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As The World Turns Series Finale

Updated on October 11, 2010

Very sad to see it go

As we come to a close in television history, one of the longest running soap opera's As the World Turns will officially go off the air on September 17, 2010. I am heartbroken as I write this hub because I've watched this show since I was 12 years old. I am now 33. Yes it is a long time watching.

My journey began with As The World Turns when my grandmother requested that I watch the soap opera for her while she went to play bingo. She told me to take notes. Funny thing I can not remember the very first episode I watched, I just remember the Holden and Lilly storyline.

Lilly and Holden, young love that stood the test of time. Of course over and over again have they separated, divorced, married other people, had children, been kidnapped, rich and poor together, and the list continues. But they always had a connection that in spite of, never became unbreakable emotionally. As with every couple, they had their ups and downs, but love conquered all for them two. Which really sadden me because, the finally didn't include them ending up in marital bliss. After all, most people enjoyed their lovelife and now its beginning again at the very end......Heartbroken!

Lucinda Walsh was in a category all by herself. Rich and powerful business woman of Worlwide just took the cake. Funny, witty, impressionable, and extremely influential when it came to her precious daughter Lilly. She did everything in her power to protect Lilly from all hurt, harm, and danger. Which disturbed me because she betrayed Lilly in the end. She completely sabatoged Lilly's perfume business, just so Craig wouldn't enter a love affair with Lilly....Completely heartbroken!

Craig Montgomery another one in a category all by himself. The deceiver is what I called him for years. He literally lied, cheated, and stole to get what he wanted. I can't remember what his original occupation was, all I knew was he scammed about of people of Oakdale. Married to Rosanna, Siarra, Meg, and God knows who else, almost married Carley, I just can't see how these women fell for him. Now bad guy turnes good. Daughter Lucy, in and out of bed with Dusty Donovan. His new found son by a maid connected with him in the end after not wanting to have anything to do with him. Craig caused the death of his other son Bryant he had with Siarra. Craig has indeed turned over a new leaf in spite of his numerous crimes...Not Heartbroken!

My favorite storyline was Jack and Carley. Good cop, bad girl...Loved it! I don't remember how they met, but their compass always brought them together. It always helped them find their way. I was upset when Carley dropped it in the pond. Well I guess that was As The World Turns' way of saying they didn't need it anymore since they ended the show with them being married...Completely happy for the way that one ended!

I have to take a moment just to grieve a little. I know many of you will read this and say, "it was just a TV Show, why so emotional?" I am emotional because like many of As The World Turns viewers, I grew up with this show. Its like the characters became apart of your family. Many episodes carried me through some dark times in my life. There was always somebody going through something similar as me, that I identified with. This soap opera will be missed and hard to say goodbye to.

Also like many homemakers, this soap opera was the height of our days. Most of us were getting ready to pick up our children from school at 3pm when the show was over for the day. This was the time of day where we started to prepare dinner for our families and the last of quite "me time" before the rush. These days, homemakers are going back to work, and schools are letting out earlier than back then. Thus the need for being home has become more obsolete as the years go by. I can clearly understand why ratings have decreased some say over the past 10 years.

Me grieving again...

Back to the soap...

I don't know why Janet and Dusty hooked up in the first place. They really had nothing in common. I am glad that they didn't get married because it was a disaster waiting to happen. But since Jack is sincerely in love with Carley, Janet needed a love affair. Who else to attempt to sweep her off her feet? Dusty Donovan only because he was single. After Jennifer's death, he needed a real romance in his life....Completely Not Heartbroken!

Tom and Margo Huges experience empty nest. The chief of police and lawyer will continue in Oakdale as parents without KC. He's decided to move where Will and Gwen lives and not go to college. Besides he's too wrapped up with Alison Stewart. He gave her his grandmother's ring for an engagement ring....Hummm, not so heartbroken!

Paul and Emily. This couple really cracks me up. Both of them are crazy, its only right that they ended up marrying one another. I just don't think As The World Turns should have made Meg crazy. She loved her baby and Paul and Emily should not be raising Eliza...Not heartbroken!

Brad, Katie, and Christoper. Finally Katie has a baby that none of us would see grow up. Brad shouldn't have died off the story and left Katie grieving as she did. Katie had her love affairs and some that got her into trouble (Simon). She was As The World Turns' Darling. She always had good intentions and everyone loved her. I knew the marriage between her and Henry wouldn't have lasted because he was simply her best friend. More like a brother if you asked me. Katie really deserved a real solid romance that didn't involve so much drama. She finally get to have what she need with Christopher a doctor and possibly chief of staff at Memorial Hospital. But she will have to endure Christoper's rehabilitation with his new heart....Satisfied but heartbroken because I wanted to see how this storyline would have developed.

