couple of F-bombs here and there, a stabbing with a high heel shoe plus a neck snap. But overall there really wasn’t enough violent action in this action movie to call for an R rating. Poor old Dolph, his character Sharpe hardly even stands up through the entire film, let alone has any good fight scenes that warrant a limited audience.

Instead, we get stuck with tiny fake-wig Sadie going commando on people twice her size and screeching about not being able to locate people on the plane. An old fashioned game of hide-and-seek commences and some passengers choose to bob down out of sight. It's hard being a person of short stature on an aircraft. I can attest to that. I would also suck at hide-and-seek on a plane.

Somehow during all this hiding, neck-snapping and heel stabbing, the mastermind, Terry (played by Kirk Barker or Hugh Grant, who can tell nowadays) cops a feel with Gretchen then smooches his ex-girlfriend who is literally trying to kill him. That's what you get for doing a job with someone you used to date I guess.

It all made me cringe.

If you're looking for a single location action film to watch, give this one a big pass and see one of the films listed below instead.

I give Altitude 1 lady with an air mask when not everyone needs them out of 5.

Excuse me, but is that Denise Richards?

— My fiance
Excuse me madam, is that a wig?
Excuse me madam, is that a wig? | Source

The Writers for Altitude, Jesse Mittelstadt and Alex Merkin

Both Jesse Mittelstadt and Alex Merkin the writer and director respectively, have worked together before. Famed for having made a short film into a full-length movie called Across the Hall which stars the late Brittany Murphy. The short film won many awards.

Why doesnt everyone need a mask? Do you have a hidden air-supply you are sniffing under your shirt?
Why doesnt everyone need a mask? Do you have a hidden air-supply you are sniffing under your shirt? | Source

Across the Hall from the writers of Altitude— starring the late Brittany Murphy

A rare scene where Dolph Lungren is actually standing up instead of just seeing the back of his head tring to fly a very very consistently bouncy plane.
A rare scene where Dolph Lungren is actually standing up instead of just seeing the back of his head tring to fly a very very consistently bouncy plane. | Source

Movies, set on-board a plane - you could watch, instead of this

- Flight (2012)

- Die Hard 2 (1990)

- Con Air (1997)

- Snakes on a Plane (2006)

- Passenger 57 (1992)

- Plane Dead (2007)

Any of these are far superior to Altitude.

if you want the same plot line – try Die Hard 2, Con Air and Passenger 57 and you will be ten times more satiated than if you watch Altitude.

Let's not forget that the movie Final Destination features a plane crash as well and I would watch that one hundred times over before watching this again.

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