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Big Brother 11 Josie gets a Makeover

Updated on October 13, 2014

Big Bro Housemates get a Makeover

Josie having her haird coloured
Josie having her haird coloured | Source
Andrew | Source
The Monk Dave
The Monk Dave | Source
JJ | Source
The Mole
The Mole | Source
And the best for last Josie
And the best for last Josie | Source

Housemates Get A Make-over

The five finalists Josie, JJ, Dave, Mario, and Andrew all won a task on saturday which entitled them to a perfect day in the big brother house. Their perfect day, started with breakfast in bed wheeled in by Anthea Turner.

While they sat in bed scoffing their pastries and fruit, Dave confesses to previously having a crush on Anthea, while Josie pipes up with "We are getting served breakfast in bed by a celebrity, just who do we think we are?".

Next, they were treated to a haircut and colour by celebrity stylist Lee Stafford, Josie told Lee that he should come and open a salon in Bristol, Josie is now concidering training to be a hairdresser herself. Later Makeup artist Becky-boo entered the house to give housemates complete make overs consisting of makeup, waxing, manicures and pedicures and spraytans.

Josie looked radiant after her make over, and she told her fellow housemates that she could not believe how good she felt, "i feel like a different person, i have got my energy back." she claimed before adding it has been her most favourite day in the big brother house.

Mario also wanted a make over saying he wanted something crazy like a clown or a bug but in the end he settled for a glittery star over his eye, he also had his eyebrows waxed and his nails painted in all the colours of the rainbow.

Andrew and JJ had their legs waxed which makes for funny viewing, and even more strangely Andrew applied deoderent before his spraytan which resulted in him walking around with grren armpitts haahaa.

After their makeovers they all got to choose from a selection of clothes, the lads chose tuxedos and Josie wore a gorgeous maxi dress and jewellery, they all then sat down to drink cocktails and an Asian banquet of noodles, basil chicken, spicey prawns and lobster all cooked up by Nancey Lam who cheekily told the housemates "You are the most boring ugliest bunch left but we love you." and upon leaving the house Nancey shouted back to them "You Suck."

After their meal they were treated to a performance by Blue singer Simon Webbe who had a nice conversation with Josie and even gave her his Ray-Ban sunglasses.

This morning Josie woke up still gushing about their perfect day and overwhelmed by the fact Simon from Blue gave her his sunglasses and had a conversation with her, the other housemates began to tease her saying she had already forgot about John James, with which she replied "I would swap my Ray-bans for a photo of John."

Meanwhile out of the house, John James said in his interview he doesnt care what other people think, he and Josie are real, he said Josie might get out of the house and change her mind about him, "I will have to wait." he said.

When asked if he thought Josie was marriage material, John James replied Yes she is and i really really love her, awwwww!!! Tonight while on BBLB he took a swip at presenter George Lamb, George asked John James if he would have prefered him to marry Josie rather than wear the crab costume? John replied with "well you think your gods gift to woman you tell me," A taken aback George asked him where that come from, and John told him "iv seen you walk about you know what I mean." It seems like John had a touch of the green eyed monster in him.

Josie is favourite to win tomorow nights final with her odds at 1/10, followed by Mario at 9/11, Dave 10/1, Andrew 18/1 and JJ lagging behind at 40/1.

Good Luck Josie!!!

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