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Shiro No Jumon Single by doa (Saiyuki Anime Music Review)

Updated on May 4, 2019

The full title of this music album from the Saiyuki series is Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Ending Theme Song Shiro No Jumon Single by doa. But, since the title was way too long, it couldn't fit at the top so it had to be placed here instead. Anyway, this title is commonly known as simply Shiro No Jumon Single by doa.

Due to its relation to the Saiyuki series, particularly the anime Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, expect to see a lot of mentions of this series as well as its 4 main characters, known collectively as the Sanzo-ikkou.

Shiro No Jumon Single by doa CD cover
Shiro No Jumon Single by doa CD cover | Source

If you want to find out more about all of these topics, you can just look at this. It discusses and talks about an overview and summary of all the anime in the Saiyuki series whilst also touching up on a short profile of each of the four main characters.

Be assured that you won't be barraged with an onslaught of information because the aforementioned hub has a table of contents for your convenient use.

Just choose which parts you want to read and feel free to ignore those you don't want to read. You can always go back to it later, if you want.

Searching for the music album Shiro No Jumon Single by doa?

Are you having a hard time finding any sort of information about this music album single by doa? It's not at all surprising because it is very hard to find anything about this single.

The most common information that you will find is with regards to the song "Shiro No Jumon" by doa, which is actually the second ending theme of the anime Saiyuki Reload Gunlock and which is the main track of this music album.


Ignore the incomplete Amazon title. This is the Shiro No Jumon Single by doa music album from the Saiyuki series. The cover features members of the doa band.

Shiro No Jumon is the second ending theme of the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock anime. For more information about this album, look below.


Information on the rest of the songs in this album is pretty scarce. Many possible reasons could be attributed to this.

One of these reasons is that the album could have been misnamed or mislabeled, which is very likely considering its title and artist.

"Shiro No Jumon" is merely the album's romaji title. Its title really consists of Japanese characters, which not many people would know especially if they don't speak or write Japanese.

Full Version of Shiro No Jumon by doa

The band name "doa," which comprises three letters from the English alphabet also wouldn't mean much to those that know nothing about said band or isn't familiar with Japanese artists, which can lead to the difficulty of finding anything about this band's music album.

Furthermore, it seems apparent that, for many, they may have only heard of this single because of having heard the song "Shiro No Jumon" from watching the Saiyuki series anime.

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Ending Theme Song Shiro No Jumon Single by doa

This music album contains 3 tracks. All the songs here are sung by doa. Here is the track list for this album:

  1. Shiro No Jumon (白の呪文)
  2. Mienai Umi or Mie Nai Umi (見えない海)
  3. Long Road

The Japanese characters are from the track list in Amazon Japan. The romaji track list is from Long Road does not have Japanese characters because it is an English title.

Google Translate translates 白の呪文 to "Spell of White" while it translates 見えない海 to "Sea Invisible" though it might be better to say "Invisible Sea." However, an English translation of the lyrics of Shiro No Jumon from translates the title to "White Incantation".

1. Shiro No Jumon

As mentioned above, this song is actually the second ending theme from the anime Saiyuki Reload Gunlock.

"Shiro No Jumon" has a very cool and catchy beat to it. The tune is very fun and lively. Even the voice of doa sounds delightful and cheery.

In this song, you can hear a lot of words that are sung in English such as 'wait up, please tell me how', and 'wake up, don't be afraid'.

I have begun roaming, still aimlessly, by myself

— Shiro No Jumon (English translated lyrics)

The translated lyrics has much good meaning to it with words and phrases like 'forget everything,' 'call out with your voice many times,' and 'the beginning, yes, starts now'.

The song seems to be speaking of the Sanzo-ikkou. All four of them have their own sorrowful, miserable and tragic pasts that they have had to deal with.

Even now, in the present, they are still being bothered by the demons of their respective pasts.

TV size version of "Shiro No Jumon"

For instance, Sanzo has had to see Komyou or Koumyou Sanzo be destroyed by youkai right in front of him.

Kanan, who is Hakkai's lover, was kidnapped and she ended up taking her own life right in front of Hakkai.

Goku was stuck imprisoned in a lonely cave for 500 plus years before being freed by Sanzo. Gojyo's stepmother hated him with a passion and even tried to off him.

Everything has already come close

— Shiro No Jumon (English translated lyrics)

The Sanzo-ikkou have many regrets for what they see as their failures and perceived weaknesses.

Anyone else might have just given up because of all the hardships and tribulations they've faced, but the Sanzo-ikkou remain steadfastly strong.

They have not given up and they continue on living no matter what.

Do you like the song "Shiro No Jumon" by doa?

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2. Mienai Umi / Mie Nai Umi

Note the differences in the 2 possible romaji titles of this song. Though the spelling is the same, there is a deviation in the spacing of the words and this can make a huge difference in terms of being able to locate this song.

Those who only know the song as "Mienai Umi" wouldn't think to try looking for it as "Mie Nai Umi" and vice versa. However, even knowing the 2 romaji titles of this song doesn't really yield much results in terms of trying to find, say, the lyrics for this song.

While no lyrics, whether Japanese, romaji or the English translation, have been found, there is a video featuring this song that has been found from YouTube.

This video is featured below, and, if you notice the title in the video, you'll see that the given name for the song was "Mie Nai Umi".

What do you think of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Ending Theme Song Shiro No Jumon Single by doa?

4.7 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of Shiro No Jumon Single by doa

It should also be noted that the images you'll see in the video have nothing to do with the anime Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. Instead, the video features images from an anime called Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

No other sample of this song, particularly one that shows images from the Saiyuki series or at least of the band doa, could be located.

But then again, that's actually understandable since this song does not appear in any of the other music albums in the Saiyuki series. "Mienai Umi" is simply a song that appears as part of Shiro No Jumon Single's track list.

Listen to the song "Mienai Umi" and you'll discover that it sounds spirited with a pretty fast beat. The tune is rather catchy and it sounds cheery as well.

3. Long Road

This song also doesn't appear anywhere in the Saiyuki series. It only shows up in the Shiro No Jumon Single by doa.

The simple words constituting the title of this song actually make it arduous to locate, especially considering how there are a great many things that could be associated with the words "long" and "road."

When this storm goes away, I'll see my dreams come true

— Long Road (lyrics)

So attempting to search for information on this particular track would yield many other results that are clearly unrelated to this song by doa.

A sample video could not be found for "Long Road" although there are some other videos of doa that could be located. While there is no sample song for "Long Road," the lyrics have been tracked down from

"Long Road" does have good lyrics with much meaning to it. Here are some lines from the lyrics: 'a long, long road,' 'I still can't get any close to you,' and 'I'm still looking for this end of road.'

I still think that I could change myself

— Long Road (lyrics)


Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Ending Theme Song Shiro No Jumon Single by doa is a pretty great album to have for yourself. This is even more so if you're a fan of the Saiyuki series and / or a fan of doa.

You can acquire this album as part of your collection of Saiyuki music. Even if the only song you know is "Shiro No Jumon", it just means that you're getting the chance to listen to two new songs by doa. If you already like "Shiro No Jumon," then it's highly possible that you'll also like "Mienai Umi" and "Long Road" by doa.


  • via waybackmachine (for references to the translated lyrics of Shiro No Jumon)
  • (for the track list including the Japanese characters for songs number 1 and 2)
  • (for the track list including the romaji for songs number 1 and 2, also for the lyrics of song number 3)
  • The rest of the pics are enlarged product images from Amazon

Saiyuki and all things related to it is copyright to Kazuya Minekura.

© 2013 Ceres Schwarz


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