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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 - Episode 4 Recap

Updated on March 21, 2012

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Cycle 18 - Episode 4 Recap

After Louise had a temper tantrum on last week's episode, the Brits started to fear that the American's work better together then they do. Little do they know that behind the scenes, the American's are starting to annoy each other. Eboni wasn't happy with the comments she got from the judges and started to take it out on the other girls. Will this just be the start of some major problems for the US team?

Super Sales Challenge
For tonight's challenge, the girls had to use the crazy super power that Tyra Banks had assigned them last week to become a powerful spokesperson. Miss J introduced them to Martin L Lindstrom who gave the girls some serious critiques last cycle. Each girl had to make a TV commercial selling various boring products such as hand sanitizer, toliet paper, and other generic products.

The girls tried to be creative in selling their products. Sophie sold hand sanitizer which you could eat and Ashley tried to sell scented toilet paper. Annaliese sounded like someone straight off QVC with her commercial. The American's were up next and they didn't seem to have much of a personality for this challenge. They flopped, for sure! But this was only part 1! Part 2 of the challenge was to show the commercials to real consumers while the models watched from another room.

AzMarie got negative feedback for having tattoos, Laura was "too ghetto" for the panel. They didn't seem to care for any of the girls as their review started off. Seymone was the first to impress the panel with her personality. They also thought Sophie was cute and ideal for Cover Girl. Annaliese made them giggle and smile, and they liked Kyle even though she was sort of bland. Finally, Eboni was surprised that the panel thought she was condescending.

The American girls started to turn on Kyle even though she got positive feedback, making her want to go home. Kyle ran out of the room to cry, but Miss J talked her off the ledge and convinced her to stay and think about it more. Good thing she stayed because Kyle, Sophie and Annaliese were the top 3 favorites of the focus group. Annaliese won the challenge for the UK Girls and got to take home some diamond bracelets.

Photo Shoot
Nigel Barker was the photographer for today's photo shoot, which always gives the girls an extra challenge since he is also one of the judges. The shoot involved extravagant British hats and fancy classic American cars. AzMarie started it off and was doing well, except for the Butch face which Nigel told her to stop. Catherine looked boring to me but Jay seemed to like what she was doing. Kyle looked the part while sitting on the car and got double thumbs up from Jay. Ashley was sent away from her shoot early because they felt like they got enough great shots.

Seymone was the first to have a challenge with this shoot. Nigel pulled her aside for a chat since she didn't know what to do. He told her she needs to have a "game plan" and make the best use of her time. She went back to work with better shots, but we don't know yet if it was good enough. Annaliese and Laura both had Jay and Nigel saying "Yes" and "I loved it". So far most the girls have impressed. Candace came out very confident but her face is still the same old look they keep telling her not to do. Sophie was the first Brit to get some negative comments from Nigel for laughing when she messed up and not really hitting the mark on her photo. Finally, Eboni was "fabulous". I think it's obvious who the bottom of the pack were on this shoot - Seymone, Candace and Sophie. Let's see if the judges agree!

Oh, and at this point Kyle is still wondering if she should go home! Just make up your mind already!!

The guest judge on tonight's episode was Miss J. Sophie was up first and was told she needed to learn to work on her pose timing and her angles. Eboni was "gorgeous" and "stunning" except for one eye she needs to watch. Catherine could have done more, and Alisha made them happy for showing off her legs. Nigel told all the judges that it was frustrating to shoot Seymone and they didn't really care for her photo which bored them.

Kyle's photo was "fantastic" according to Tyra, even though it made some of the girls roll their eyes. Ashley impressed as well. Candace did get comments for having the same face every shot. Laura was Nigel's favorite, for sure. Annaliese appeared too short but they really liked her facial expression. AzMarie was "fierce" and "amazing".

The Results
No one really flopped, but it was clear a few of them were below par. The photos were handed out in best to worst order:

  • AzMarie (best photo - again!)
  • Laura
  • Kyle
  • Catherine
  • Annaliese
  • Eboni
  • Alisha
  • Ashley
  • Sophie

Candace and Seymone, two American's, were left in the bottom two. It's obvious from what I've written above why each ended up here so I won't rehash it. The judges choose to save Seymone because they think she just needs more time to learn. Candace was sent home with that same old boring face. She tried to complain that a girl in the house wanted to go home, but Tyra said they aren't getting judged on having a weak moment. It's about their photo, and her photo just didn't cut it.

10 girls left! 5 from each side. Do you think Tyra is keeping the sides even on purpose? I wouldn't be surprised if it comes down to one UK and one US girl in the end. Next week is fashion week and a maple syrup photo shoot... weird!


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