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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 - Episode 2 Recap

Updated on March 15, 2012

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Cycle 18 - Episode 2 Recap

Recap of Episode 2 which originally aired on March 7, 2012

The first episode of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion was a bit dull, mostly because all we were doing was meeting the models before they went into a weird photo shoot. Tonight's episode should be more interesting because it's Makeover time!

The girls jumped for joy when they heard about the makeovers, until they heard that it was going to involve many crazy European styles. Are they all going to get their hair cut off? That is what they were worried about after seeing the makeover teaser. Mr. Jay and Miss J met the girls at the salon to get their crazy hair. Styles included: red white and blue hair, all pink hair, and ANTM shaved into AzMarie's hair.

Louise argued a little about the hair cut and color they wanted to give her but you know the models always lose that argument. I agree with Seymone who said that hair grows back! Let them do it, and you can grow it out later. Louise ended up looking like Justin Bieber, which I noticed even before she said it herself. Catherine ended up with magenta hair and Alisha ended up half shaved and half extensions. By the end of it, most of the girls were happy with their hair cuts, except for Eboni who thought an accidental curling iron burn (which I couldn't even see) would ruin her pictures.

US vs UK
The girls came into the house to find a food challenge. The girls had to eat globs of food from the opposite culture. Apparently Pig Feet is an American Cuisine and the British food was grossing the American's out. YUCK. Seymone ate a ton of haggis even though the UK girls tried to scare her out of it. Because of this, the America's won the competition. What was the point of this competition? That is still to be seen!

Photo Shoot
Kris Jenner showed up at the photo shoot to help the girls out with their photos since she is the "Queen of Marketing". This dark photo shoot had the girls posing as toddlers with Kris Jenner and all types of weird props. Kendall and Kylie Jenner also were part of the photo shoot. The girls posed in pairs again because there are just too many of them to each have their own photo!

I think it's hard for any model to pose in these crazy circumstances. Seymone didn't seem to have any spark according to Jay, and Kyle and Mariah started out a bit awkward. Eboni's burn stood out more this time, I wonder why they couldn't cover it with makeup?? AzMarie was not fitting the part, but Louise dived right in to eat baby food from Kris Jenner. WEIRD is the only word to describe this photo shoot. It was probably just another way for the Kardashian clan to get in the news!

Tonight's guess judge was none other than Kris Jenner, of course! AzMarie and Ashley - Ashley pleased the judges but AzMarie disappointed them with her boring pose. Kyle and Mariah - Kyle was only showing "model" instead of "baby/model" and Mariah was showing a little too much sexuality. Catherine, Laura and Sophie - This was Nigel's favorite the way they were all really posing hard. Laura ended up totally bending over in the chosen shot which stole the show.

Candace and Eboni - Eboni got props for posing well even with her burn, and overall the judges liked their photo. Semone and Annaliese - These two did not produce a very good shot, too boring and not enough energy. Louise and Alisha - The judges first complimented Louise's makeover, then they complimented her great photo, except they thought it was too sexy. Alisha didn't "tell the story" enough with her subtle pose.

The Results
After deliberation, the judges handing out the photos in best to worst order, as usual.

  • Laura (best photo)
  • Ashley
  • Eboni
  • Catherine
  • Candace
  • Kyle
  • Sophie
  • Annaliese
  • Louise
  • Alisha
  • AzMarie

Americans Seymone and Mariah ended up in the bottom two. Mariah's photo was not special enough for the judges. Seymone's photo this week was so bad compared to last week that it scared the judges. Tonight, Seymone's personality saved her and Tyra told her she needs to prove she knows how to model in order to stick around. Mariah was sent packing - back to her Native American home.

We are even again! 6 Brits, 6 Americans. This episode was more interesting than the last, but I am still not sure where they are going with these photo shoots! I hope to see a normal shoot tomorrow so I can really judge for myself who is doing a good job. Kelly Cutrone is going to get involved in next week's episode a bit more. Will she intimidate the girls or help them get a good photo? We shall see!


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    • vivasuzi profile image

      vivasuzi 6 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      I wonder too because I don't think many of the American foods were staples. One was peanut butter, which should be easy to eat I would think, but the rest were strange!

      UKers may feed their babies just regular food. Really many other countries just give their baby straight up food and criticize us for using pureed bland foods. I actually made my own baby food out of fresh fruits and veggies (with spices!) so I read a lot about this in the past year! I still pureed them, but some people in the US and other countries don't even believe in pureeing it.

      Thanks for reading!!

    • profile image

      Lorri G. 6 years ago

      I wonder if the UK food was truly representative of the UK 'coz the US food was NOT what American cuisine is all about. Haggis may be the Scottish national food, but pigs feet (chitlins, grits, etc.) is not an all American food staple. I also wonder about the remark made about the baby food, and the model telling American babies to stop eating it. What do UK-ers feed their babies? I tried Googling an answer & didn't get one.