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American Idol Auditions 2018

Updated on December 7, 2017

American Idol Auditions 2018 - The Calendar

The list of dates and places for American Idol auditions comes out every year. While the 2017 auditions have come and gone, it's time to start getting ready for the 2018 auditions.

Check out the show's official website for the latest information explaining the audition process and lists of dates and venues.

Check the audition section of the website throughout the year until they post the list of cities where you can next audition for American Idol, along with the dates and time auditions will be held. If you're set on doing this, you’ll want to prepare the best audition possible.

American Idol

American Idol Live Tour 2010
American Idol Live Tour 2010 | Source

Have you got what it takes to be the next American Idol?

Thinking of trying out for one of the biggest, most successful shows on American television? There are millions of viewers and a lot of on show talent who really, really want you to succeed. That's some incentive right there.

On the other hand, a lot of them also want you to fail in the most undignified way possible. Because watching someone else's dreams shatter and crumble takes their minds off how badly their own lives might be going for a couple of minutes. That's the other side of this particular coin, and the reason why I don't watch American Idol, or any other reality TV show.

Here's what you need to do to get through the audition.

How old do I have to be?

Answer: old enough. If you're at least fifteen years old, you can apply to audition, but if you're under eighteen, a parent or other guardian must register on your behalf.

Only fourteen? Tough. Wait a year. Practice a lot in the meantime.

Practice Makes Perfect

Which means you have to practice. A lot. Choose a song for your American Idol audition - and make it one that's easy to perform well. Why? Because trying to do vocal gymnastics from a cold start, in a draughty rehearsal hall, after spending half the day queueing and waiting, when you're nervous and not at your best, is not going to go well. You'll have about half a minute maximum to impress them enough to get through. Don't throw that away by picking a song that's just too hard.

Practice, until singing the song is ingrained. This will make it a lot easier on audition day. And prepare a second song in case the judges ask to hear something else. Pick two different styles of song, but make sure both fit your vocal range.

Best Audition Advice

Practice on your own. Make videos of yourself singing so you get to see the weird stuff you do. Learn to stop doing it.

Take singing lessons, and ask the teacher if you have what it takes. If they say yes, book an audition. If they say no, stay home.

Kill your fear of singing in public by going to a crowded karaoke bar and singing your little heart out. That way you won't freeze up at audition with stage fright.

Pick a song that suits your range, vocal ability and personality. Once you've picked your song, learn the words. So you don't end up singing, 'Nah, dooh de dooh dummmm,' on the day. Because that sounds silly.

Practice. If you're serious, start preparing at least 6 months ahead. Which means you should already have started if you want to audition in 2015.

Dress well. Casual or smart, neat and clean = good. Eccentric or scruffy = bad.

Be yourself - as long as that means charming. Expect to get cut, and be happily surprised if you're not. Stay humble.

On the other hand - don't sell yourself short. Go in thinking you don't stand a chance, and you might as well have stayed home.

Give it 100%. Sing like you mean it, win or lose. Or stay at home.

Ask Someone You Trust If You Have What It Takes

But before you go down this road, tell someone you trust - who has your best interests at heart - that you're going to audition for American Idol. Ask what they honestly think about your chances. If they advise against it, ask them why.

If their reason is more to do with their opinion of the show, don't let that stop you. But if they say no because they're genuinely concerned that you're not good enough, or they're afraid you're opening yourself up to ridicule, you might care to think about it a while longer.

The truth can hurt, but maybe not as much when it comes from one person who loves you rather than from a baying mob who don't.

Ask yourself:

- Do I really have a talent for singing, or am I kidding myself?

- Am I talented enough? Because being the best singer in your bathroom is not the same as being the best singer in the local talent contest. Which is a long way from being good enough to get up on stage anywhere.

- Do I want a career in music, or do I just want to be famous? The first can be a good choice. The second will always be a mixed blessing at best. There are different kinds and degrees of famous, and none of them sound like fun from this side of the fence. Not one. Anonymity has hidden blessings. Don't trade it too cheaply.

Go For It

Heart still set on fame through singing? Well, I've done my best to put you off, so I'll let it rest. And wish you all the luck in the world.

While talent is cheap, loving something enough to sacrifice part of your life for it is rare. If you have the talent, and you really, really want to follow your heart - do it. We all end up in the same place, but if we did something we love before we end up there, we did good.

It's not the things we did that we regret on our death-bed. It's the stuff we didn't do, but by God wish we had. Pick a song. Practice long and hard. Sign up for the next American Idol auditions. And go for it.

