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Audition Cities and Dates For American Idol 12

Updated on May 19, 2012

With the 11th season of American Idol about to wrap up and crown a winner on May 23rd, it is already almost time for Season 12 auditions The first audition starts in June, so you should start preparing now if you want to try to participate in American Idol 12.

At this time, Idol has not released all of the audition cities and dates for the 12th season. However, three dates have been announced. I will update this article as more locations are added. For now, be aware that many people have to audition multiple times before getting accepted for the show. If you have the time and resources and have never made it to Hollywood Week, then plan on visiting several American Idol 12 audition cities.

Los Angeles, California - June 7, 2012

Newark, NJ - June 23, 2012

Chicago, IL - July 12, 2012

For those who are unfamiliar with American Idol auditions, be aware that the show presents a somewhat misleading picture. In fact, several thousand auditioners show up on the initial city auditions. They will then have to pass through at least two auditions on that day. At the last audition of the day, producers give golden tickets to a select number of contestants to appear in front of the three judges.

The judges are NOT there at the initial city auditions. Contestants who get a golden ticket to see the judges must come back on a different day. If you make it, you will be told which day to return to audition in front of the judges. These are the auditions that you generally see on TV, although there is some footage of producer auditions and auditioner interviews on the actual American Idol television show.

With the American Idol 12 auditions starting on June 7th in the city of Los Angeles, start making your plans now. Visit for details on how to audition for each city and the venue locations.


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