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Being Human on BBC

Updated on November 18, 2010
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A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a pub...

Being Human is a supernatural television show that airs on BBC Three in the UK, and BBC America in the United States. It follows the lives of three supernatural beings sharing a flat in Bristol, England and trying to live normal human lives despite their... conditions.

It stars Russell Tovey as George, a neurotic Jewish werewolf, Aidan Turner as Mitchell, an Irish vampire struggling to go cold turkey on blood, and Lenora Crichlow as Annie, an insecure ghost.

Being Human is currently in its second season on BBC Three, and it has been picked up for a third season. Though the first season has already aired on BBC America, there is some talk of a possible American remake of the show.

The show is quirky and often laugh-out-loud funny, but with dark undertones that make it best suited to teenage and adult audiences.

Being Human Promo

Being Human was originally aired as a single pilot episode on BBC Three, but it was so popular that the BBC ordered a full season. Several of the characters were recast, including Mitchell (originally played by Guy Flanagan), Annie (originally played by Andrea Riseborough), and Herrick (the vampire leader, who was originally played by Adrian Lester.)

Having seen both the original pilot and the final version, I think the decision to recast was a good one, and the final pilot was stronger overall.

The charismatic young cast has great charisma together, and the acting chops to pull off both the show's quirky, humorous moments and its angsty ones. A few of the secondary characters, especially Lauren, were a bit underdeveloped by contrast, but others, including George's love interest Nina (Sinead Keenan) and Annie's former fiance Owen (Gregg Chillin) were well written and performed.

I really enjoyed the first season of Being Human, and think that other fans of supernatural dramas such as True Blood, Blood Ties, and Supernatural will too.

Being Human on DVD


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