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Anime shows you may not of heard about

Updated on February 16, 2012

MAR- Mar Awakening Romance

A fairytale world seen through a young boy Ginta's imagination. A world known as MAR Awakening, a wonderful and beautiful world fallen to the the CHESS pieces. A faction known to bring destruction to the world and chaos under the Queens control. The princess Snow had run away from the castle and in cased herself in ice, awaiting the rescue of her faithful companion ED. Who by the way is a part man part dog, meaning their souls are connected and they share each others body. Ginta was transported from his world into his dream world by a Dimension ARM. ARMS'S are weapon's created in a form of objects such as pendants and rings......ect. Ginta was brought to the world to end the factions tyranny by the help of his faithful comapanions and his ARM weapon Babbo. His companions Jack, a former farmer whose father left to fight in the MAR heaven war. His father left him in his honor a weapon ARM the shovel. In which you see Jack surpass his insecurity of being a young boy and turn into a young man. A witch named Dorothy ( go figure on that one hehehe) who you are introduced early in the season, that helps Ginta find Babbo a special ARM, created by the legendary Phantom. A weapon that not only has the ability to engage into a major combat tool but also has the ability to talk and take on normal human functions and feelings.The story line that follows Ginta in his travel in the MAR heaven is unbelievable moving. Ginta's journey of admiration is inspiring and leads you to wanting more and more as you progress in his conquest to become stronger.


Soul Eater

If you have not heard of Soul Eater, you had missed out on a great filming production. This show take place around an era where people are able to take the form of weapons. The story follows Maka and her faithful companion Soul in the form of a Scythe. They train and take on missions in hopes of consuming 99 souls and becoming a death Scythe. The witches, one in particular Medusa Gorgon is using to academy that trains these kids to reawaken a sacred being, a Keisha in hopes of destroying the Academy and taking down Lord Death A.K.A Shinigami. Maka befriends the Lord Deaths son an his two weapon allies that turn into pistols are Liz and Patty. Maka also stumbles upon Death Star who's weapon is Tsubaki able to change into multiple weapons. Crona once controlled by the Witch Medusa is now at the hands of the D.W.M.A (Death Weapon Meister Academy). Crona and his weapon the Ragnarok are infused in one another as he was created for total annihilation.



Following the story line of when demons called Yoma is destroying humanity by feeding on the flesh of humans. A faction known as "the organization" was created where women who are soldiers are infused with the blood of the Yoma giving them special abilities to take out the Yoma. The soldiers known to the world as the "Silver eyed witches" to the people, are only able to use there abilities to a certain point, if the Yoma blood was to consume their whole body, the women will awakening into hideous beast and therefor needed to be executed immediately. The Claymores are given a sword that has their unique description embedded into the blade ranking them as to the use of their skill. Claire the main character is befriended by a human named Raki, who Claire had saved from a Yoma. Nostalgic to when she had befriended a Claymore Teresa when she was younger, allows Raki to journey with her as her cook. You seen see Raki develop a great perspective of respect and loyalty to Claire, for her solitude and commitment to take down the Yoma. As he promises one day to protect her, like she has protected him.



This anime series is based off a action, comedy , and science fiction the proper title is NEEDLESS, all capital letters. The show was based off a War World Three (WW3) that happened 50 years ago in the year 2130. The war crated a huge crater in the world known as the Black Spot. Which those who have been contaminated by the disease learn to use abilities called fragments. You follow a story of a boy names Cruz as he accompanies Adam Blade and other fragment users in trying to stop the Simeon tower that Adam Arclight is has built. The battle will not go as easy, as fellow NEEDLESS have bound together in stopping the annihilation of the human population. Eve Neuschwanstein, has the fragment doppleganger which is the ability to transform into any object,person, or thing. In order for her to use this ability she must drink a energy drink called Super Gel Dero Doro in order to always increase her calorie intake. Not all NEEDLESS are good, they're are some who have sided with the monster Adam Arclight, in bringing the world to its destruction.


Fruist Basket

Fruits basket was an odd anime for me, but still great among the best of its genre. Fruits basket followed a family Sohma that we're possessed by the chinese zodiac sign. Each member, male or female is assigned to one of the animals in the sign. If the members are at a weakened state or touched in any way by the opposite sex, they will transform into their zodiac animal. The story follows a young girl named Tohru Honda, who mom died in a car crash.Tohru is then taken in by one of the Sohma's Shigure, who then also you are introduced to Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma. Kyo was the cat in the zodiac sign, who was an outcast to the Sohma family. There was a tale that was told of the mouse (Yuki) that jumped in front of the cat (Kyo) and took his place in the Chinese zodiac arraignment. This show is moving as you follow Tohru on her adventure on learning about the Sohmas, and journeying along side of them to prove that everyone is human. You just have to learn to understand someone for who they are and where they have came from.


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