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Best 10 EL Wire Uses

Updated on February 26, 2011

Sweet Club Lights

Change the whole look of the bar with EL Wire.
Change the whole look of the bar with EL Wire.

So I have a Bunch of Wire - What Do I Do?

1. Costume - It's easier than you think. If you can dream it, you can probably make it. And lasting impressions are sure to follow. Make anything from a crazy Viking helmet to a Praying Mantis, all with EL wire. Made popular in the pop world by artists like Daft Punk and MIA, EL wire is starting to pop up everywhere.

2. Club Lighting - Darkness is the key to a perfect club, but so is the perfect glow. El wire provides an endless amount of lighting options for the hippest clubs. It is able to glow as bright as you can stand, flicker as fast as you want, or dance as fast as you can dance. It's the perfect wire.

3. House Decorating - Adding a modern flare to a drab kitchen or creating a bedroom no one could resist is easier than you would think with some vibrant glow wire. Not only that, but keeping your house fresh is sometimes a task only suited for interior designers. Not any more...

4. Car - Want to dress up your old hoopty? Try illuminating the inside of your ride with your favorite color to customize your favorite toy.

5. Safety Lights - If you have a soft lit walkway or set of stairs that could use a little brightening, EL wire can help be your guiding light. All while shaving your electricity bill.

6. Accessories - Adding a bracelet or lacing up your shoe laces is sure to make you the life of the party. Try being more creative and have some killer hoop earrings. EL wire can make more friends than a round of martinis.

7. Signage - Whether its lighting up a liquor sign at your local bar, or displaying your address at night, EL wire can provide a friendly hand.

8. Pet protection - You can put it on a collar or a leash, so when you're walking you furry friend at night, every creature is well lit. Now shaggy can stop complaining.

9. Eye catching outfits - X marks the spot. It can also attract that perfect girl that can't help but notice your "glow" from across the club.

10. Holiday Decor - Shave your electricity bill while becoming the hottest house on the block. El Wire can provide some impressive holiday cheer and lets outer space know where to land. Move over string Christmas light, there's a new technology coming into town.


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    • profile image

      CASPERpage 7 years ago

      I like number 4. I need to pimp my ride!