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Amazing Race -- Unfinished Business --Vienna and Salzburg

Updated on April 18, 2011

Ferris Wheels, Freud and the Von Trapps, Oh My!

Zev got his wish, and it was finally Out of India time, as the next leg of the race was to Vienna, Austria. Of course, that didn't stop him from whining, anew. Of course, no one can out whine Kynt. He's definitely the King of the Whiners.

Mallory's a little concerned since this is leg 8 of the race and last time she and her father got eliminated in leg 8 of the race. Will history repeat itself?

Oops, they did it again!

For the second time in a row, The Cowboys end up taking a flight later then the rest of the contestants. This time thirty minutes later. They have got to start making sure that is the earliest flight, or one of these times it's going to cost them the race.

Chasing Cars

The rest of the team boards a plane at 5:35. Once there they race to find their 2012 Ford Focus. Team that wins will both get a new Ford Focus. I'm not really a fan of the newer cars with all the gadgets, but this one has a real cool gadget I wouldn't mind having in my Volvo. A back-up camera, so you get see what's going on in back of your car when you're backing up. 

Instead of just giving the racers their next destination in a clue box, Phil gets a bit tricky and explains you have to back-up and you'll find your next destination but reading it off of the back-up camera as you back up. It's Schloss Schallaburg, which is actually a castle.

This gives Gary and Mallory some problems, which allow The Cowboys to gain some time as their plane lands at 6:00.

All the teams have to go and ask the locals how to get to Schloss Schallaburg. It's actually a castle. A girl there dressed in medieval costume gives them a book with their next destination: The National Library.


Long Hard Walk or Quick Easy Meal.

In Long Hard Walk teams have to carry a couch from the Freud Museum to the University of Vienna. I immediately started yelling at my TV to The Goths, do Quick Easy Meal. Kynt can't even carry his own back-up if he's walking up a flight of stairs, you think he can carry a couch?

In Quick Easy Meal you have to go to this restaurant which is really a ferris wheel. This is what I love about Amazing Race. They show some interesting places you'd love to go see, and I'd love to go see this place. After you get your food, you're put in a glass-enclosed car that's part of this ferris wheel and you go around on the ferris wheel while you eat. One rotation of the ferris wheel takes 12 minutes, and that's how long teams have to finish their meal. None of the racers that tried Quick Easy Meal thought it was a quick easy meal.

The Trotters and The Goths go for Long Hard Walk. As expected, Kynt whines up a storm and even drops his end of the sofa at one point. He hurts and it's too heavy. Dude, man up! Vyxsen says she hurts too, but his incessant whining is affecting her ability to do the task. His whining would affect my ability to stop myself from smacking him in the face.

Doing The Speed Bump When You Didn't Come In Last

Three teams get the joy of having to do both tasks, which a team has to do when they come in last in a non-elimination leg of the race. None of the teams that tried to eat a plate of food in 12 minutes were able to do it. So after trying to eat a plate of food, Jen/Kisha, Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory had to haul tail over to the Freud Museum to grab a couch, allowing The Cowboys to make up some more time. They also wisely chose not to do the Ferris Wheel task, cause if they had they would have been history.

The Trotters are first to complete this task and to head off to Sallzburg. As they drive off, they start talking about Siggy and his weird dreams about doing his mama. 

The Cowboys get another break when Zev/Justin get lost on where to take the couch. Someone tells to take it upstairs.

On The Road With Pinky And The Pain

More trouble between The Goths when Kynt doesn't follow Vyxsen's driving instructions. He takes the wrong turn off. Pinky never vows to speak to The Pain if they lose this leg of the race.

Chim Chim Cheree

Next task is to dress in tradition chimney sweep garb and clean a chimney. Then teams go down and open the flue to find their clue. You have to stick this heavy metal ball on a rope down the chimney three times. After that, it's time to head off to Villa Trapp, the house the family Von Trapp lived in. Thought this leg had some of the coolest tasks and places to visit. 

By some sick twist of fate, Zev/Justin come in number one and win the two Ford Focus'.

#2 The Trotters

#3 The Goths

#4 Jen/Kisha

#5 Cowboys

#6 Gary/Mallory, but they luck out, since this is a non-elimination leg. Next time they'll have to do the speed bump to try and remain in the race. 

The two teams I'd love to see get eliminated are: Zev/Justin and The Goths. Actually, I'd like there to be some penalty that forced Zev and Kynt to have to do a leg together. The whining these two would do would be phenomenal. No matter what the place, Zev is making some whiney nasty remark and Kynt is always whining about something. I don't know how Justin and Vyxsen put up with these two.


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