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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 - Episode 3 Recap

Updated on March 15, 2012

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Cycle 18 - Episode 3 Recap

Recap of Episode 3 which originally aired on March 14, 2012

Sorry this is a bit delayed, I was sick this week! But I'm catching up on all my shows tonight. Last week on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion, we sadly lost our first American contestant, Mariah, showing that Tyra Banks was not going to choose sides. The Brits started off this episode excited to have beaten the American's.

Prank Time!
At 2:30 AM, Alisha, Sophie and Louise decided to prank the Americans by tossing balls of paper at them?? Some prank! It was a stupid prank that really ticked off Seymone who was not taking it as a joke. It probably wasn't that nice to play pranks on the person who just ended up in 2nd to last place last week. Seymone and the Brits really got heated after this dumb prank. The stress is building!

Tyra Visits
Everyone always gets excited when Tyra visits the house, especially since she made them show their walk and talk about themselves. The Super Model competition Tyra had planned for them today was to have each of them assigned a super power.... or maybe she was just trying to sell her book "Modelland"... which she made sure to mention! Tyra gave each girl a "super" name based on what she thought was their super power. For example, Ashley was "Charismia" because she has charisma and AzMarie was "Andro-Genia" because she can play both male and female roles.

Kelly Cutrone Challenge
The girls were asked to create an ad campaign for, a British online store, which all the Brits are familiar with. Seems a bit unfair, don't you think? This team challenge included each member taking on a different role for planning a photo shoot all the way down to choosing clothes, props and makeup. Annaliese took the leadership role for the Brits and AzMarie for the Americans. Kelly Cutrone jumped on Annaliese for not really taking the reigns with her new job. She jumped in to whip them into shape since they didn't seem to know what they were doing.

AzMarie took charge of the American team and had a concept of "punk love". She seemed to be a good leader and told the team exactly what they were looking for. The girls also got to pick out male models to help sell the clothes. Kelly Cutrone did have some advice for the American girls as well, but AzMarie took it as valuable input instead of being like Annaliese who just seemed scared and confused. The teams worked late into the night desiging their photo shoot.

Photo Shoot / Challenge
Part 2 of this challenge involved the actual photo shoot. The Brits ended up with few props and few backdrops versus the Americans who had quite a few. Which strategy would win? We'll find out! AzMarie was directing the shoot pretty well, but she didn't have much to work with when Candace took the stage and couldn't seem to do more than one facial expression. Laura impressed Kelly with her poses, and Eboni was way too sexy! AzMarie pleased Jay right off the bat with her jacket over the shoulder poses.

Now for the Brits! The UK girls were a bit off track since Annaliese was missing in action and not appearing like a leader. Ashley came out first and confused Jay who had no idea what the UK girls were trying to portray in their photos. Catherine received great comments from the photographer, then Annaliese took her turn but she was not showing her character "excite-to-buy" very well. Kelly didn't like the chaos and running that was going on through the set. She gave Louise this feedback but it really just made Louise ticked off. These Brits don't know how to take advice and criticism! Her photos came out good, however, because she used the anger in her poses.

The girls got to pick their own photo which will be pretty interesting. Will their favorite be what the judges would have picked?

The challenge and the photo shoot were combined this week, so at this point there are no winners of anything. Cat Deeley, of So You Think You Can Dance , joined the panel today. Annaliese was the first UK girl to face the judging panel. Surprisingly, they seemed to like her jumping photo, except it was a little too much like a catalogue girl for Tyra. They compared Sophie to Twiggy with her dance-like photo. Catherine looked boring to me, but the judges thought she was beautiful... Ashley got compliments on her skin, but not so much her photo. Alisha picked a shot with her legs cut short which disappointed the judges.

Nigel said Louise looked "mean" which made her scoff back at him and say "I feel like I can't win ". Wow, learn to take some feedback, girl! Kelly Cutrone mentioned that Louise was rude on set, but Louise said Kelly was the one that was rude. Tyra and Cat tried to explain to Louise why it's important for her to listen to people like Kelly who are in top positions... which caused Louise to shake her head, turn around, and walk off crying and swearing! Cat Deely was being so nice too, how could she shake her head at Cat! Louise screamed that she needed to go home. This girl was not made for Top Model. She checked herself out of the competition. Tyra made sure to defend the judges one more time, stating that they mean for their criticism to be constructive and helpful to the girls. The funny thing is Tyra and Kelly actually liked Louise's photo but she never gave them a chance to say so!

Let's move on to the US Team. The judges loved AzMarie's photo as well as her leadership ability. Kyle's jumping shot made the judges happy as well. Seymone's shot was a little too "mature" for Cat, but they seemed to like the photo overall. Laura had a dynamic leg-in-the-air pose which the judges loved. Eboni's sexiness turned off Tyra for what was supposed to be a young and fresh photo shoot. Finally, Candace failed to do a good pose and she admits she defeated herself by over thinking it.

The Results
All the girls were evaluated individually even though this was a team challenge. As usual, the photos were handed out in best to worst order:

  • AzMarie (best photo)
  • Sophie
  • Laura
  • Kyle
  • Catherine
  • Seymone
  • Annaliese
  • Louise.... would have been the 8th photo if she would have stayed!

The client decided that the final 4 girls were the bottom of the pack, however Tyra saved all 4 of them because Louise is gone. She said the judges see potential in these girls because they are able to take critique.

Louise is gone! I think she definitely took all the criticism way too personally, especially when they were just trying to help. Next week will be a commercial - let's see if these girls can talk as well as they can pose!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love louise! And I hate kelly cutrone *sniff*


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