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Animal Land - Chapter 2

Updated on July 11, 2017

Then the mutants made their arrival and the dog occupy the place of the turtle because it still didn´t leave his house; later entered the representative of the humans: Professor Mark, everything seemed of the most normal and occupied their places in the Presidium, immediately the mutant hyena said the following words;

- Animals of the mutant´s planet we used to know as Earth, the reason we have here is to solve the fate we will do with the human survivors of the atomic conflagration lived two hundred years ago ... honestly I think we should send them to a reservation ecologically located in the Hawaiian Islands until their species is larger in number, remember that there are no more than a thousand in all the planet, besides that also underwent mutations like all of us.

- Protest - the mutant dog intervened - I consider that this would be how to isolate them from participating in solving the problems that we are still living ... for example, the kingdom of insects has evolved and adapted more easily to nuclear radiation and have now occupied large tracts of Asia and Europe.

- In that point you are right - intervened the mutant wolf who was the moderator - on the other hand, we have news that there are squids and sharks that have tripled its size and are the scourge of the seas for our boats.

- In any case let us ask their opinion about it? - Made another proposal the mutant hyena - Do not you think?

- And what do you think about this issue Dr. Mark? - the mutant wolf asked

- Thank you for inviting us to your session - replied the representative of humans - as to your question I want to tell you that mutant humans want to participate in the fight you´re holding against the mutant insect kingdom, otherwise, maybe some We will fight against them like giant cockroaches of five meters.

- Is right ... it´s better to fight united than separated.

The session ended and the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

  1. Dr. Mark would be assisting with his Android-1999 robot to Europe to support with human technology to spy on and destroy some of the military bases of the giant insect mutants that were putting an end to animal and human reservations.
  2. The animal mutants that would support Doctor Mark would be the following: wolf Mike, dog Bobby, medusa Gena, pig Charley and mouse Punki.
  3. Humans would choose where on the planet they would live for their preservation.
  4. After the military operations they would report the results of their war.

Saving the planet

Will Dr. Mark save the planet?

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© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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