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Burn Notice Premiere

Updated on October 8, 2018

Burn Notice


Sam and Micheal

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Premiere S5E1

Unfortunately, I was out of town when this show premiered. But thankfully I have on demand so I watched it this afternoon.

The premise of the show this season is formerly burned Spy Micheal Weston is welcomed back into the arms of the intelligence community. I find this to be a difficult premise to sell since the name of the show is "Burn Notice.". And the show loses its kick because the character Michael doesn't realize how much more profitable it would be a covert operator. Nor does the main character realize how good he has it with his friends and his Mother living in Miami but thus makes for a good tragedy.

Burn Notice From Florida

Watching Burn Notice from Florida puts everything into a different light. I don't wish to spoil this show for you and I do recommend you watch it on demand. But it is set in Venezuela. I have a feeling alot of this show will be shot in South America. Gabrielle Anwar doesn't disappoint. It is obvious that if the character Micheal returns ot the CIA he will lose his closest friends and even more obvious that the Intelligence Agencies don't wish to let Micheal know exactly who burned him.

It was good the show brought back Jessie and the symmetry between Weston's old family, the one who stood by him burned, and his new family the intelligence agency sets off sparks. The internal struggle between improvisation and rule governed behavior also makes for an interesting sub plot. Black Ops versus CIA is yet another interesting argument for Burn Notice. As the plot progesses Weston's character is dropping his two dimensional character and becoming mnore three dimensional.. At the beginning of this series, the premise was quite the opposite. Weston hated his Mother and couldn't wait to get back to Intelligence work. Now he seems a bit reluctant to return as he cares for his inner circle. The writing for this show has reflected attitude changes.

Micheal gets his man or atleast it seems he does but not what he wants. And at the end of the show we still aren't so certain whether Weston is happy to be back with the CIA. And the priemer leaves us with more questions than answers as the plot has changed.

Watch Burn Notice on Thursday Nights or on Demand.


This show is so funny I would watch it just as a comedy. When the character Weston pretends to be a Russian agent who can't speak Spanish but switches to English it is hysterical. Donovan dropped his accent a little early but it was quite funny. And when Weston attributes his good health to eating yogurt during a shot out it is also really funny. The writers of this show never lose their sense of humor.

Maxwell Smart is back although I doubt FSB will be to happy with Jeffery Donovan's impersonations.

Catch Burn Notice on Thursday Nights.


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