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Break Back Office

Updated on April 17, 2013

The New Set

Break Back Office. Series 1 Episode 1

It started, Not sure how?

It started out as a fight I think, I possibly said something that I shouldn't have and so ended up getting sat on. Probably that is why in the first episode are 2 characters 1 sat on top of the other.

A joke here, a laugh there, the next thing I know, I've doodled and scribbled all over a pad in retaliation. The images on the pad were, graphic and a little more than necessary, but the pieces were there. It started to take shape that something could be done.

So going with the fact I had no microphone or any sound recording devices available to me in the original set up, speech bubbles were my chosen method of communication. Simple and well used before it was just a case of figuring out how long to keep them to screen for.

I just fumbled around and after a couple of hours had the 1st episode, which was met with laughter from the people that had seen the previous entanglement.

The begginings

When I started the Break Back Office series off it was just a joke with an audience of 5. I would frantically try to come up with a story as I animated. I used my tried and tested technique of draw a picture and see where it takes me. Sometimes successful sometimes not but still it was a lot of fun.

I look back at these with two minds. I laugh at them, but I also like them a lot more. So simple and effortless, they were made in no time at all and so the time from telling the joke to viewing the scene was not very long at all.

Rather than now, when I have projects going on for a while. The early Sumo Films productions were fun, I don't mean that in a bad way, but I could do something there and in the moment rather than leave the idea in my head for 8 hours and forget half of what happened

So easy to play around with and very much part of how my doodles became animations because I was doing it there and then.

You'll notice that because of the time constraint to get it uploaded animation is minimal, nothing moves really just the occasional reaction after a spoken word, but you miss it while reading.

Break Back Office. Series 2, Episode 1

Break Back Office Special


This is I why I think I was hounded to add sound. "It needs voices!" I would hear from colleagues, that were upset at the fact that the first series had been silent. Why don't you add voices I was constantly being asked.

So with Series 2 came sound. I found the microphone on my webcam to be sufficient to provide voice recording of a poor enough quality to fit the projects. It worked, but it meant that I was now working from home. The setting had changed, it was now storyboard at work and then animate at home.

Unfortunately every time that I try to get back to the loved series I get pulled into another request and so I have lots of occasional uploads now "Specials, 1 show only" if you like. Just reminders that they are still up to no good.

But I continue to work with the project, and am always looking at ideas for it.

Latest episode

New Series announced

On 25/03/2013 I announced via Facebook and Twitter that I would be producing a 4th series 10 episodes planned all to be uploaded this week.

The recent interest in my now growing list of creations has had me thinking for a few days and it is something that I know has always been appreciated in a way that can not really be explained and it's what brought all my original viewers together.

So as a thank you to them I am trying to come up with the biggest and best series to date. Something that can bring back the early smiles and laughs and show something for the future too. we will have to see what I can come up with.

(work has slowed for now but will soon pick up again the stories continue).


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