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Blue Gold: World Water Wars and Why You Shouldn't Buy Bottled Water Unless You Have To

Updated on June 27, 2010

You Simply Must Watch This Documentary! Our WORLD depends on it.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Watch it right now! Rent it on Amazon!


Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Have you seen this documentary yet? If you haven't, then you really should before you buy one more bottle of water. Netflix has it for immediate streaming, or you could rent it on Amazon for only $2.99.

Why watch it? Because the world's running out of water! Believe it or not, the new craze of bottled water has a LOT to do with the water shortage! And I'm not saying don't buy bottled water just because most of the plastic bottles wind up in the landfills which eventually contaminate our water. Even if you purchase the 5 gallon jugs of water and return the jug to be reused, you should not be buying bottled water unless your tap water is contaminated and cannot be filtered so that it's drinkable. The documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars will explain why.

If you knew that was going on in the world - what we're enabling big corporations to do, and the devastating effect we have on the world's water supply by purchasing bottled water, you wouldn't buy it. It's your responsibility to educate yourself on the subject. You should know that the practice of purchasing bottle water if you have perfectly good tap water is a mere convenience, and other people are paying dearly for it. And eventually, we all will pay dearly for it.

Did you know....

  • Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water? 97% is salt water.
  • Top 3 reasons why our own drinkable water is being contaminated - industry, using chemicals when farming, emissions from our vehicles. Read my article about how drilling for Natural Gas in our country is ruining our land and water.
  • That the practice of treating contaminated water so that it is drinkable is yet another way corporations make money. Greedy corporations with no conscience aren't that concerned with the fact that water is contaminated, or that they themselves contaminate it. They actually profit from it and gain more power from it.
  • That the people that live where bottled water comes from do not want the water taken from their hometown - they're actually very upset about it. The corporations that are taking their water take too much and give the residents nothing in return.
  • That water sources are drying up and the ecosystem is being ruined because these big corporations are taking millions of gallons of water from lakes, rivers, and even drilling for water for no other reason than people will buy bottled water and they can make a profit.
  • That Mexico City's only source of uncontaminated water is underground and the city is actually sinking because they are taking too much water from underground. Sinkholes happen all over the place because corporations drill for water.
  • That water has become a commodity, not a right.
  • That water has become privatized - owned by corporations, not people. Corporations own the water, and if people can't pay for the water, they go without water.
  • People have actually died while protesting the privatization of water. A water czar moves into their region and has taken over their water supply. If people can't pay for it, they're forced to either go without water or protest. Since we can't live without water, they're forced to protest.
  • That we have the power to end the water crisis by educating ourselves, stop over populating areas that don't have enough water for the population, stop contaminating our water, stop using water from one are to supply another area, stop privatizing water, and stop buying bottled water when it's a mere convenience - this falls undertaking water from one area to supply another.

Residents upset that Poland Springs takes water from Maine

Mexico City is sinking because they are taking too much water from under the city

Just some locations in the USA where water has been privatized

Owned By
Great Lakes
Potential buyer: Nestle
Chicago, IL
Pittsburg, PA
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Seattle, WA
Riverside, CA
Buffalo, NY
Houston, TX
New Orleans
Tampa, FL
New Haven, WI
Proposed bottle plant: Nestle
Water has been privatized all over the world. We are giving these big corporations the power to control our water. Eventually they will own all the drinkable water on earth.

Why water is considered Blue Gold

Water will soon be the most valuable thing on earth. People cannot live without water and we are running out. Corporations know this, and they're cashing in on it. Perhaps the water shortage hasn't hit the United States in full swing yet, but it soon will. We take water from one region to supply another that does not have enough. Because of this, the water is not being cycled by nature as it should. Lakes and aqua-furs are drying up, and the people who once had plenty of fresh water will have to pay for it as a result. If you purchase bottled water when you don't really need to, you are magnifying the problem and empowering the corporations.

As an example of what can and will eventually happen:

The people in Kenya have a major shortage of clean water. Coca-cola is the leading water supplier in Kenya, and they take advantage of the people there, charging nearly twice as much for a bottle of water as they do for a bottle of coca-cola. Why? For no other reason than they can. Bottled water is the only source of drinkable water in Kenya, and they know that people have no choice but to pay the higher price. This year, a company named Ketepa expanded from tea to bottled water. Hopefully Kenya will see some relief in their bottled water prices.


By depleting our natural water sources, we become reliant on the water czars to provide us with our water - which equals privatization. By privatizing water, we're giving the water czars the power to charge what they want. By purchasing bottled water you're not only contributing to current problem with the ecosystem, but you're also putting more money in the pockets of these corporations that are taking control of the world's water. Southern California as been feeling the effects of the water shortage for years. Eventually this will be the case everywhere on earth.

How much are you willing to pay for water?

Filtered Water - it's cheaper anyhow!

So are you willing to put in just a little effort into not buying bottled water? If your tap water is too contaminated to filter and drink, I can understand having to buy bottled water. If this isn't the case, then filtering your tap water and saying no to bottled water is not only the only responsible thing to do, but it will also save you money.

There are plenty of options when it comes to filtering water. You can buy whole house filters, filters that go right on the faucet, pitchers with filters,individual cup filters, and even refrigerators with water and ice have water filters. Take your pick!


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