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Big Brother housemates and contestants 2011

Updated on December 22, 2011

The Housemates

The Big Brother 2011 series began on September 9. There were 14 housemates to start with-including celebrity contestant Pamela Anderson. Pamela left the house after a few days having completed a number of special tasks with the contestants.

The 2011 series of Big Brother has been focused mainly towards a younger audiences. There has been a notable absence of middle-aged contestants. All of the housemates have been young and glamorous.

2011 is the first year that the reality TV series has been hosted on Channel 5. It was previously run on channel 4 for ten years.

With a line up of colourful young people, was tipped as the most action-packed yet. It certainly hasn't disappointed! There have been romances, fall-outs, love triangles and more in the house.

The ratings have stabilised throughout the series, although they are down somewhat on previous years when Davina McCall hosted proceedings. All is set up though for another action-packed series in 2012.

Maisy James
Maisy James
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson

Maisy James

The second person to enter the new Big Brother house was Maisy James from Bromley.

The buxom blonde loves her red lipstick and is likely to pick up a few tips on glamour from Pamela Anderson.

Maisy says that her favourite things include climbing trees and strolling around her house wearing nothing but high-heels.

The glamorous youngster’s party-trick is being able to do the limbo so well her head touches the ground.

Maisy’s unlikely to win any prizes for being the most intellectual of the Big Brother housemates, but her sultry appearance could keep the male housemates entertained.

Expect clashes with the other strong, attractive women in the house. Meow!

Mark Henderson

28-year-old Mark was the first contestant to enter the house on the opening evening.

One of the first things he said as he went was that his penis was 'minor' - a strange thing to say that he may regret.

The young man from Windsor claims that he adores animals.

His favourite story is about the time he saw an injured frog close to his house, picked it up and gave it the kiss of life.

With animal-lover, vegetarian and Peta campaigner Pamela Anderson in the house, he is likely to get along very well with her.

He has a cheeky smile, and could be quite likeable. Mark may well be one of the last contestants left in the house.

Aaron Allard-Morgan
Aaron Allard-Morgan

Aaron Allard-Morgan

Aaron Allard-Morgan, 30, was the third person into the Big Brother house.

He is a typical cool fellow. sees himself as one cool fellow.

Aaron come from Weston-super-Mare and says that he cries without fail evry time he has a hair cut. Some might see him as annoyingly vain and superficial.

He brags that he has more scout symbols than anybody else in the nation, and insists that he can seduce women all the time.

However, once they get to know him and realise that he spends more time pruning himself than they do, the relationship might fizzle out.

Aaron may think highly of himself, but it tends to be people with lots of personality who win Big Brother.

A metro sexual with a collection of scout badges is unlikely to win.

Heaven Africa
Heaven Africa

Heaven Africa

Wearing traditional African clothes and head-dress, Heaven has one of the most peculiar names - and could be one of the most unusual of the housemates

The 30-year-old said that she is determined not to let anybody take her for a fool in the house.

She has quite a defensive attitude, and appears to be set for confrontation.

Portraying herself as 'not human', she asserts she will speak her personality to the other housemates and isn't afriad of tellling them if they look bad.

Heaven is expected to be voted out of the house quite early in the competition.

Thomas O'Connell
Thomas O'Connell

Thomas O'Connell

Thomas is the quirkiest of all the housemates.

He says he is so emotional that he can move himself to tears by singing troubled melodies to himself in the mirror.

Controvesially, Thomas says that he also hates fat people.Not as sensitive as he claims to be then.

With his curly black hair, thick eyebrows and wearing a striped suit jacker, Thomas could be one of the more annoying housemates.

He seems to like to talk - and not know when it's right to stop!

Thomas will probably form a few close friendships with one or two of the girls - and have confrontations with people like Jay.

Tashie Jackson
Tashie Jackson

Tashie Jackson

Twenty-one-year-old Tashie from Oxford has a party trick - she can swear in five diverse dialects.

But Tashie can till fit recreational activities around her linguistic abilities.

One of her favourite leisure activities is to shake her bum so quick, like they do in hip-hop videos, that to people who are watching it simply appears as a blur.

Tashie is another of the glamorous young woman. Although she doesn't seem to be one of the stronger females in the house.

With so many similar personalities in the house, there may be lots of jealousy and rivalry.

Aden Theobald
Aden Theobald

Aden Theobald

Aden from North London is another Big Brother housemate who is single - and looking for romance inside the house.

But the 18-year-old - who looks like a typical urban rapper - asserts he's looking to recognize his soul mate in the Big Brother house.

He classes himself as a 'cool nerd' with an IQ of over 160.

Aden's extraordinary abilities incorporate having the capacity to fit his whole clench hand in his mouth.

