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Lego Lord Of The Rings Video Game - Release Date & News

Updated on November 13, 2012

This time round we are taking a look at the Lego Lord Of The Rings Video Game. We are going to be taking a look at release dates for the LOTR game, talk about price and what exactly we can expect to see when this game is released. If you are a fan of Lego and a fan of Lord Of The Rings then this is a game you will not want to miss out on. As more details about this game are revealed we will keep updating this page and bring you all the latest news and information.

Ten years on from Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy Lego finally announced that they had obtained the rights to create Lord Of The Rings Lego. This was wonderful news as fans of the films had been wanting this to happen for a very long time. We see the first wave of Lego sets released from this new theme in June, the next big release though is going to be a Lego Lord Of The Rings Video Game. So what can we tell you about this.

Video Game Picture In The New Sets

Lego LOTR Video Game Finally Released

So it’s no great surprise that we are going to be seeing a video game brought out. Many other well known Lego series’ have been turned into game format, we think of Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, all titles which Lego did very well with. As hype surrounding the new Hobbit films starts to build, Tolkien fans are once again going to be getting very excited. So the timing from Lego here is very good. But when exactly are we going to see a Lego LOTR video game? Well the news was leaked on a retail site, the unofficial release date is said to be 26th October. The people at Lego will not confirm this but we are assuming it will be sometime in the Fall. This means the Lord Of The Rings sets will have been around for a while and anticipation should have built very nicely.

UPDATE - Now you can pre-order your copy of the game online. The release date is now confirmed as 26th October and so if you want to get in there early you can reserve yourself one now.

One thing that Lego have done very well is get everyone talking about this new release. There have been rumours of a game coming out for months, but no concrete evidence. With the new batch of Lord Of The Rings Lego sets the company have given us a sneak preview of the game which of course confirms the fact that there will indeed be a new release coming out later in the year. Inside the packaging there is a picture of the forthcoming game, so if you do buy one of the new sets you should see this.

So what can we expect from the new game. The game is going to be released on all major platforms, Playstation, Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and also on hand held devices such as the DS and Playstation Vita. The company who will bring Middle Earth to life is once again Traveller’s Tale who are the company behind the other well known Lego computer games. The price for the game will be around the $50 mark which is pretty much average for a game like this. The previous titles we have seen brought out by Traveller's Tale also had a similar retail value, so it's good to see there is no major price increase.

Frodo, Gandalf & Aragorn

Game Play And Characters

Since the initial news went out about the release of a Lord Of The Rings video game we have been able to learn quite a bit more about the game. There is now a trailer out which shows a sneak preview of the game and we have also seen some clips of actual game play. So where does the LOTR game differ from other previous Lego games? Well in an interview with Jonathan Smith we heard details of game play and what to expect. So the whole game is based very closely on the actual storyline, something that fans would no doubt have been hoping for. So you start off in Hobbiton and make your way through Middle Earth on a quest to destroy the One Ring.

The great thing about the game though is that they tie in actual dialogue and scenes from the movie, this is on a level we have not seen before. So as you reach certain stages in the game you will cut to a scene based on the movie but in Lego form. For instance when in the mines of Moria and the Orcs are approaching, you will hear the classic line from Boromir 'they have a cave troll'. The dialogue is taken direct from the movie so it is the original actors voices you hear, a really nice touch which at times is very amusing, especially when it's Gimli who is doing the talking.

All the characters are there and another wonderful touch is that you can play every major character in the game. So in other words you are not stuck with Frodo. You can easily swap from one character to another while in game play. Each character will have various weapons as well, for instance Gandalf can fight with either his staff or his sword Glamdring. Plus you can pick up new weapons for each character as the game progresses. Another funny feature is that you can actually toss the dwarf, pick Gimli up and throw him through walls. Apparently there are around eighty different characters that you play with while progressing through the game.

The creators of this game have said it has RPG elements in there. On the quest your main characters will grow. So the obvious example is the Hobbits, they start off very timid and lacking many abilities, but as the story progresses they become more brave, enhance there skills and pick up more powerful weapons, just like in the actual LOTR story. The game go through all the major parts of the trilogy until you are stood the on Mount Doom about to destroy the Ring of Power.

An Elrond Minifigure?

The latest news is that we may well be seeing a free minifigure released with the game. The figure is apparently Elrond and as you can see he looks pretty good. This is not a figure that features in any of the Lord Of The Rings sets so this is an exclusive. It may be that we see this one in future sets or maybe even in some of the Hobbit Lego we are getting later in the year as we are expecting to see Elrond feature in the new movies. As to whether this minifigure will be included with every game sold or it will just be a special limited edition release still remains unclear. Elrond does of course feature in the game play and he is one of the many playable characters that we will be seeing.

Lego here are obviously trying to bridge the gap between the actual Lego sets and the video games. If they can get more people involved in buying both, then this would obviulsy benifit the company. So is the new Elrond figure something worth buying the game for? Well we shall leave that one up to you to decide for yourself.

Lego Lord Of The Rings

A Big Year For Tolkien Fans

If you are a fan of Tolkien and a fan of Lego then 2012 really will be a massive year for you. The new Lego sets that have just been released based on The Lord Of The Rings are simply wonderful. The minifigures alone are enough to put a smile on most people’s faces. There are seven sets that have been released from the series to start with and we are being promised more later in the year or possibly early in 2013. Along with these new sets there is also going to be Hobbit Lego brought out. A new set was previewed at Comic Con, An Unexpected Gathering will be the first set brought out and features Bilbo's home Bag End. This will be with us at the end of the year and will of course coincide with the long awaited release of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. With part two of the film coming out in December 2013 we are pretty sure we will be seeing lots of new toys brought out over the coming months and years. Now they have of course announced the film will be make into a trilogy so the final film will come out 2014, so even more time for Lego to get bringing out more sets and games.

Fans of LOTR and The Hobbit have already been getting very excited about some of the possible Lego sets that will be coming out. There is so many different directions Lego could take the series in and so many brilliant characters that we will probably see in minifigure form. People have been waiting so long for these new Lego sets and the company who make these are making sure fans are not going to be disappointed.

With the forthcoming release of the Lord Of The Rings video game the excitement is really starting to build. This is a game that will really just be the start for Lego. There could well be follow up games in future and we are also expecting there to be a Lego Hobbit game coming out at some point. So stay tuned as there really is going to be plenty to look forward to.


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