James Stinbach, Barbara Ryan, and Henry Coleman. What can I say about them. Barbara the Owner of a fashion house BRO (Barbara Ryan Originals) tormented by James (the evil one in my book) I just can't understand why she married him in the first place. Henry Coleman although much younger, makes her happy. It was about time Barbara had some love in her life....Not Heartbroken!

Noah, Luke, and Reed a subject I dislike talking about. I am really not into the whole homosexuality thing. Considering I am an Apostle, it goes against all that I hold as righteous. I will just say none of them should have hooked up in any way. I usually walked away from the TV when it was their time.....Not Heartbroken!

Rosanna and Molly Carley's sister and cousin. I was glad to see them one last time. I'm glad that Molly and Holden didn't get married. Holden and Lilly belonged together. She will do well in California with her and Holden's daughter Abigale. Rosanna, I am glad she is not hooking back up with Craig, he almost killed her in that car crash.....Not Heartbroken!

Me grieving again...

Its only two days away from the finally and I feel as though today was the day. This was a good show. If any of the writers of this soap, I implore you to continue the show online. Its cheaper and all of your loyal fans will support.

Back to the soap...

I'm glad that Parker decided to become a cop. Its in his blood to do so. Hal Munson, (who died off the story), and Jack, (his two fathers), were cops. Its only natural that Parker followed in their footsteps. Don't agree with him dating Lilly's and Holden's daughter Faith so I am glad his storyline worked out......Not Heartbroken!

More to come over the next two days...

"Oackdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed" I rate 5 stars. A Must Have Book for "As The World Turns" die hard fans

As the World Turns Weddings

Oakdale's leading men, God rest their souls.

Come on! We actually GREW UP with them! Oh I am so sad...

As The World Turns Love Affairs

Couples in order they appeared

 A look back at several of the memorable romances of As the World Turns through the years. Couples featured in order of appearance:

Jeff Baker and Penny Hughes Baker

Chris and Nancy Hughes

Bob Hughes and Lisa Miller Hughes

David Stewart and Ellen Lowell Stewart

Jeff Ward and Annie Stewart Ward

Tom Hughes and Margo Montgomery Hughes

Steve Andropoulos and Betsy Stewart Andropoulos

Bob Hughes and Kim Sullivan Hughes

Dusty Donovan and Lily Walsh

Craig Montgomery and Sierra Esteban Montgomery

Seth Snyder and Frannie Hughes

Holden Snyder and Lily Walsh Snyder

John Dixon and Lucinda Walsh

Casey Peretti and Lyla Montgomery Peretti

Hal Munson and Barbara Ryan Munson

Duncan McKechnie and Shannon O'Hara McKechnie

Dan McCloskey and Nancy Hughes McCloskey

Kirk Anderson and Ellie Snyder

Duncan McKechnie and Jessica Griffin McKechnie

Andy Dixon and Courtney Baxter Dixon

Damian Grimaldi and Lily Walsh Grimaldi

Caleb Snyder and Julie Wendell Snyder

Cal Stricklyn and Connor Walsh Stricklyn

Mike Kasnoff and Rosanna Cabot

Kirk Anderson and Samantha Markham Anderson

Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney Snyder

Simon Frasier and Katie Peretti Frasier

Jake McKinnon and Molly Conlan McKinnon

Hal Munson and Emily Stewart Munson

Bryant Montgomery and Jennifer Munson

Adam Hughes Munson and Abigail Williams

Paul Ryan and Rose D'Angelo

Ben Harris and Jessica Griffin Harris

Dusty Donovan and Lucy Montgomery

Craig Montgomery and Rosanna Cabot Montgomery

Casey Hughes and Maddie Coleman

Dusty Donovan and Jennifer Munson Donovan

Will Munson and Gwen Norbeck Munson

Brad Snyder and Katie Peretti Snyder

Paul Ryan and Emily Stewart Ryan

Luke Snyder and Reid Oliver

Henry Coleman and Barbara Ryan Coleman

Chris Hughes and Katie Peretti Snyder

Casey Hughes and Alison Stewart

As The World Turns Final Episode Videos

September 17, 2010 Update

Well if you didn't get to see As the World Turns on yesturday, you missed quite a treat. I love how the Lilly and Holden storyline ended. He walked her home and stood by her side as she stood firm on not forgiving her mother for sabatoging the company she thought she had. Both of them were extremely emotional. It was very hard seeing Holden break down like that. The storyline tried very hard not express the sad feelings of the the ending of the show. But Holden just like many of us could not hold back his tears.

Well Carly got what she so longed for with Jack. They are marrried and expecting a new baby. Come to find out the baby that janet was carrying wasn't Jack's in the first place. Its disty's. Not everything worked out just fine for the four of them.

Luke and Noah ended it at WOAK where they first met. Noah is going to LA to become a film director while Luke stays in Oakdale taking care of the new wing dedicated to Reid.

Lucinda and John are going to Amsterdame to live together and embark on rekindling their flame....

