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Animal Land - Chapter 1

Updated on July 12, 2017

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5 stars for Animal Land

We were in the jungle of New York and the United Nations of animals were discussing environmental policies, climate change and animal rights. One of the topics to be discussed was whether humans would be considered as animals or not, the most fervent defender was the dog who showed solid arguments, however the elephant disagreed much of it, ten minutes from entering recess this was what we discussed.

- I consider that humans should give them a chance - said the monkey - I see that they have a similarity very close of my species according to the human genome.

- Well, I think your argument is very weak - the elephant debated - Its wild habits ended with my cousin the mammoth, not to mention that one of his favorite entertainments is the hunting of elephants.
- I agree with what the elephant says - said the duck – I´m a victim of duck hunts every time we migrate in search of more benign climates.

- That was only done by some humans - said the cat - most of them have treated us very well by feeding us and providing us with a warm home and a toy.

- It will be because you have never nailed arrows or swords to me in your bullfights - said the bull.

- Well, I've never been short of a good bone, nor the croquettes - said the dog.

- I protest - said the pig - as you can see that you do not know that my body makes delicacies like pork meat or leg of pork or ham.

- Order in the room - I shout the lion - my appetite has already opened with the intervention of the pig, I think we give a break of one hour to calm the mood and then we continue with the order of the pork meat, pardon, with the order of the day. I ring a bell and all the animals went out for coffee, talking on the phone or even going to the bathroom.

It was recalled that there was a very tense situation in the last two hundred years, because the planet came from recovering from a nuclear conflagration between humans ... the result had been a radiation that lasted for many years and ended with the majority of The species, including the human species, the surviving animals mutated and those at the top of the food pyramid had become an endangered species. Now the mutations of surviving animals took control of the planet and they were the ones who explored new ways to organize and inherited forms that did not seem quite right so one of them was to decide what they would do with human survivors and those who had mutated In a very sick and weak species that did not show enough good omens to survive.

After the recess announced, all the animals returned to occupy their places in the auditorium, then the lion lord rang his bell to start and the giraffe said the following words:
- Ladies and gentlemen, the next issue will be approached with the utmost professionalism ... has been appointed as prosecutor to the hyena and as human defender to the turtle, at the end of the session we will take a five-minute break to vote the Decision that we will take to preserve the species of humans, as we well know, in our statutes is the protection and preservation of any animal species even if it has done little or nothing to protect the life of this planet - Pass on the aforementioned of this case.

Atomic War

Who is responsible for the destruction of the planet?

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this story will continue...

© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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