© 2011 geoffco23


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  • geoffco23 profile image

    geoffco23 4 years ago from Mansfield, UK

    I think my opinion of the show comes across in the article. It's not a route I'd choose if I had any musical talent, but the sad fact is that it's one of the major options out there. There are other ways to kickstart a musical career: Step one, be really, really good, and original. Step two, get your own YouTube channel and upload content regularly. (But isn't that hugely expensive? No, it's completely free. You need an email address and a camcorder.) Step three, get lucky. That last one is probably the most important.

  • Shania Fannin profile image

    Shania Fannin 4 years ago

    hello this is Shania fannin and I wish my dreams will come true please I want to do it for my family and I wish I could do it I am a good singer and I would be so happy

  • Galadriel Therese profile image

    Galadriel Thoman 4 years ago from Voorhees, New Jersey

    The advice you give in this article is good advice...except that the actual process is a lot more stacked against people who audition than anyone who watches actually realizes. Five seasons ago I went with my friend who wanted to audition. I sing as well, and since I was 28 it was pretty much the only time I could audition too, so I figured I would go for it. Everyone knows the reality of standing in the lines- my friend and I arrived at 2am the morning before auditions and we were still nearly half a mile from the entrance when we got in line. Plus side, you meet a lot of cool people. When you do get in you get your number and there's more waiting. Then there's the shooting of the audition location wide shots, with thousands of people sitting in the theater singing a song they spent an hour learning to sing in unison. Fun.

    Anyway, when you audition, you don't sing for the judges. The judges, whoever they are that year, aren't even in the same state as you are. You audition for three or four producers for about ten seconds. They call a set of numbers and you stand in a short line like at the DMV and then you go up in groups of three. They point at you and you sing until they shut you up. Now, I completely choked, I won't lie. But as I was standing and waiting I heard many excellent voices that didn't get the go ahead to go to the next level (which is what makes it on TV and doesn't take place until a couple months later). The truth is, if the producer doesn't like your look or think you are marketable, you're gone- and it doesn't matter if you sing like Mariah Carey or Celine Dion or Garth Brooks. It's that simple.

    I like watching American Idol but no amount of advice can change the fact that you can have all the talent in the world and still not even make it past the first cut. That's the reality in the reality show. I think America's Got Talent is a better venue for singers, because while they have a similar screening system, you have a better shot of getting on the stage and you don't need to fill a certain mold.

  • geoffco23 profile image

    geoffco23 4 years ago from Mansfield, UK

    Yes. Yes I am.

  • crassnsilly profile image

    crassnsilly 4 years ago from leigh-on-sea

    You say you don't watch reality shows. But you are "writing" about one.

  • profile image

    kasia nutter 5 years ago

    Hey my name is kasia nutter,I am 15 going on 16.Im an african american girl looking to reach my dreams and goals,and make my parents proud.I stay on redan rd.4657bexleydr. in stonemountain facebook name is Kasia nutter thanks hope to see you byee.

  • profile image

    Youngitaly 5 years ago

    Hi my name is Anthony Daniele I have a brother Franco Daniele and we are both rappers we talk about education and I love to rap and always had a dream to be on america idol if you would give me a chance I would love it and I'm also on YouTube if u would like to check me out we're called youngitaly we have 3 videos one is called beat in my trunk, the other one is called through the door and the other one Is called youngitaly. You can also contact me at 201-8500393 we really appreciate if u make my dream come true thank you.

  • profile image

    narda143 5 years ago

    hi I'm jea from phillippines but now I'm here in south korea I want try .. if i have a chance if you have time check my youtube page..

  • profile image

    kera dixon 5 years ago

    hi my name is kera and i really wont to be a singer please let

    my dream come true im 11 years old im smart pretty and have good

    singing talent i make good grades contact me at 706-945-0902 or

    803-221-1958 please i wont to be a singer

  • profile image

    markina 5 years ago

    My name is Markina Fredrick from Micronesia, Pohnpei.. I want to bad to audition for the American Idol.. People tell me to sign up for it but i don't know where to sign up so I want to ask for your help..I'm a great singer according to my friends and families so I want to sing to be able to test my talent and to be seen. Thanks for reading this people..