More to come later on today.....

Couldn't find part 5 and 7-conclusion

Final Episode of As The World Turns

You know this is probably the hardest piece of writing I'll ever write. A major piece of my life has changed because of the cancellation of this show. Millions of As The World Turns fans are feeling the same grief that I am presently feeling. We are all feeling as though we are losing something precious. I've had the pleasure of meeting some great people these last few weeks who share in my grief as well.

As the World Turns 54 year run has come to an end. I must say, I really enjoyed the way that it did. My heart really goes out to the many of on and off screen stars of this incredible soap opera. As I stated in the beginning of my hub, I started watching at 12 years old. I've experienced 21 years of enjoyment being entertained by As The World Turns. I can only imagine how those who watched since it aired are feeling.

As Bob Hughes was the narrator, his story telling was deeply felt and embedded into all of our hearts as we sobbed. He's been on this story since before my birth, so he was the father and grandfather to us all. It was really sad to see all the emotions from the cast. I know I there wasn't a dry eye watching.

Lilly and Holden didn't get remarried. But their love is still strong and growing. If the show had continued, they would have been the next wedding if Lucinda and John didn't do it first. Lilly and Holden ended by saying "I'll call you tomorrow," says Holden, while Lilly watches him walk away.

Lucinda and John went away to Amsterdam and returned to the Lakeview where they rekindled their love. They both visited Lilly and Holden bearing great news. Lucinda gave Worldwide to Lilly which was something she always wanted. Lucinda and John ended on the elevator kissing at the Lakeview.

Barbara and Henry went to have dinner with Paul and Emily. Paul wanted to dissolve his partnership with BRO, but was afraid to tell his mother Barbara. Barbara beet him to the punch. She said she was freeing him. She wants to spend the rest of her days loving Henry. They ended up in their hotel room at Lakeview dancing to a disco song.

Paul and emily are just happy to be free of Barbara. They have agreed to love each other and rais Eliza. They ended kissing on their couch at Fairwinds.

Tom and Margo are experiecing empty nest since KC has moved away with Alison. They went to visit Chris and Katie and decided that they would swap places. Chris and Katie now have Tom and Margo's place since they intend to get married and have more children. Tom and Margo kept Katie's place because it was smaller. Tom and Margo ended kissing under the wall painting they were putting up in their new place.

Chris and Katie got engaged while in the old place. Luke came by to check on Chris' recovery and to tell him that he is the new chief of staff at Memorial. Katie gave Luke, Ried's stethascope and he listened to Chris heart that was given to him by Dr. Ried. Katie and Chris ended kissing on the couch in their new place.

Dusty and Janet have raised their baby for a month now. They still reside at the Lakeview and asked Jack to be the Godfather to Lorenzo Dusty Chiconie Donnovan. Of Course Jack and Carly agreed. Dusty and Janet ended by saying they would see Jack and Carley soon.

Jack and Carley found out they are new parents again. Sage (their daughter) was anxious about telling her friends, that she was having another sister or brother. Finally Carley said she could text her friends in the morning. Jack and Carley ended talking about the new baby and kissing in bed.


Bob and Kim packed away Bob's things from the office at Memorial. Susan came by to say goodbye to Bob since he is retiring. Now Susan and John would be working at Memorial. John will be acting Chief of Staff until Chris recovers. Bob then took some of his belongings to the car and returned one last time to his office. Kim and Bob never said goodbye. Kim said she would go and get the car and that Bob was to meet her downstairs. Bob then put his nameplate that read, "Dr. Robert Hughes" in his briefcase and said "goodnight" as he turned off the lights of his office.

The final scene was the globe on Bob's desk spinning....and then came the closing credits.....

Sincerely a somber moment.......

What more can I say. As The World Turns has embraced our lives and homes for many years. I've witnessed Santa Barbara's and Guiding Light's finallies, but they haven't impacted me as much as ATWT has. They have became apart of all of our families for decades. We've watched many births, deaths, marriages, romances, resurrections, kidnappings, business dealings, mobsters, heroisms, family dramas, murders, lying, stealing, and scheming, all in the name of money, power, respect, and most importantly love.

Today was a sad day in America losing this great show. As The World Turns is gone but most certainly not forgotten.

I conclude this with, " MAKE AN AS THE WORLD TURNS CHRISTMAS MOVIE!" Let the cast come together once a year for Christmas special movies and air it live during the holiday. If any of you agree with me, leave comments so we can get our voices heard...

Good night Oakdale..




Last Curtain Call

Where are As The World Turns Cast Now!

Watching the Young and the Restless, I found two of As The World Turns cast members on the show. Carley Tennie is now Diane, Jack's ex and baby's mother. Simon, Katie's first husband on ATWT is on Young and Restless as one to bring trouble for Lilly and Caine.

Here are two videos I ran across.

Young and Restless new comers from As the World Turns


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