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Best of Super Eurobeat: from Max Coveri to Initial D

Updated on January 24, 2009

1) Max Coveri - Running in the 90's

Super Eurobeat

Super Eurobeat is the best music you’ve never heard of (unless you’re Japanese). It’s a form of extremely fast music which has, like Gabber, in excess of 120 Beats per minute. But unlike Gabber, it is a more pop friendly with catchy tunes and, (like its Italo Disco predecessors), nonsensical, repetitive lyrics. Some say it isn’t a Super Eurobeat song if it doesn’t contain the words love, fire or speed in it

When interest in Italo disco waned in the late eighties, many former European artists decided to throw their lot in with a new form of music, a music which, oddly enough found popularity only in Japan. These days, interest in Super Eurobeat (even in Japan) is waning, the genre has run its course. But for a while it was one of the most popular dance club music. Fortunately, to the non Japanese person, like you and me, this genre is fresh, new and offers significant rewards to the open minded.

Many anime fans will be familiar with Super Eurobeat from the popular anime, Initial D, which features a soundtrack almost exclusively of this genre. Initial D, for the first time, brought this genre to the attention to westerners. But its still very unknown. Being able to name a Super Eurobeat gives you almost as many nerds points as knowing how to do the Sexy Commando

Probably the two best name artists in this genre are Max Coveri (Italo-disco legend) and Dave Rodgers.

Here are my personal top three in the genre

Max Coveri – Running in the 90’s

Dave Rodgers – Space Boy (the lyrics are nonsensical, but epically so).

Norma Sheffield - I Just Wanna Call You Now

Other great Examples of Super Eurobeat


Ace - Drivin Crazy

Ace - Dynamite

Ace - Play the music

Alexis - One Night In Tokyo

Annerley Gordon - On My Own

Annerley Gordon - Say Yeah

Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000

Dave McLoud - Gimme the Night

Dave McLoud - Mikado

Dave Rodgers - 100

Dave Rodgers - Beat of the Rising Sun

Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu(New Generation Remix)

Dave Rodgers - Make Up Your Mind

Dave Rodgers & Mega NRG Man - Night Fever

Dave Simon - I Need Your Love

De Niro - Start

Derreck Simons - Make My Day

Derreck Simons - Station to Station

Digital Planet - FLY AWAY

Dusty - Rock Me to the Top

Edo Boys - No One Sleep in Tokyo

Fastway - Kingo King'o Beat

Go2 - Looka Bomba

Go2 - Power

Kasanova - Love Shining

King & Queen - Dancing Queen

Leslie Parrish - Love Is In Danger

Leslie Parrish - Remember Me

Lou Grant - Don't Stop the Music

Manpower - Spark in the Dark

Matt Land - CityLoverCity Rider

Max Coveri - Golden Age

Max Coveri - One more time

Max Coveri - Speedy Speed Boy

Max Coveri - Toy boy

Mega NRG Man - Burning Desire

Mega NRG Man - Grand Prix

Melissa White - Wanna Be With You

Nathalie – Heartbeat

Overload - Black Out

Pamsy - Babyface

Tommy K - Break the Night

Valentina - I Love You Like You Are

Vicky Vale - Dancing

Wain L - Make Up Your Mind



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    • profile image

      [tlr] 8 years ago

      Cool article on Eurobeat!!! I love Eurobeat, I am working on an album that is heavily influenced by it.