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Buy Harry Potter Wands - Harry Potter Replica Wands and Magic Wands

Updated on July 14, 2011

The Best Harry Potter Wand

When selecting and buying a Harry Potter wand to finish off the perfect costume, one shouldnt be cheap.

A Harry Potter costume is  rather easy to create, a simple schoolboy outfit or robe, the appropriate hair, Harry Potter glasses and either a Harry Potter wand or Harry Potter Broomstick.

Something to keep in mind, whether your picking out an adult Harry Potter costume or helping to select the perfect Harry Potter outfit for your child , is the practicality of your props and what further use you may derive from them.

Props are great conversation starter if your a male out at a themed party and one may want to go big and select a full size broomstick to finish off your Harry Potter ensemble. On the other side, you may not want to carry around such a large prop, so the wand will be the perfect size and can even be stuck into the belt of your costume.

Either of these Harry Potter costume props will be great toys for any child who wants to dress as Harry for Halloween or themed birthday parties. 

The Best Harry Potter Wands

The best Harry Potter wands fit 3 quality criteria in our opinion:

  • Authenticity to the Movie
  • Light Up ends
  • Quality, sturdy construction
  • Sound, is less important but is a fun feature that is available on the licensed Harry potter wands 

Everyone who has every had fun with glowsticks in the dark should recognize how great it would be to swing a Harry Potter wand around.

This is actually also a possible safety feature for your children while Trick or Treating, a nice bright LED light is easily seen as they run about in the night, if your an Adult wearing the Harry Potter get up then its a great party trick and favor to woo the ladies with your magic wand! 

Harry Potter Illuminating Magic Wand

The top quality Harry Potter wands that are useful for both costumes and play are the Harry Potter Illuminating wand series by The Noble Collection.

The Noble Collection makes high quality licensed collectibles and toys for many major movie releases.

Its really rather cool, the wand turns on when you wave it - turns off when you wave it again.

It measures 14 inches in length and is the perfect weight at a little over a pound.

The light is very bright as you can see in the photo above, the brightness is actually adjustable, this is a killer toy and a great prop to fill out the best Harry Potter Costume.

The actual box is a very classy collectible style that can be used to store and cherish your wand. 

If your interested in the top quality movie collectibles  then you should check out further items from The Noble Collection 

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wands also include:

  • Hermione Granger Wands
  • Voldemort Wands
  • Dumbledore Wands 

Most affordable Harry Potter Wands

Although, I aim for quality and wouldnt skimp on my Harry Potter Magic Wand, its not a stretch to imagine many are worried they will lose or break their wand during the course of their party or Halloween festivities and may just desire to get a simple wand that they dont have to worry about.

Below you will find some of the most affordable wand options available on the net.

Including a Harry Potter wand with both light and sound for only $5 USD! 

Highest Quality Harry Potter Wands

True Collectors may not be searching for a wand just to use as a prop for their costume or  a childs toy.

Truly unique works of art are available for Harry Potter Wand collectors.

The Noble Collection has created an entire series of exact replicas in high quality resin, these formidable and beautiful wands are not toys, they come in beautiful velvet lined boxes just as described in the Books, as if they came straight from Ollivanders.

The Noble Collection has a few non-wand collectibles worth perusing for the True Harry Potter collector.

The Tri-Wizards wand collection is amazing and is beautifully presented , if your looking for the ultimate present to knocks the socks of an older harry Potter fan , then take a closer look!

Harry Potter Props - Harry Potter Scar MakeUp

The perfect scar is the most overlooked yet important detail for a Harry Potter outfit!

See a more detailed review:

Harry Potter Props - Harry Potter Glasses

They need to be round!

