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Online Jazz Music

Updated on January 13, 2016

Best Online Jazz Music

Best Online Jazz Music
Best Online Jazz Music | Source

Wynton Marsalis BestOnline Jazz

Best Online Jazz Music

Best Online Jazz Music

I love online jazz music, and online streaming radio stations have a few radio stations where I can listen to some good jazz music. I use to play in a jazz band in 7th grade, and unfortunately gave up the Saxophone when I was 15 to pursue sports in High School. I remember enjoying playing jazz music and I really was not all that crazy about when I would listen to songs, the jazz sound when I was a younger child. Boe Diddley was a famous Jazz musician, I used to listen to on the radio and He had a different sound as does the other online music in jazz.

There are some who play jazz music with brass instruments, and some that so not, the mellow jazz on a Sunday morning radio station I use to listen to was just fitting for the morning on a Sunday. Like a brunch at a 5 star hotel where jazz is often played and served up with some great food. I guess jazz music streaming online, as I write is pretty cool, yet it can make me tired or in a sort sleepy, and relaxing music to listen to these songs.

The best jazz is supposedly in New Orleans, La. Where I believe Jazz started out, I know when I use to work in the area, that you could hear the trumpets playing and the singers out in the middle of the road. All this in pure daylight, it could be ten in the morning and I would go to Bourbon Street and hear jazz music being played and all I really was thinking was how could people be drinking this early in the morning. They possibly were not, just my train of thought. The online music world has several jazz artists and a variety of sounds. Jazz to me is closely related to the blues family if you ask me. There are some mellow jazz soundsand there are some ear popping jazz sounds that can spring your head up with the brass section of a jazz band.

There are people that think rock and roll or Metal music is loud just go to a small club the size of a pizza parlor and listen to some jazz, ears will be ringing for a while. When I listen to the radio, which is not too often, I catch some jazz music off and on, I can't stand it for too long, yet if its night time and I have a girlfriend with me some Wynton Marsalis is pretty good company to have on a date. I have not practiced on a Saxophone as I still play the Violin, Guitar, Drums, and Keyboards, maybe it's time to go and rent a Saxophone and crank out some jazz tunes to see how it feels. I may pick it up, some say it"s like falling off your bike; you pick it up and start riding again. I dislike country, and I live in the country, so where I live right this instance, Jazz is not played on the radio stations much. I put my Mp3 playlist on or listen to streaming radio Online for jazz music. I guess all in all jazz has its place, and it is just not my preferred music, I am still a rock hound, that likes the thump and bump of a good heavy Metal band, and yet there are times I change online listening to please my senses and to wake up with a fresh mew look and that's what all that streaming radio online jazz music is about.

The playlist I subscribe to can consist of a listen to radio songs and streaming radio songs that I compiled from different radio stations online, and though Jazz is not one of them I keep in my car. I think I might look into streaming radio players for my car, I am sure they make them, we have Bluetooth, so surely the playlist and the ability to listen to the radio that is a streaming radio station is something to check into. Jazz radio stations and streaming radio have come a long way from when I was a child that use to listen to radio for most of my days longing to be a musician, I would listen to songs my parents could not stand and listen to the radio for Frank Zappa for hours on end , and still trying to figure him out. With the internet streaming radio has been a blessing to regular radio stations on the dial, and progress with the playlist in Jazz has increased in the cities.

Christopher Hyer2.28.2011


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