If Aden plays a strong game inside the house, and manages to remain friendly with the majority of housemates, he could emerge as one of the favourites to win the competition.

Aden may also get along well with Alex Rose, whose ideal man is Dappy from the urban pop group N-Dubz.

Alex Rose
Alex Rose

Alex Rose

Alex is a real pink-loving girly girl.

The 18-year-old from South Shields is a bit like Paris Hilton - only much more of a wannabe. She's more like a Chantelle Houghton wannabe.

Unfortunately Alex may become very annoying to the other housemates with her cushy ways, fake-tan and make-up.

The owner of a gay chihuahua, Alex says that Dappy from N-Dubz is her perfect partner.

Alex is still young and inexperienced. She's likely to be one of the more sensitive of the housemates.

Expect a few tears throughout the series from Alex. She's unlikely to be one of the stronger personalities in the house, and could be voted out mid-way through.

Harry Blake
Harry Blake

Harry Blake

The Big Brother posh boy, Harry Blake is from leafy Cheshire and describes himself as 'upper class' and '150% Conservative'.

The self-proclaimed entreprenuer's attitudes may not sit well with the other housemates who are from a mix of backgrounds.

Bizarrely, Harry doesn't have a sense of smell. Although he does have abnormally large hands.

Harry's likely to be very outspoken. Expect lots of deep discussions on politics and philosophy.

Harry may also form an unlikely friendship with Aden - the young lad from North London who looks like a wannabe-rapper.

Harry is most likely to see Big Brother as a platform for his business and his own brand. Unfortunately, few people emerge from Big Brother with any lasting credibility. Harry's unlikely to be any different!

Rebeckah Vaughan
Rebeckah Vaughan

Rebeckah Vaughan

Rebeckah's background involves working as a 'club hostess'.

Quite what a club hostess is unclear, although there are some suggestions that this might simply be another word for stripper!

Rebeckah comes from the Wirral, near Liverpool, and has built up a small fortune. Rather impressive for a young woman.

With her past earnings Rebeckahhas helped to set up and run a dance school for underprivileged kids.

She's glamorous, and looks a lot like the other blonde housemates, including Pamela Anderson.

Rebeckah obviously has some depth to her character, and if she plays the game right could emerge as one of the winner.

Anton Murphy
Anton Murphy

Anton Murphy

Anton, 23, comes from South London and has already had a taste of fame as a youngster - he modelled for Baby Gap when he was a child.

Even though he has already achieved quite a lot, Anton belives that he is destined for bigger and better things.

He has established his own record label and claims to have had what appears to be a kiss or very brief fling with the singer Pixie Lott.

Appearing in a smooth suit and every inch the businessman, Anton is clearly very professional. He's likely to have a number of experiences and views to share with Harry.

Anton could get along well with Rebekah - they're both strong people and have high ambitions in life.

Faye Palmer
Faye Palmer

Faye Palmer

Fitness fanatic Faye is a 19-year-old female wrestler who works out a number of times in a single day.

She also has a passing resemblance to a younger Davina McCall.

Faye says that she spends all her money on protein shakes - so we all know what she'll do if she wins the £100,000 Big Brother top prize.

However, quite how well she will interact in the Big Brother house is uncertain as she is likely to spend most of her time trying to do exercises.

Fitness obsessives tend to be pretty bland people, too.

Expect Faye to be quite dull. She's likely to form a few close friendships and to be voted out half-way through the series.

Jay McKray
Jay McKray

Jay McKray

Another fitness devotee, 27-year-old Jay from Newcastles works out each and every day of the week.

That doesn't stap him from being a party lover though, and Jay claims to stay up until 8am after partying at nightclubs.

Despite the macho appearance, Jay still says that his mother is his best friend.

With his ear ring and chiselled jaw, Jay is a typical lad. Although he obviously has a softer, more sensitive side.

Expect a few flings between Jay and the other female housemates. He could do well in the competition if the public like him.

Louise Cliffe
Louise Cliffe

Louise Cliffe

Louise was the last person to enter the Big Brother house.

The leggy 25-year-old model is a former Miss Manchester.

She claims not to like 'girly' girls and says she only takes 10 minute to put on her make-up and clothes before a night out.

Louise, who loves to eat chips, said that men are often to afriad to approach her in pubs and clubs.

She said that a former boyfriend ended the relationship because she refused to have elocution lessons.

Unfortunately, Louise's thick Mancunian accent may be her downfall.

Big Brother 2011: The contestants


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    • profile image

      Carol 6 years ago

      Anyone know the housemates star signs this year?

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      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      Ha, reading the descriptions is enough to put most people off!

    • SlyMJ profile image

      SlyMJ 6 years ago

      Thanks - that saves me the bother of tuning in. Poor Pamela, she's going to feel ancient amongst that lot