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Black Ops 2 Game play

Updated on September 28, 2012

Black Ops 2

As November rolls around for most video game fans it's all about black ops 2. For the past three years I have ordered one of the franchises video games and my favorite so far has been Black Ops. Or was it? With the release nearly three years past came the excitement of a new type of black ops game play. Many who played modern warfare 2 remember the days boosting, noob tubing, and of course the nuke. Black Ops 2 game had great graphics, concepts, and some of the best maps so far, the developers did not account for was the number of gamers playing at the same time. I remember my first game of Black Ops, and there were about 600,000 players online. What happened was very lagged game play, and crashes mid game. Also a problem was the inaccuracy of the aiming in game. Many of these issues were not fixed until months after the games release, but by that time it was already enough for most gamers. While the release of MW3 brought some relief, it's maps are horrific. While game play was smooth the maps were so small that you ran into someone around every corner which is a headache when trying to reload. I just hope that Black Ops 2 can deliver what we have all been waiting for. A complete gaming experience. I hope that you enjoy the black ops 2 trailer.


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