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Updated on August 2, 2009


 Here is the lsit of few action movies that one should definitely watch :-

1) The Matrix - The movie is about the future. Machines Vs Humans that's the theme. Great action, great dialogues, great shots, a must watch.

2) Golden Eye - A Bond movie with the all charming Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. This was his first Bond Movie. Funky gadgets and great action shots. Action scenes like the one in which he rides a battle tank right through the streets of Russia.

3) Die Another Day - Another Bond movie and the last Bond movie of Pierce Brosnan. If you love gadgets watch it. Cool funky stuff they have shown in this movie. And to add to the thrills an Aston Martin vanquish too. The movie starts with a thrilling action shots in Korea, where he rides a hovercraft battling with the enemy.

4) Bourne Identity - A big time movie, its all about assasins, espionage and spies. Acted by Matt Damon who loses his memory and doesn't even remember his name. He sets out to find out the truth about himselves while facing his own government who want him dead.

5) Bourne Supremacy - This is the second part of Bourne series. The movie has been shot in Russia, Europe and few shots in the starting in India, (Goa).

6) Bourne Ultimatum - Third and final part of Bourne series. A good ending to the series.

7) Matrix Reloaded - More action more fun. Neo and Morpheus set out in search of a key maker. While Agent Smith who has been set free in the first part, hold threat to both Humans and Machines.

8) Terminator 2 - The best cyborg movie to watch. The Terminator is none other than Arnold Shwarzneggar who is a cyborg. His role is to defend John Connor from an enemy cyborg T-1000 send out by the machines.

9) Taken - This movie was released recnetly. A father sets out to get back his daughter who was kidnapped while on a vaccation by girl traffickers. The father who is an ex-government employee (a kind of spy) sets out with no big details but just his experience and skills to get his daughter back. Really cool action nothing much fluke stuff shown, the fights just look real and lethal.

10) Hitman - Made from the famous game Hitman who is a silent assassin designed just to kill his target. No feeling no hurry just do it cool that's his style. Hitman played by Timothy Olyphant has done a great job. he walks exactly like the Hitman in the movie.

11) Die Hard 1 - Die Hard a cool name for one of the best action movies till now. Its still considered to be the best action flicks ever. Bruce Willis is the hero, who fights alone against a gang of thugs who have hijacked a building, the same office his wife works in. A great movie that's definitely gonna get you stick to your seats.

12) Die Hard 3 With a Vengeance - This movie is also good. A series of explosion are done in New York. Bruce Willis is given deadline and rules to stop the bomb planted at different places. The main purpose behind the attack s different which you have see of your own. Also co-starring Samuel Jackson.

13) Die Hard 4 - Bruce WIllis agains sets out against the villain, but this time he has to deal with hacker who are trying to break the country down. If you love hacking you would definitely love Die Hard 4.0

14) Die Hard 2 - I shouldn't forget this, this is also a good movie. This time its an airport that Bruce has to take care of. Whatever the best is Die Hard 1 which you should definitely see.

15) Rambo 1 - Now this is certainly a movie from the edge. Rambo is no other than Sylvester Stallone. He is an ex military from the horrible war fronts of vietnam. Afer the war he comes to a town for peace, but falls victim to local seriff's and his deputies harrasment. He fights back all alone as a one man army. Using his stealth attacks he creates havocs in the mind of the Sheriff and his team. In the end military also gets involved for a single man. This is some movie.

16) Rambo 2 - Rambo is called in again. This time Vietnam for a recon missions. When he lands there, to his utter surprise he finds american captives. Again a one man army against all the nam's. This is the best of all the Rambo's. Be sure to watch it.
(Rambo 3 & 4 were flop, Rambo 3 was the biggest flop of all times)\

17) Blade 1 - If you like vampires, watch this. Blade is Wesley Snipes who is half human half vampire. That he has all the strengths of vampires and none of their weaknesses. But what he hates most in the world are Vampires and his hobby to hunt them.

18) Blade 2 - This time Blade forms an alliance with the Vampires to hunt down a new breed called the Reaper which hunts both humans as well as vampires. This the best Blade movie of the three.

19) Transformers - One of the biggest action movies released in 2007. Based on a TV cartoon series Transformers, the movie is about Robots who are from other planet and are sophisticated with all the latest machinery. There are two teams one the Autobots (The good one) and the Deceptecon (The Bad) fighting for a CUBE. Autobots are on human side, whereas Decepton want the CUBE for their evil cause. Cool actions, cool shots, and last but not the least cool movie. Starrin Shia Lebeouf, and the hot Megan Fox.

20) Batman Begins - If you love Batman, better watch this unlike the old batman movies like the Batman & Robin, this movie is pretty serious. It shows the begining of Batman, how he came to being. Nice movie, the best thing is his car.

21) The Dark Knight - Released in the year 2008 a Batman movie was the biggest blockbuster of the year. The movie just like the Batman begins show some serious action. The villians are Joker and Two Face. Joker is played by Heath Ledger who has done a great acting.

22) Pirate of the Caribbean 1,2 & 3 - I won't say its purely action unlike the above, shot in the carribeans the movie shows the gunpowder age, the time of pirate ships, East India Company, Muskets, Cannons, and Rum. The movie is not only action, but also includes curs fantasy, treasure, magic and more. All the three movies show all the legends related to the sea. The main star attraction of the story is Jack Sparrow played by my favorite Johny Depp who is a type of loose nuts but the most humourous one. All his wavy talks and walks just make us fall love with him. He has done an excellent performance. Other star cast are Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, Geoffry Rush. A msut watch if you love the sea, the cannon and offcourse pirates. You wont forget this movie once you have seen it. You will enjoy each and evrey part of it.

23) The Rock - Actors Ncholas Cage and Sean Connerey. A good movie, excellent theme and story.

24) Face Off - Another movie starring Nicholas Cage and John Trivolta. For the first half Nicholas is the villain and Travolta is the cop, after some Travolta becomes the villain and Cage becomes the hero. Confused watch out for yourselves. Excellent performance by both Cage as well as Travolta.

25) Resident Evil - If you love zombies and the undead watch this. A confusing story in the begining but once you start you will get a bit confused but after sometime everything will b20) Batman Begins - If you love Batman, better watch this unlike the old batman movies like the Batman & Robin, this movie is pretty serious. It shows the begining of Batman, how he came to being. Nice movie, the best thing is his car.

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