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Top Ten Quotes From Wiz Khalifa Album Rolling Papers

Updated on October 28, 2012

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, young Pittsburgh rap star has been blowing up the recent music scene. His catchy choruses and lyrics written as if an ode to weed are a hit among rebellious teenagers. Khalifa is following in the steps of the legendary Snoop Doggy Dogg rapping about the joys of herbs and parting; minus the gang related violence and hood background. Selling out shows across the country Khalifa has proven his impact in the music community, but can he be a real contender in years to come? We will be listening ready and eager to hear.

Fly Solo

Wiz Khalifa x Drake

Rolling Papers

  • Better w**d tons of drink, love the way I dress, let her rub my ink - Hopes & Dreams
  • And they say all I rap about is b***hes and champagne. You would too if every night you seen the same thing - When I'm Gone
  • Last night I let the party get the best of me. Waking up in the morning, two ***s laying next to me. Plus I heard an officer arrested me. Good weed and cold drinks, that’s the mother***king recipe - No Sleep
  • The World turning, the weed burning. Them haters talking, I keep earning. Know some who say lifes a b****, well I’ma keep flirtin - The Race
  • Guess a n***a eating good like whole foods - Rooftops
  • If you rolling I got a spot where I can put you on this medical, and send you home doctored up - Roll Up
  • The marijuana loud so them ***s follow like twitter. N***a, you know everything Taylored. Don’t rush to the bar fool, if you aint got no paper - On My Level
  • Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress. Run my town, arms, chest, lift weights, Boflex - Taylor Gang
  • It’s the way we know, wake up in the morn’
    like “where did all my paper go?”
    Grow some more weed and get medicated,
    everyday is a holiday so we celebrated! - Star of the Show
  • What we had was big, but you gonna miss the small things. And that little cash I spent, that was small change. But above all things, I still love you. Just gotta do my own thing! - Get Your Things
  • You trying to copy what's been done, I'm trying to innovate - Rooftops


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