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We still love Lucy!

Updated on July 8, 2015

Great Comedy!

One of my favorite comedies was the all time great-I LOVE LUCY! It was, also, my mothers. I remember my mom watching those episodes and really enjoying herself. This series started around the early 50's and lasted, almost 10 years. It was well made and had a lot of funny plots.

Desi and Lucy!

Desi and Lucy made one of the greatest TV couple in America-at least in my opinion. When this series started, many didn't think that it would work. A Cuban married to an American? As we can see, this series went on to become one of America's favorites. Lucy, along with Ethel Mertz, would get into all kinds of trouble. Ethel was portrayed by Vivian Vance. William Frawley was Fred.

Ricky Ricardo would, sometimes, react to his wife's antics by speaking in Spanish. I grew up in a bi-lingual home and Spanish was,frequently, spoken. I found it humorous and can assure you that RIcky RIcardo never uttered a curse word in Spanish. Ricky Ricardo was a Latin bandleader. It was the mambo and cha cha craze and America went gaga with these sounds As a bandleader, he had no problems booking up gigs in the nightclubs.

There were times that Lucy would beg Ricky to put her on an act. Ricky would refuse, but Lucy would not take no for an answer. She would scheme along with Ethel and, sometimes, Fred would be caught up in the act. This would provide funny and embarrassing moments with Ricky's face having classic expressions of surprise.

Superman and Lucy.

Classic Moments!

Ricky Ricardo would have stars like John Wayne, Cesar Romero and William Holden, to name a few. Lucy would wind up getting into all kinds of weird predicaments with them. I Love Lucy even showed her being pregnant, which was a revolutionary move at that time. America was on edge when Lucy was expecting little Ricky. That episode soared high in the ratings.

My favorite Lucy episode was when George Reeves appeared as Superman. Little Ricky was having a birthday party and wanted to have Superman come. This episode was aired in 1957. Ricky, through his connections, had planned to get Superman for his son's party. Alas, there was a setback and Superman couldn't make it.

Lucy schemes with her friend Ethel to dress up as Superman. The plot takes a hilarious move when Lucy goes outside, dressed as Superman. The story has a happy ending when the real Superman comes in at the last minute to little Ricky's party, leaving Lucy in a predicament outside the ledge of her home.

Pandemonium ensues when RIcky finds out that Lucy is outside in a Superman uniform. The real Superman saves the day when he helps Lucy get back inside the house. This brings back memories, because I was a Superman fan myself. In my opinion, George Reeves will always be the real Superman.

Lucy and Desi winded up getting divorced, but their legacy lived on. Lucy tried to make a comeback with some more episodes, but Desi's presence, in my opinion, was missed. Nevertheless, Lucy in my view, is the Queen of comedy-Bar none! What was your favorite Lucy episode? Feel free to share!


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