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Bad trend for stunts and pranks, not good.

Updated on September 24, 2014

Proceed with caution

People with equipment film for ratings and money, not always a good trend

Maybe it works for people on you tube, but all those stunt and pranks--you people give REAL STUNT PEOPLE seriously a bad name. I only dabbled a little bit here and there but all the people that really work on sets and get paid to do the stunts are REAL STUNT PEOPLE. ALSO..
there is no "disclaimer" on the video to advise people not to do things...stupid is as stupid does--seriously how stupid are you to go into the HOOD and says things and not expect to get KILLED?

People these things are seriously, seriously bad. I know people are doing it for ratings, and make money, but I got to talk up about this because I see this a seriously bad trend that is going to end up with such severe bad endings to people's lives.

Now once again, I know these things are probably getting people ratings and they are making money off it--BUT THINK, how do you not know that someone has a gun and will shoot you?
This isn't just in the HOOD but it is everywhere. People are sitting on people and farting on people and I know it is just a matter of time where were are going to here someone that is going to get killed doing these things.

Believe me, I do a twisted sense of humor and love crazy horror films and crazy stunts BUT that is FILM and not REAL LIFE.

Of course once again, and yes I repeating on purpose, films are make believe and it's planned and yes stunts can go wrong, but it scenes being set up and not real life.

Of course now a days, people got money for technology they are going to do what they want and say it isn't my business.

Yeah but do I really want to hear about some person playing a prank or stunt on someone and getting killed--I mean even if I don't find things myself, someone, somewhere mentions these things to me and all I can do is just shake my head.

I would love to have the technology that these people have and make films and better yet, if people want to do crazy things, I'd even write parts for the people that are doing the pranks and write crazy ways for them to die on films.

Of course here in America people watch that stuff and everyone complains but the problem people complain but guess what? People will still be watching the stupid antics where people do stupid things like go into the Hood and go right up to complete strangers and say something random.

Yet the reaction to these pranksters when they say it's a prank, there have been instances where knives are being pulled and I can imagine, someday a gun is going to be pulled.

I mean, the world can be a dangerous place anywhere and people need to start using "common sense" and stop really thinking about going out and doing something where you think it is a good idea because it will get you higher ratings on videos which it will help traffic money in which your not thinking that your going to end your life.

Granted people are going to come back and say to me, in which my own life I like to do some stuns and such myself, BUT the big difference is, I am taking actions where it is upon MYSELF and not going out and involving innocent person that is not involved in things I'm doing.

I think some people would seriously, no matter if the prank came to a fast halt because it angered the unsuspecting person who the prank is pranked upon which that person would say I don't care if it is a prank the prankster would indeed get a beat down or even worse.

Yes, of course who am I to say, as long as people are getting great views and making money of traffic of hits from doing these stupid pranks.

Doing things on films in a somewhat controlled environment is a little bit different than just going out and doing something that is totally unplanned or maybe a little bit planned with improvisation BUT once again when your involving people who have nothing to do with your life, and then you think it is going to stop someone that is so very angered because you say that it is a prank, try pointing to a hidden camera and say it is only a prank and thinking your not going to get a beat down because you say you have a camera, that is sheer stupidity.

It is not funny one bit, but maybe it is like the universal Karma that comes back to you, because I know people will say if someone is stupid enough to do these stupid pranks or stunts upon people that are unwilling people then they deserve a beat down indeed.

If I had the video equipment these people have I would have such better use to it for films and such.

But I guess sometimes people want to make a quick buck and once again who am I to say as long as people are making money right?

Believe me, once again sometimes I have a twisted sense of humor but for myself I couldn't think of possibly going out and doing this stupid things but of course myself I would to maybe jump off a bridge and have someone video tape that, but then again, once again it only involves myself in which I still wouldn't advise anyone else to do it, because it is indeed dangerous and I know maybe a little bit of irony here, BUT the big difference I still wouldn't involved those that unsuspecting of what I would be doing.

Yes, I am repeating a few times, who am I to say, money rules most of the world and social media takes over and people make quick cash so I guess they must be doing something right for themselves.

But in the end, if someone gets killed for making quick bucks for being stupid and doing something so stupid and dies, was it really worth it?


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