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Blue Mountain State Season 3 Preview: Alex Moran Steps Up, New Trailer Released!

Updated on August 26, 2011

The Show

On September 21, Spike TV will premiere season 3 of Blue Mountain State, one of my favorite shows on television these days, thus opening up a new chapter of football and fun for BMS fans across the country. For those of you who are not familiar, the show features Darin Brooks in the lead role of Alex Moran, the second-string slacker quarterback at a perennially winning football university. In the first two seasons of the show Alex happily accepted the role of backup QB, taking full advantage of a lecture-less, homework-less education and an effortless position on the football team in order to party for four years straight. The newly released Season 3 trailer link can be found below.

QB Controversy

Alex does not appear as if he will be joined on the team by sophomore QB phenom Radon Randell (Page Kennedy, a.k.a. "U-Turn" from Weeds), the man who started ahead of him in Season 2 and helped lead the Goats to an undefeated regular season. I have searched the interwebs far and wide in search of good intel on Season 3 and nothing that I have found suggests Radon's return.

With that said, Alex is going to be forced into the role of starting QB this season, his worst nightmare. Also thanks to some legal troubles for Thad, Alex is named acting captain (Thad's worst nightmare) and he obviously makes a few changes in the team's policies in the name of hedonism. But he looks ready to flourish under the added popularity of the roles that have been bestowed upon him.

Thad Castle refuses to be distracted from his Bowl Game!

The Franshise Player

Despite Radon's apparent departure from the show, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the BMS tunnel. In the trailer released by Spike TV, Alan Ritchson returns for Season 3 to play Thad Castle. This is fantastic news for BMS fans. Not because Thad is the senior captain and star linebacker of the team, but because he is by far the most entertaining character on the show. Thad's hysterical adventures, ear-splitting shrieks, and oddly homoerotic behavior are always on full display thanks to his commitment of trying to lead by example. The trailer reveals he runs into some trouble with the law after a drug binge, and he gets demoted from his cherished role as captain. By the way, some of the best info I found about the filming of Season 3 are his tweets (@thadcastle, not to be confused with @alanritchson) with Chad Ochocinco in which #85 talks about shooting with BMS during the lockout.

***Check out Alan Ritchson's Season 3 experience on American Idol at the bottom of the page. and sorry I can't embed that video on the right. It's a little odd at first but it' it's a classic scene for Alan Ritchson.

The Puppet Master

If there is any safe bet for Season 3, it is that Alex will once again be reunited with his hometown best friend and BMS mascot Sammy Cacciatore. Sammy displays a phenomenally shameless take-whatever-comes-my-way attitude when it comes to women. He has gone out with an armless female party-goer and even had sex with several female superfans while dressed as Mounty the Mountain Goat. Although Sammy seems like the fool of the show, nothing could be further from the truth as he is played by Chris Romano a.k.a. "Romansky", one of the show's two creators. Eric Falconer is the other creator but he does not act in the series.

Hopefully, Season 3 will also see the return of Sammy's younger sister Mary Jo Cacciatore (Frankie Shaw), the ditzy cheerleader with endless sex appeal. The good news is it would be difficult to take Mary Jo out of the series after dangling her as a Alex's potential love interest for the entire second season.

Thad Castle on American Idol

Seasoned Veterans

Also on the roster (kinda) for Season 3 are 6-time National Champion head coach Marty Daniels (Former NFL RB and College Football Hall of Famer Ed Marinaro) and his drop dead gorgeous ex-wife Debra (Denise Richards a.k.a the hottest 40-year-old woman ever!). The two former lovers will most likely continue to rekindle their romance after Debra ditched her second husband, Dean Simon, in the finale of Season 2. Despite going undefeated for his first time ever, Marty is reportedly going to be challenged when the team's boosters recruit a new offensive coordinator they plan to groom into his successor as head coach.

Other characters we should hope to see include the drug-binging Place Kicker Harmon Tedesco (James Cade), Thad's right hand man Larry Summers (Omari Newton) and the lovably tubby Center Donny (Rob Ramsay).

When Wednesday September 21st rolls around you can bet I'll be tuned into Spike. I don't want to sound like I'm promoting the channel (this is the only show I watch on Spike) but this is a very underrated comedy series and I truly would like to see the show do well. Spike actually has all 26 episodes online for those who are not turned off by the crude behavior and wild partying of the Blue Mountain State Goats. When the clock strikes 11 pm and Rev Theory's "Hell Yeah" starts playing, you can always count on a helluva "PARTY AT THE GOATHOUSE!!!"

Are you excited for Season 3 of BMS?

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    • profile image

      Brandon 6 years ago

      How come they win in the end of season 2 but says they lost in season 3?!?

    • profile image

      Elvis Brooks 6 years ago

      Season 3 Is So Siiccckkkk!!!....

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      will raydon be in season 3 of bms?

    • profile image

      Erik Peterson 6 years ago

      where is radon?