                     .o8O""" '            "'"""PO8b.                   
                 .dd8P'"                       ''::Y8o.               
               ,d8Po'                             "':7Ob;             
              d8P::'                                 ';:8b.           
            ;d8''"                                     ';Y8;           
          ,d8O:'                                        ';:8b.         
         ,88o:'                                           ';Yb.       
        ,8P::'                                           . ';Yb       
       ,8o;:'                                          ,;'  ':8b       
      ,8:::'                                           ;:    :;8b     
     d8o;::                                            o:     ::8,     
    ,8':::                                            :::     :;Y8     
    8'oo:'                                            :::     :::8:   
   dP;:YO                                             ':::;.;;:::Y8.   
  ,8:::;Yb                                            :b::::::::::8b   
  dO;::::8b                                           'Yb::::::::::8. 
 ,8;:::::O8,                                           'Y88::::::::8: 
 8P;::::::88                                             `8O::::::::O 
 d::::::::88:                                             O8;:::::::8 
 8:::::::888:                                             88b:::::::O: 
,8::::::::88:                                            :888Oooo::;Y: 
dO:::::::bO8:             ..:.::::::::::...:             :888888P;::db 
OP:::::::O88:         ..o8888:::::::::::::)8888bo..       O8888O:::::8 
O;::::::::88'    ..od888888888::::"""":::88888888888oo;   `8888;:::::8 
O:::ob:::;8:  ,d88888888888888::       ':88888888888888b;  '"88;:::::8 
OO::;Yo::OP' d888888888888888O:'      ,.;8888888888888888b  ,88::::::8 
YO:::;Y::Ob ,8888888888888888;::       :;88888888888888888  :88::::::8 
 8;::::b;8' :8888888888888888o::        ':8888888888888888  :888d::)88 
 Y:::::88P   888888888888888888'         'O888888888888888  :88888888P 
 `b:::;8O    d888888888888888P'          ,8888888888888888  '88888888: 
  Y::::8:   ,88888888888888P:      ..    '8888888888888888   Y8888888: 
  8O::;8'   :88888888888888:      d88,   ':Y88888888888888   '8888888: 
  'YbooO    :8888888888P:8P:     :8888:    '':Y8888888888P    "Y888YP 
   '888:     8888888P:;'8O:'     :8P88b       '"O888888P"       ;:;o' 
    `88:     "oOOo:.::)O:;:      :8:888.        :8b'            :::'   
     88:      '"""" ,do;:'      ,88bO88b     ,.o::PO:;.;.      :::'   
     88';           :' `Yb      d88O`888b    O8"::::o::::::::::o:;     
     8O::b         ;:   ''     d88Po O888    :8;:""" '";88::::o:::     
     YO:;Yb    :o.;::          O8P.: O888     'Y::    :YO8b:::::O'     
      Y:::8b  o;O:::;.         OO;:: OO;'       ''"  .;bO88"d:od'     
      `b::;8: :8bo::::;.       OO::: OK:          ,;:8888P',8OP"       
       Yb:;OO  O888b::::;.     'O:O",;"'          ;o8888P  :O"         
       '`Y888. :88888::::::     ':' db           ;o8888P   8P         
          '`8;  O8888::::::        '8'          :o8888P   :8'         
            OO: :8888::::::         Y:         ,::;888'   :8           
            `8,  o888"::::'          '         ;:::88:    OP           
            ,8:   O888O8POYOOO"OPOOPYO8OO8OO888888888'    O:           
            88:   '888o::o':Y: d  O  'Y:'8: O"Y:`K:8o;    8'           
           88O;    ;88o;:::: : :  :   '  `:   '  ,:8 :   :8           
           O8O:.  ,:OP"8bd;':: d...      ,.  .db.'"8 ::  :O  -hrr-     
          ,88O::. ;:O: O"'"YP"YPYP'YO"""`8K`O"O `b:O.:;  :O           
          888o:::.:;Ob : :::: :::: :P ,  OO : :  O;:::: ;:O           
          888O::::::::`dbd::b.d::: :: db ::,d.8o;O;::::::dP           
           888::::::::;:"""""Y8888od8d88o8P""'"  ':::::'d'             
           "Y88Odo:"::::         `""""'           ':::)P'             
             ""88888O:::                          ;::dP               
                '""88O:::                   oo;  ;O88'                 
                   `Y8O::.  ,.      .      '8b::O88'                   
                     Y8b::. ,)O   ,;'        ::O88'                   
                      '88d:..:   ,d:        ;'d88'                     
                       'Y88d::;.;:8b,   ,..:O88P'                     


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    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      The props that you can buy to day are just amazing, there was never this much merchandise for a film or book when I was a kid... except maybe star wars...

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Great suggestion and good selection. Thank you.

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      These Halloween Props are awesome!