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Can't get enough of Lucy?

Updated on December 8, 2016
Old comic book found at the Lucy Museum.
Old comic book found at the Lucy Museum.

Jamestown is the place to be....

..that is if you're a Lucy fan. In 1996, this museum came to life as a tribute to what I believe is the funniest lady in comedy---Lucille Ball! Among the many attractions listed nearby are the Tropicana Room and the Desilu playhouse museum. As you experience the wonders and attractions that this museum has to offer, you will see a bronze statue of Lucille Ball outside the premises. With her unforgettable pose announcing the famous Vitametavegamin product, this is sure to be a hit with many.

Unveiled in 2009, it was crafted by Dave Poulin, an artist who has sculptured more than 100 bronze figures, it calls many to attention with its life-like features. As you go inside the museum, you will find many artifacts and historical items that is sure to satisfy her hard-core fans.Did you know that Lucy and Desi even made it to the comics? You will find some old comic books that are in decent condition and captures some of the splendor of the series.

Thanks to my cousin, Esteban, for providing these great pictures.
Thanks to my cousin, Esteban, for providing these great pictures. | Source

Lucy still has some fans!

Yes, and I am one of them. I will never forget RIcky coming in and saying---"Honey, I'm home!" Who can forget Desi's eyes getting big and ready to blow up at Lucy? Or the many Spanish words that he would utter at her? Lucy and Desi truly brought us some laughter and history will remember her as the funniest lady in comedy!

Another place to visit is the Desilu studios. With a reproduction of the original set, this is a must see for Lucy fans. When I saw a picture of the set, it reminded me of my favorite Lucy episode in which the late George Reeves made an appearance as Superman. It was very funny how Lucy was walking by the edge of the building in a Superman suit and Ricky yelling at her, but alas the real Superman rescued Lucy and saved the day.A classic!

Have some fun in the meantime!

There are many other items that you can see. You will find some classic paintings and wardrobes. Information is, also, available so that you can increase your knowledge of the Lucy-Desi legend. You will find some little known facts about them that will amaze you. If you like auction items or just purchasing some souvenirs, you can find some great buys. My favorite picture is of the Lucy and Ethel dolls that were getting ready to get auctioned(above).Their vibrant colors and life-like features are amazing.

One thing is for sure, Lucy will always be with us. Their comedy will go on for, probably, the next 100 years or so. Their laughter and antics made us forget a time where there was a threat of Nuclear destruction, racial tensions and other challenges that were prevalent thru the end of the 50's and middle 60's. So, treat yourself right this summer and visit the Lucy Museum, where you can relive the laughter and show your children and grandchildren what true comedy looks like!

As a extra treat, I am enclosing a rare Lucy-Desi commercial. This is a must see for the Lucy Fans. A well made commercial from Westinghouse. Enjoy!


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    • kj force profile image

      kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

      montecristo....Cool hub.. I was a big fan of Lucy Ball Arnez...and her approach to comedy...I especially loved the " Long,Long Trailer " my first feature film at a theater... you did a great job with this write....although I must admit I thought the title was referring to " acid or LSD "... that was pretty colourful , just like " Our Love Lucy "....