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Amazing Hindi Comedy Show "Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai" on &TV

Updated on November 2, 2015

NRI’s in Australia can stay connected to their regional channels as there are many options to view all the favourite channels. Hindi channels are the most viewed ones and there are some channels that are always in demand. &TV channel is one such new entertainment channel that broadcasts some of the most entertaining Hindi serial in all types of genres. Amongst all the programs, the most popular show is Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, a comedy show which has gained lots of attention.

Best comedy serial so far:

This show has been greatly acclaimed for its comedy genre. The cast involves two couples who are the main characters; the modern couple is Vibuthi Narayan and his trendy wife Anita. The traditional couple is Tiwari ji and the innocent wife Anguri. The story revolves around the two families and their day to day activities. The husbands end up developing a liking for each other’s wife and try all sorts of hilarious methods to impress the other lady. The plot revolves around a conservative family and a modern family who are neighbors.

Good cast and crew:

The story is set around both the families where Vibuthi tries to woo Anguri bhabhi and Tiwari ji tries to get the attention of Anita bhabhi. What follows in each episode is their funny gestures and imagination that put together a grand show full of comedy. There are other characters that revolve around these main characters blending in well with the show. The set is made as a residential colony replete with the vegetable vendor, a tea shop, a sweet shop and the rest.

Apart from this, there are many interesting shows aired on this TV in different genres and amongst all, this show comes under the most watched category. &TV channel in abroad has made all those Indians living there very close to their country and is the most viewed channel with good programs. The channel tries to give a dose of humour, valour, thrill and all such emotions to its viewers around the world.


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    • Maria Witwiky profile image

      Pallavi Aggarwal 2 years ago from India

      Woww!! my favourite show

    • karnatisuman profile image

      Suman 2 years ago from Alpharetta, USA

      nice post