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Annie Williams - This Mountain/Midnight Window

Updated on November 25, 2011
Annie Williams
Annie Williams | Source

For those of you who are new to Annie Williams music, let me start by saying these two brilliant records (released together) are the perfect introduction to her amazing voice. Born on the borderline where the East meets the West in the mountains of Missouri, Williams took off for Wyoming when she was eighteen to chase her childhood dream. Trying out different chords and tunings and searching for words that rhymed with the things going on inside her, she released her first album, An Introduction to Annie Williams, in 2009.


This Mountain

This Mountain is a CD filled with emotion put into song. William's voice is sweet, but full of grit as well. There is a definate strength in these songs, and the compliment of her sultry voice over the faded distortion of electric guitars rounds out this hauntingly beautiful recording.

My personal favorite is “Closer”, the second song on the This Mountain disc. It is pure eloquance, bringing to mind the commercial likeness of Dido with the emotional weight of Shawn Colvin. You can listen to "Closer" below.


Midnight Window

Midnight Window has a slightly more indie-rock vibe along the lines of Fiest or Neko Case. My favorite on this is "Midnight Window", the second song on the disc. From it's sparse opening with just the haunting beat of a drum, her graceful voice grabs me and never lets go. Take a listen (and peek) to the Midnight Window video below and judge for yourself.


Midnight Window Video

Annie Williams Downloads


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