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Censored! - Review of Private Snafu

Updated on March 28, 2015

'Censored!' starts with our pal Private Snafu writing a confidential letter to his sweetheart, Sally Lou, which he needs to deliver. Whilst sneaking to the barracks mailbox, he tries to sneak past a laser sensor but his backside gets in the way, setting off the alarm.

A comical magnet on a mechanical arm lifts Snafu up by the helmet, exposing the letter his was trying to deliver. Hilarious contraptions clasp the letter from under Snafu's helmet in a rather humorous fashion.

The mechanical contraptions then carry him by the belt up to a sign which reads 'Be Careful What You Write'; the theme of the episode. The contraptions present him with another letter, reading that he is to ship out for duty in the morning.

The next scene shows Snafu on a train writing another letter to Sally Lou, about his latest call to action. On his way to the south pacific, Snafu has his second attempt at delivering the letter by folding it into a paper aeroplane and launching it out the train window, only to find that the plane does a full circle and lands back on his lap. Snafu unfolds the paper plane to find it has been cut into a paper paper person chain.

Still on the train, his third attempt also gets the better of him as he presents a homing pigeon from his loins and attaches the letter to its leg. As the pigeon flies away with the letter, a thrilling chase breaks out between the homing pigeon and an 'Assistance Censor' hawk who promptly returns the humble and guilty homing pigeon to an even guiltier Snafu.

On Snafu's forth attempt to delivery the letter, a magical, yet unkempt mail fairy (known as the 'technical fairy'). The mail fairy offers his services, magically producing a US mailbox attached to a motorbike for Snafu to as he swiftly takes off to delivery snafu's letter to Lou.

The next scene shows Lou excitedly reading the letter as she is talking to her mother on the telephone. She is happy that snafu has written to her and that he is heading to 'Bingo Bango' island for an ambush attack. However, the phone line is intercepted by enemy spies listening in to the secrets.

We see Snafu and his army heading full force towards Bingo Bango island. As Snafu's army enters the cove if the island they are surrounded by the enemy, all guns brandished. A large bang fills the screen with smoke. As the smoke clears, we see snafu tossing and turning in his bed at the army barracks. IT had all been a bad dream. He scrambled to find the letter he was planning to send and promptly kits out all the words, presenting to the audience an empty letter showing “Dear Sally Lou, …. Love Snafu”.

Our pal Snafu has to learn the tricky ins and outs of the military discipline and procedures that are required to to maintain an effective and efficient military unit..

Scrubbing pots and pans, peeling potatoes for dinner and arduous sweeping, Snafu has many Gripes about how the validity of the procedures put in place by the military.

Another crackup of an episode as Private Snafu is griping over the discipline enforced by the army.

Good ol' Snafu bites off more than he can chew when he is given full command of his military unit. As with all the Snafu episodes, Snafu forgoes all army rules and regulations and as usual it doesn't go to plan. We learn that in the army rules and duties are enforced for a reason, such as maintaining a level of discipline and organisation.

Technical Fairy: "No use, they ain't trained and they got no morale. Your army's a washout, my fine-footed pal."

Technical Fairy: "The moral, Snafu, is the harder you work, the sooner we're gonna beat Hitler, that jerk."

Guy in suit: "Look me over Jackson, this is really all root. Snafu lets you dress up in a suit that is zoot."

Snafu: "Ain't this swell? I fixed things, I told you I could. What a camp, n

Booby Traps

This episode starts with the narrator explaining that the enemy has fled, yet booby traps are
still a very real danger in play.

Snafu milks a camel's teets, which are actually an obvious booby trap.
Is this a trap? As the camel replied 'Ehhh Could be'

Snafu enters a rheum of beautiful women, and sees a piano and starts to play.

He sees an alluring scantly clad (booby trapped) statue of a woman and starts
to lay his moves. As he goes in for the lean, he realizes that her privates
are in fact bombs.

Back at the piano, he remembers the tune he is trying to play...only to his demise. Boom


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