    Markina Fredrick

  • profile image

    silverfox500 5 years ago

    I am shayleigh sanches and i am trying out... :) I think Im a great singer and you will too! :) im 17 yrs old and im a country girl... I love hip music but I LOVE my horses :)

  • profile image

    grace vega 6 years ago

    hey what's up peeps i am 14 and i want 2 make my dreams come true i have already started singing on the streets with my guitar and got money but i want to perform in front of everyone so i was just wanting 2 kno when the auditions are

  • profile image

    Kaitlyn 6 years ago

    You have to be at the youngest 15 and you print out the release form and if your under 18 you also have to fill out the permission slip and have a gaurdian sign it you can get all of this on and I'm trying out this year :)

  • profile image

    Samantha 6 years ago

    Hey, Samantha here, 16 years old. I would love to be on american idol.. my parents think i'm an awesome singer and i love to sing.. where do i audition?

  • profile image

    sadara 6 years ago


  • profile image

    franni 6 years ago

    i want to be on american idol so bad. im a great singer, according to my friends and family, and i really want to audotion. however, i have no idea how to sign up or what to do. i would be auditioning next year because im not old enough this year... :( help please! also wish me luck!

  • profile image

    Britney Brenner 6 years ago

    If one more person asks me "why im not famous" one more time.....I just can't take it anymore,im gonna see where it leads me,no harm in tryin..right?

  • profile image

    robert 6 years ago

    i live in pittburgh and imm ellveen in a half im a very good singer i just want to sign up and show you what i got please

  • profile image

    Sammie 6 years ago

    You wont know where to audition until may

  • profile image

    Jennifer pederson 6 years ago

    I dream of singing, its what I love n I can't go on without knowing what could be..... :)

  • profile image

    Shaena Martinez 6 years ago

    Hiw do I sign up for American idol

  • profile image

    Melissa Sutley 6 years ago

    Im 25 years old ever since I was 11 i have always wanted to sing and my family said reach for what you believe. I love to sing. So que dios me bendiga con el sueno. Where do we sign up at?

  • profile image

    Christopher Parker 6 years ago

    My name is chris parker,I am 24 years old an I have exactly wat it take for

    American me at an follow me on twitter @chrisparkerpown...Thank a Million...Chris

  • profile image

    skylar96 6 years ago

    my best friend and I are good singers and would like to audition for American Idol. we're 15 years old and i know that's the minnimum age. we don't know when and where the auditions for next season are and don't know what to do. what do we do for this shindig ? haha

  • profile image

    melissa 6 years ago

    Hi I have always been told that I have a wonderful voice. My dream is to share music with others and dream come true of beinging a country singing. When r the next additions.

  • profile image

    Herathena 6 years ago

    I wish i knew how to sign up im a singer

  • profile image

    notasha 6 years ago

    I love your showand I wanted toknow when r the auditions at for 2012? Cause I wantedto audition

  • profile image

    Lucia Maria Romano 6 years ago

    I love to be on t.v. Is my dream and is my life

  • profile image

    Jhazmin 6 years ago

    hi im jhazmin and i want to rap fo adisonings i just made a rap song and in just 11

  • profile image

    Valerie 6 years ago

    Hi I'm Valerie were do we sign up?

  • profile image

    emily 6 years ago

    hi everyone im EMILY CATINGUB FROM PHILIPPINES and i would like to join american idol 2012(hope so)and i am good when it comes to singing...well i do hope i could be part of it someday;) you may visit me on facebook EMILY CATINGUB...thank you

  • profile image

    SONIA 6 years ago

    call me

  • profile image

    Elizabeth 6 years ago

    I am almost Sixteen.I know if I get an audition Then I have. A chance to show them what I got

    My mom is a single mother with five kids and one on the way. It is really hard to get by. So if I ever get the chance to be famous I will be able to help my mom out.

  • profile image

    Chocolate chip 6 years ago

    I agree, where do we go to sign up, to audition, and how old do we have to be? I just don't get why they don't tell you if they want you to sign up… :s

  • profile image

    tytianna rhymes 6 years ago

    i would too but don't know where to go to sighn up and i don't know how old u have to jbe to get on it

  • profile image

    ashley williams 6 years ago

    Would love to sign up for singing audition. Thanks

  • geoffco23 profile image

    geoffco23 6 years ago from Mansfield, UK

    Tracy, follow this link to the official site and see what they tell you. Bookmark it and keep checking back. When the time comes for the next round of auditions for the next series, they'll let you know.

  • profile image

    TRACY 6 years ago

    ware do i come Audition for the next American idol and what i have to do just tell tel me i am really good


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