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DJ Lasers Are Heard As Well As Seen

Updated on February 26, 2011

The History

Ever since the psychedelic rock shows of the 1960's, fantastic light shows have been essential to the most ground-breaking and memorable musical performances. Through advances in technology, performance lighting solutions have become extremely affordable. High profile production companies are no longer the only ones able to produce amazing light shows to accompany performances at night clubs. Individual performers are now able to afford excellent lighting technologies such as DJ Lasers and electroluminescent lighting (EL Wire).

DJ Lasers can make all the difference for both the club atmosphere and the intensity of a performance. Other elements like prisms and mirrored disco balls may also be combined with lasers in order to instantly create shimmering fields of light for an exhilarating club experience.

EL Wire and Other Lights

EL Wire, which is seen in Indiglo watches, bus stop signs, and more, is another lighting technology that is becoming more essential to night clubs and music performance. EL Wire and EL lighting Panels are about to explode in popularity due to their inclusion in the recent Tron 3D Film. EL Wire can be used to create beautiful architectural accents in the interior of a night club. It also takes very little power to make the wire light up with a brilliant glow. Therefore, EL Wire may be sewn into clothing and simply powered by and 9volt battery inside a pocket. Dancing and performing while wearing EL Wire enhanced clothing draws and crowd and adds another level of excitement to any musical event. EL Wire kits are available and they are easy to put together and manipulate so one may create their own designs.

Both DJ Lasers and EL Wire may be triggered to pulse with the music. One may control them to flash and strobe at the climax of a performance, the light vividly cutting through fog and illuminating the faces, hearts, and minds of everyone dancing to the beat.

Lasers and EL Wire lighting technologies are a must have items for DJ and performers but are also fantastic for birthday parties as well as great safety lights for walking or running at night. They are bound to draw attention!

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