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Boredom, that annoying time between cool stuff

Updated on March 30, 2011


I am no fan of boredom, it makes me feel drained, keeps me up at night and well just frankly bores me to death. I have noticed however that I do some of my funniest things when I am bored. I could be walking through a store, and that boredom bug might give me a little love bite and the next thing you know I am in the ball bin waiting to scare the first person that walks by. I might climb into the clothes racks and scream don't buy me you are to fat and I will stretch. By the way don't do the last one unless getting punched in the face by a fat woman is your thing, if it is hey have at it.

I get bored so easy. Sometimes I get bored and just log online and look at videos or I might try to play a game but that seems to bore me even more.I have to admit though, even I get a kick out of myself.

I recently got bored while waiting for a few students at the local high school to show up for a football game. I am a band alumni and try to help when I can. I must inform you I am a bass player but from time to time the urge to grab a drum clouds my better judgement and I step off the high horse of a string player and beat on my drum, figuratively speaking. That glorious night the only people there were myself and a drum student of mine by the name of Dakoda, but we all call him Cheeto.

Cheeto decided we need a cadence. I once again stress that I am not a drummer by trade but any chance I get to dabble around with something creative I will take it, and how many people can say yesterday I played drums with Cheeto. I mean it rings.... not really but moving on.

The video below is the result of our goofy endeavor. Let me know what you guys think and I would love to see videos of you guys doing anything to fight the dragon of boredom.

How often does boredom get the best of you

So guys and gals, how many times a day do you face boredom?

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