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Buffalo on the Rise

Updated on January 9, 2010
City of Good Neighbors
City of Good Neighbors

Watch Out World…Here’s Comes Buffalo!

Buffalo, New York is slowly returning to the national limelight. Lately, Buffalo has made headlines for more than just winter blizzards. In just the last six months we have been visited by Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Edition and best of all – Keanu Reeves! You might scoff that Buffalo is nothing more than an inclement weather bore, but I am sure there are some facts you didn’t know about Buffalo that makes our city interesting. Try your hand at the quiz at the end to find out your "Buffalo IQ".

ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Edition: When the good citizens of the “Nickel City” heard ABC was coming to town, they all banded together (as they usually do) to give them a great welcome and fulling experience. The purpose wasn’t about the media attention, rather it was about giving to those in need. Thousands of people living here in Western New York showed up to volunteer and give support. This event turned out to be the catalyst to improve the lives of not just the family chosen by ABC, but through the efforts of other charities, local companies and organizations the entire block was revitalized!

Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Guy Fieri came to Buffalo looking for diner treats and gave us a treat of his own, camaraderie! He’s a very down to earth fellow and fits in perfectly in Buffalo. After spending two days here taping his show and sampling the comfort food of the Lake Effect Diner, he drove off in his candy-apple red convertible with recipes uniquely Buffalo! He learned what we’ve always known; the Lake Effect is the best place to stop in for pancakes after the bars close!

Keanu Reeves’ New Movie, “Henry’s Crime”: Keanu was here making a new movie called, “Henry’s Crime”. He actually came up in September 2009 to personally scout two locations he subsequently used during the filming last week. It was so exciting, even though the plot of the movie wasn’t really provided by local media, some of it could be learned by the staged robbery shot in downtown Buffalo. An armed masked man ran out of the old Gold Dome Bank and jumped into the getaway car Keanu was driving! A Metro rail driver who witnessed it said she thought there was a real robbery in progress. I guess the fact that the area had been cleared of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the existence of movie cameras, and Keanu wasn’t enough to clue her in. The second location was at a popular Chinese restaurant in a suburb of Buffalo, Kenmore, NY. Keanu was so sweet to brave the cold temperatures to greet, sign autographs and take photos with fans for a very long to time. He was so gracious! No doubt he’s from the old school Hollywood crowd who understand their careers are the result of adoring fans.

NFL Televised Buffalo Bills Home Games: Yes, I don’t need to be reminded the Bills stats were deplorable this year. We still aren’t clear why the NFL aired so many games, even when they weren’t sold out. Look, when we go to home games at the “Ralph” we aren’t deluded to believe our team will suddenly come out the box and play like the New England Patriots. We mostly keep a healthy dose of pessimism, and if the Bills surprise us with exceptional play it’s just icing on the cake. The point of having a major league team is to have yet another reason for Western New Yorkers to get together and party. We tailgate like nobody’s business.

Speaking of the New England Patriots, here’s a tidbit I’ll bet you didn’t know about an event that occurred at the beginning of halftime at last Sunday’s televised game. It seems fans seated over the tunnel to the Bills’ locker room decided to heap a bunch of profanities upon T.O. when he ran past them on his way to the locker room. Well Mr. Owens, feeling insulted, decided to take matters in his own hands and proceeded to climb up into the stands. Fortunately, his fellow players saved him from his own stupidity and pulled him down.

It isn’t that we don’t like T.O. He’s a fabulous player when he’s not being lazy or pouting about not being thrown the ball. He should know by now that we are a tough group and should expect a little ribbing. If we can stand subzero temperatures, we can certainly stand up to him!

What's Your Buffalo I.Q.?

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